Preview of 2024 Dates (9/9/2023)
Below are the dates for next year events
The prices and other details are not finalised so please do not try to make a booking or even ask to be pencilled in, bookings will be opened this month along with more details, regular players will get an email advising when bookings have opened, bookings for none regular players will open 3 days later

  • Friday 3rd May to Bank Holiday Monday 6th May at the Wilderness Centre
  • Tuesday 18th June to Sunday 23rd June at Candleston
  • Monday 12th August to Sunday 18th August at Candleston
  • Friday 8th Nov to Sunday 10th Nov at the Wilderness Centre
Updated Rules Page (22/5/2023)
  • Main Rules consolidated into one document see here
  • Link to character sheet added here
  • Beta rules for economy added here
Preview of 2023 dates (New update 5/9/2022)
Bookings open for 2023
  • The Wilderness Centre  28th April to Bank Holiday Monday 1st May 2023
  • Candleston June 28th to 2nd July 2023
  • Candleston 14th to 20th August 2023
  • The Wilderness Centre 3rd to 5th November 2023
Update on 2022 (update 24/10/2021)
Bookings open for 2022 see event dates page for further details and prices
  • Scaled Away (Thunders) 29th April to 2nd May at the Wilderness Centre
  • A Perfect Maelstrom (Archipelago) 29th June to 3rd July at Candleston
  • Unsealing the Mask (Weeklong) 15th to 21st August at Candleston
  • This Old Man (Salem) 28th to 30th October at the Wilderness Centre
Update on 2021 (update 15-7-2021)
The remaining 2021 that should go ahead are
  • 16th to 22nd August 2021
  • 5th to 7th November 2021
  • 26th to 28th November 2021
Covid Update (news update 4/9/2020)
    All 2020 events are now cancelled
    Covid is also effecting our ability to confirm 2021 dates, so release of these will be delayed