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PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2020 6:21 pm    Post subject: Mongral 1:0 Flea Bag Reply with quote

The doors of the sunroom burst open, bounced off the walls and slammed shut again. Muffled swearing could be heard as the door handle was jiggled violently.

Nadiyha finally erupted into the room and bowed theatrically.

"I have arrived your magnificence, pray, forgive me,  I left you to wait but a while to let the anticipation of my arrival sweeten your palate so that the exquisiteness of my presence could truly be appreciated. I hope I have not caused you to wait too long and soured your mood like bad wine at dinner."

She looked up from her bow, a twinkle in her eyes and a cheeky grin plastered across her face.

Lady Nivaseever didn't even look up from the documents on her desk.

"You've been talking to Cat Sith again haven't you?"

"What gives you that impression your grace?"

"You used several words with more than two syllabi in the same sentence"

Nadiyha feined a wound to the chest.

"You wound me, my lady, such cruel words for one who has done nought but flatter and adore you from the moment we met"

Lady Nivaseever took a sip of her tea and looked at Nadiyha. 

"Be happy it's just words I use my sweet child, I could do much worse to you"

She took another sip of her tea as Nadiyha visibly winced at the not so veiled threat.

"I summoned you over an hour ago. Would you care to explain to me what you felt was more important than answering my summons?"

Nivaseever smiled and gently placed her teacup onto its saucer. It was a smile more suited to a cat with a cornered mouse, than a lady drinking tea at her desk.  

"Tea! My lady"

Nadiyah said with a straight face.

Nivaseever looked confused and amused at the same time.

"You thought tea was more important than answering my summons?"

She arched one delicate eyebrow as if to question Nadiyha's answer. 

Nadiyha nodded once.

"Yes your grace. Tea. It is absolutely more important that everything. Granny has just made a fresh batch of raspberry and mint tea and it would have been criminal to let it go to waste. So naturally, I had to stay and drink several cups. After all, i had to ensure none went to waste. It was unfortunate that your messenger arrived mid cup and would not take no for an answer. He is currently preoccupied and it may be some time before he is able to return to you, your grace"

Nivassever was sure Nadiyha was being serious about the tea but she wasn't so sure about Pinko. If he had indeed pestered Nadiyha while she was drinking tea then he could indeed be in a spot of bother. This would not the first time one of her messengers had ended up on the receiving end of Nadiyah temper when tea was involved. 

"He had better still be breathing, child!"

Nadiyah smiled sweetly

"He was when I left him"

Nadiyha shrugged.

Nivaseever took a deep breath and rubbed her temples. This child was going to be the end of her sanity for sure. Between this one and her siblings, the three of them were going to be her end one way or another. 

"Nadiyha when I send Pinko to summon you that means you come to me immediately. Not in 5 minutes, or 10, or 60, immediately. It certainly doesn't mean you do whatever you wish to my messengers just because they disturb you while you are drinking tea. Do you understand me?"

Nadiyha frowned. She couldn't understand what was wrong with what she had done. Tea was very important, tea time should never be interrupted and no cup of tea should ever be abandoned. She furrowed her brows, cocked her head to one side and shrugged.

"Um. Yes? My lady."

Nadiyha looked unsure about her answer and it was obviously more of a question than an actual answer. 

Nivaseever pinched the bridge of her nose. Goddess preserve her, how is this child still alive?.

"I have messages for you to deliver to your Grandfather. You seem to be the only one he doesn't dislike enough to send back to me in pieces. They are of the utmost importance so do not get distracted"

Lady Nivaseever handed Nadiyha the missives and held her face by the chin.

"No distractions, go in, deliver it and leave. Do you understand me, child?"

Nadiyha smiled.

"Don’t worry my lady, he won't hurt me"

She winked

"It's my winning personality and I know what he loves most of all in the world."

Lady Nivaseever arched her brow quizzically. 


Nadiyha giggled 

"That would be telling"

She giggled once more and wiggled her eyebrows.

"Why do you allow her to be so rude and insolent your grace? When will you allow me to educate this wretched creature?"

A voice behind Nivaseever spoke up.

Nadiyha knew that voice. 

"Because she likes me more than you fleabag". 

Nadiyha chuckled out loud as Cat Sith growled in displeasure. 

"Disgusting little urchin. One day I will have the pleasure of teaching you manners and I will enjoy breaking your body and crushing your spirit"

Nadiyha peered around Lady Nivaseevers shoulder as Cat Sith spat his venom filled words.

"I don't know Sithy poo.are you sure you can handle me? I think you have to at least be as tall as me before you can boss me around and right now, you don't even reach my knees short stack, I'm afraid you're just going to have to wait till you're a big boy before you can come play with me like that."

Nadiyha held her hand just above her head and stared at him with a teasing smile on her face. 

Lady Nivaseever disguised her laugh as a cough and returned to her seat leaving Nadiyha alone by the door.

Cat Sith sat fuming on the desk glaring a Nadiyha murderously. Nadiyha was pretty sure she could hear his teeth grinding from where she stood. She cocked her head to the side.

"I tell you what fluff ball, ill let you stay sitting on the desk  so youre atleast waist level and you can teach me how you do anything at all with that stick shoved so far up your ass"

Nadiyha smiled slyly as she saw Cat Sith's whiskers twitched. He only ever did that when she annoyed him enough for him to resort to violence. 

"Arrogant little runt!"

Cat Sith sceeamed and went to leap from the desk onto Nadiyha, only to find his paws had been frozen to the desk. 

Lady Nivaseever sighed,

"Be gone Nadiyha before I decide to let him teach his lesson, I suspect that you may have gone a bit too far this time. I will stop him this once but only because I need you to deliver that message. Run along now"

Cat Sith screeched in frustration as Nadiyha skipped out the room. She poked her head back around the doorframe.

"I do believe that’s one zero to me sithy boo". She threw him a wink and poked her tongue out at him. A surprised squeak marked her final exit as an icicle whizzed past her head to impale itself in the wall behind her. 


Nadiyha gulped,

"Yes your grace"

She shot off without another word.

"You should have let me teach the half breed filth a lesson. She has no manners and no grace. She is an embarrassment to this house"

Cat Sith growled as he dried his now wet paws.

Nivaseever scratched behind his ears.

"In time Cat Sith, all in good time. Would you be a dear and go and find Pinko for me. I suspect he is somewhere in the kitchen. She may have stuffed him inside a pot or a pan, perhaps even into a teapot. Either way, could you find and retrieve him, please. Unharmed if at all possible, I have need of him still."

Cat Sith rolled his eyes and left muttering to himself about vomiting on Nadiyha's bed for fun.
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