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A lock that has no key

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:55 pm    Post subject: A lock that has no key Reply with quote

To the untrained eye Usagi's office was a meticulously ordered and organized state of affairs, documents, scrolls, tablets, and tomes lined a large bookshelf or filled in various baskets, neatly and carefully arranged, objects and items of interest decorated one desk and objects currently under scrutiny or experimentation lay upon another, a wall was covered with various weapons he had collected throughout the years, ancient blades, bows, spears, knives, clubs and more, each with a reason to have earned its place in the room, each one with a life and story of its own, for now, they rested peacefully.

To the trained eye Usagi's office was currently a mess, scrolls read and discarded, placed back out of place, unsorted paperwork upon his main desk, a stone tablet left to the side awaiting the correct time of night when it could be read, another placed on the ground inside a complex empowered circle that was slowly unwinding the warding placed upon it, a small wooden nightstand in the corner held the pieces of a shattered teapot with only three or four shards stuck together patiently awaiting much more work.

The experimentation table currently held three orbs, one made of wood, one of bone and another of Coral, the wooden and bone orbs each sported several burned black cracks throughout their entire structure and an aura of magic that would raise goosebumps and have your hair standing on end.
The Coral orb looked promising, but currently in danger, an origami cat had jumped onto the table and was playfully batting it to the side, it was only a matter of time for Usagi was nowhere to be seen.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 11:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As the sun rose once more to find that Furui-Taun never truly rests, many rose and the many went to sleep, the town was a hot spot of human and creature dotted amongst them. A large horned Oni currently questioned the captain of a newly arriving ship at the small docks, the Ashigaru continued their morning training under the guidance of Nezumi and Kitsune and the people the true lifeblood of the town continued their day to day routines to an invisible pulse, ever in tune as Kumo and Hebi continued a game of Shogi watching the mortal lives of men and women pass them by.

Through the main gate, roads with morning trade wagons and caravans made their way to and from Keshi, nearby a grand forest carefully cultivated over the many years, filled with planters and gatherers, charcoal makers and a thousand secrets.
One of these secrets, however, seemed out of place, a small training location frequented by Shugenja seemed pushed beyond its limit, faded circles of warding were surrounded by burnt ground and ash, silver fire that slowly dwindled in the light of the rising sun, shattered trees and boulder dotted the area yet the forest was growing with unnatural speed rejuvenating and rebuilding the place to what it once was, here the chi flowed freely and even those numb to its presence would know its touch. Overseeing all of this a tall man who was more than he seemed meditated upon a lesson taught and many lessons still to teach. Usagi, however, was no longer there.
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