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Contemplations on Courtly Service

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I have found that, if a Daimyo can be likened to the core of a courtly body, then they should strive to have two arms, each divided into two portions.

The outermost right-hand part, which is in nature akin to the right hand, and thus must bear the Katana of the Court, ought to be the most honourable of the servants of the Body. This part should be able to carry forth the Essence of the Court, without fear of pollution through spiritual impurity.

The innermost of the right side ought to be the right hand of peace, bearing not a blade, but a just and fair nature. It should ever be the province of such a part to separate the body from the spilling of blood, and also to preserve the good character of the Courtly Body.

The innermost left side should, as its rightside equal does, shield the Body from the spilling of blood, and should serve as the left hand of peace, carrying ever with it the promise of constrained menace, and a power that, if released upon a foe would bring devastation, and is thus, in the name of Courtly Mercy, withheld.

Finally, the farthest left part should be the left hand of war, content to commit the most vile of dishonors, secure and certain in the knowledge that through distance, such polluting acts need never touch the Courtly Body, while the Body benefits from the unseen smiting of foes.
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