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Another Mission

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:31 pm    Post subject: Another Mission Reply with quote

As some of you know myself and my Partner Miko won the Dragon Tournament for the Silver Dragons. this in a turn of events made our race head of the other dragons (I Think) and we left not knowing our place in the world. Now this is what has been going on in our lifes up till now. We decied to go back to our home land and tell and forfathers the goodnews and for a time it was peacefull. Our leaders would sit in there council chambers talking abut the events to come and me and miko would wait for further Instuctions for what to do next. As people would know by now i dont like to be kept waiting and and love to see action, so as i wait i do missions that would help us into power. Yet the leaders do nothing they said nothing to me. Being out in the wild life so long they do not reconize me as a freind rather a tool but i was determined to gain respect and earn a place in there Chambers so i keep going untill someone finally saw my potenshal. Finally after i'd say a year of missions and i finally get one that might i think seal the deal. It is to go back out into the world and gather information that might be usefull as i pack for the mission, miko come to me and says "this is my home now i have found my place and will be doing my teaching of being a dragon here". I turn and walk out the door thinking to myself there is another that will teach me. still reaching to become a powerfull dragon i search for the only other dragon that can help me become what i wish to be.
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