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Main Crew Below

Richard H
As well as writing plot and being a ref I look after all the admin of Ascendancy lrp, bookings, downtimes and try to herd the other refs at events. If you ever have Ascendancy related problems come and see me. (Unless rules then see RichS)  Anyway I joined Shards at the end of 2003  and took over the system in 2010 not realising how much work it takes to keep a lrp system ticking over. My main character when playing was Izzanbard Devlin, but I have dozens of other established characters, I'm also famous for The Incredible Wang master of noodle soup.
Graham  also known as Grum
I would like to say I am the youngest, most dashing and devillishly handsome of the crew. Being a Larper I can say that and firmly believe it!  Alas I am almost the oldest, have had the least experience, but make up for it with boundless enthusiasm, energy and what is more important, a willingness to be paggad into the ground time and time again. I am not involved in martial arts at present though have been known to make a mean light-weight throwing crumble. I am responsible for the '101 flavours of zombie' as the Chaplain puts it, that nice and much mis-understood Mr Skinner and the irrascible Hieronymous Grost as well as the Monkey King and Jerimiah the Bard.
Richard S
Not sure what to say here, I only joined the ref team at the end of 2006.  I have been larping for many years, almost exclusively on events that have been run by Andy/Chimera Leisure, and I still enjoy it as much now as I did back then. In my 'spare' time, I'll probably by either be trying to get to grips with all the plot that is currently going on in the Shards world, or making more of it! If I'm not doing that I'll probably be 'relaxing' by playing/writing computer games. Currently the most likely NPC's you will find me playing are: Ard-Ri (High King), Finnlay of the Silver Unicorn, Simon Huntingdon of the Silver Sabre Society, Lord Gutter of Whitewater
I arrived in Shards/Ascendancy in 2003 back in the guise of a luckless - and I really do mean luckless - pirate: Captain Nathaniel Crown and via woundings, stabbings and eventual death, wound up playing a put upon monk with a dubious Scottish accent and a really large stick: Abbot McUen. In the real world I have been a biomedical scientist, a manager of toyshops and a teacher of science. In short, a mixed bag. I wargame and roleplay in an unhealthily obsessive manner and am married to my wonderful wife Lucy. I have been described as the lovechild of Bill Bailey and Brian Blessed, worrying that... I look forward to seeing you all at the events.
This is Amy. Can't miss her she says, Amy is our youngest ref and never misses a event, she likes to get in the thick of the fighting and is a costume junkie. 
Dan is the newest ref, he's been crew for many years, full of ideas, most too crazy to use, but some so brilliant we allow him out of his cage to see if the players survive.
He never plays the bad guy, just misguided killers, tortureres and power mad crazy people
Is the mum of gaggle of children, works on ridding her house of plastic but between this still manages to take on many roles of many of the npc's in our system she tells us she loves to wear a tall itchy wig when playing one her npc Morticia. Mel is now slowly moving towards joining the writing team.
I have spent a large part of the last 20 years doing dark age reenactment. A few years ago I was drawn to Shards by a combination of friends raving about it, curiosity to see how the other half live and the desire to get hurt slightly less. Well two out of three aren't bad. After a couple of years of playing I joined the ref team. I am famed for not sleeping while at events, being obsessive to the point of painting myself white for a ten minute encounter and for being able to get hurt in any situation but not allow it to slow me down. Some of you may know me as: Clay of the Twelve Tigers, Leon of the Beggers Guild, Alexis Wickham. I am indestructible no matter what anyone else says.
Iszy   (Kit Mum)            
Iszy is occasionally seen in costume, but mostly she looks after the refs and crew with all our make up and costume needs.