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Acceptable Use Policy

By registering with, logging onto or posting to the AscendancyLRP Forums you agree to abide by the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as laid out in this document. We reserve the right to delete any posts which do not conform to this AUP, general Nettiquette, the law or basic common sense.

People who break the AUP may be prevented from posting in future.

If you discover any post which does not conform to this AUP, please bring it to the attention of either the webmaster or forum administrator.

Comments or questions about AscendancyLRP should be posted to the OOC forum or emailed directly to the correct contact (see http://www.ascendancylrp.co.uk/lrp/AboutContactus.html) or if in doubt enquiries@ascendancylrp.co.uk.

Post Content
These AscendancyLRP forums do not allow the posting of pornography, obscene or offensive images, unauthorised copyrighted materials or links to illegal software downloads.

SPAM posts created with the sole purpose of advertising products or services not linked to AscendancyLRP may also be removed at the discretion of the forum moderators.

Posts of an offensive or inflammatory nature intended to intimidate or upset other forum users may also be removed.

Posts should be placed in the forum appropriate to their content and given suitable topic headings. Posts placed in inappropriate forums will be moved by the moderators, but posters who persistently post in the wrong forums could find their posts are removed.

AscendancyLRP is played by both adults and children, so please consider this when posting to these forums. While we will not censor language written in posts, please remember that a number of our refs and players access these forums through systems with net nanny filters in place, meaning that posts with swear words in them may not be visible to these readers.

In particular, please do not use obscenities or swearing in the title of a post nor in the title of a topic as this may prevent people from reading the entire thread. Posts with such words in the subject or topic title will be deleted.


Notice to users
Any opinion or views expressed in posts to the AscendancyLRP forums are that of the post author and do NOT necessarily represent the views of AscendancyLRP or Chimera Leisure.
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