I have never done any live roleplaying before is this system suitable for me?
Many people have had their first live role playing experience at Ascendancy LRP, and most come back for more. Don't be worried about all the complexities just watch what other players do and you should quickly pick it up and as with anything new if you have question's ask them, if we don't know your difficulties we can't help.

Where do I get costume and kit?
Some very basic tips for those new to costuming for a LARP event are...
Invest in a simple cotton shirt, in either white or black and a pair of black trousers or leggings as the basic under layer for your costume. For the ladies, a plain, full, ankle or floor length skirt can also come in handy as an alternative to trousers.  Avoid jeans if you can. Similarly, avoid trainers or similar sports shoes, instead opt for plain black or brown shoes or boots; leather walking boots are ideal particularly for outdoor events.
Once you have your basic under layer of clothing, you can dress it with outer layers appropriate to the character you are portraying and in-keeping with your background.
Roleplayers are usually on a continuous lookout for new kit which can be used to portray any character they have in mind, but the following are your basic options when engaged in the search for more kit...
  • Charity Shops can sometimes turn up some gems for those who are looking to outfit a particular look.
  • Specialist clothing suppliers aimed at niche markets often base their garments on historical clothing and so you may turn up something appropriate there.
  • LRP costumers do exist, who make costume to supply the Larp and re-enactment market, just put in your search engine Larp kit or Larp Costume or something similar.
  • Make your own, is always an option for those who are skilled in needlecrafts or feeling adventurous and want something custom made, just for them.
Do I need to know the Ascendancy LRP world background?
Most of the background is taken from periods and places in Earth history with a few tweaks, so it very easy to gain a quick overview. However the more you know the easier you may find it. Some new players come with no knowledge and learn as they play, others read every scrap of information available, its entirely up to you, talk to refs and other players they will help, don't forget your character may be from a isolated farm with little knowledge of the outside world.

Do I have to book on every event?
No each game will have its own plot for that weekend, as well as continuing with your personal plot, there may be a story arc that continues from event to event, but missing events will not stop you getting quickly and easily involved.

Do I need to understand all the rules?
The answers to this is most definitely no, most people learn enough to suit their characters skill, however if you read the section under rules this question beginners guide to Ascendancy.

Who should I talk to at events?
If you have any question at a event find either a ref (or player) not currently involved in the action or an IC (in character) conversation, stick you finger in the air indicating your OOC (out of character) and ask if they have time to talk to you, go to one side and hopefully they can help or point you in the direction of someone who can.  During the event the refs also usually have a OOC area, when you approach this area make sure they see you and wait until they indicate its OK to approach since they may be discussing plot or putting on costume they don't wish you to see.

I have difficulty with ... who do I contact?
Please refer to the contact page in the about us section, but email general enquires richardh@ascendancylrp.co.uk

What is the minimum age for players/Crew?
See our Safety and code of conduct rules on the rules page, if unacompinied by your parents you should be 18 or over.

Who are the Refs and Crew?
The Refs (short for referees) are the people in charge of running the game - you can read more about the people who help to make Ascendancy LRP what it is in the About Us section of the website.
The Crew are the people who play various characters during the event, under the direction of the Refs, with whom the Players can interact. They may be evil bad guys out to kill you, or more friendly folk with important information to impart - it's up to the Players to figure out which!. Crew may also be players who help out.
Crew spaces at an event are allocated to volunteers who the Refs know to be enthusiastic and able role players. Crewing is free, and in some cases may even earn you a credit towards future events, depending on which event you crew for. If you wish to crew an event, please contact organiser ref RichardH, crew spaces can be limited.

What is Shards LRP?
Shards LRP is the former name of Ascendancy LRP (name changed in 2007 along with major rules change) and you will no doubt still find many references to Shard in system. A Shard was also the name for each of the Shards worlds before they joined to form one world, you will now find the world as a whole referred to as the Shards world and each of the former Shards world referred to as a continent or region.

Page last updated 14/2/17