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The weight of Karma

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:58 am    Post subject: The weight of Karma Reply with quote

The sun blazed down from overhead however despite how it might try there was no warmth in it's rays that day. Winter was well and truly upon us snow stalked the land, leaving every tree a desolate skeleton that stood in stark contrast against the blue of the sky. Winter had always been a hard time in the Thunders there was a reason that our mighty armies did not march to war while it was the snow fell. From where he knelt under the shadow of the pagoda the lord of a faraway island prayed silently to whatever benevolent god would listen that the harvest would be fruitful enough to see them through to next season of Campaign.

War was not just won on the battlefield no it was won by those who continue to feed their troops, this was an ancient lesson one that had been long learned by the Samurai. Standing from where he knelt Zaizen could not help but grimace in pain, the old wound had never fully healed and still caused constant agony, however he knew in his heart that he could not allow his men to see him in such a state. The general needed to be almost superhuman to command and fight where a battle was fiercest and never show a touch of fear or a shadow of hesitation.

“My lord” the voice came from behind him the tone clipped

“Hai Manshudai-san” Zaizen acknowledged his aide-de-camp without looking back towards the elder man

“A letter arrived for you this morning my lord” came the response

“Has the shogun issued new orders ?”

“No my lord though perhaps you should read it for yourself ?” there followed the whisper of silk upon the ground as the retainer respectfully knelt before handing his lord the sealed letter.

Without turning to face him Zaizen took the letter into his hands before unfolding the outer papers and slowly reading the contents within. His brow for road as he finished last line of text confusion playing across his face. Was this someone's idea of a joke, on the eve when he must drive the filthy gaijin from his homeland someone had the audacity to say that he was required elsewhere. The temple of rebirth he contemplated for a few moments was that something to do with that strange child whom they have spoken to him off on the Farie. Someone who had been locked away if not for their protection then perhaps for the protection of the world at large.

Zaizen turned slowly on his heel before offering the piece of paper to his seated at companion

“Well old friend, what do you make of this invitation ?”
Lord chosokabe Zaizen
Daimyō of the chosokabe clan
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Taking the letter from Zaizen with both hands Usagi carefully inspected its contents with an audible "hmmm".

Interesting, short but dire. By all means its possible that its a trap to lure us to a place where we would be vulnerable, but such a consideration would be remarkebly self-centered, even if it is such we should proceed anyway, we have a duty to protect such temples regardless of where they might be and when they might need us be it inconvenient or not.
If it is not a trap, then once again we have a duty do we not? This letter does hint heavily at some rather high stakes, we should at least see what cards are about to be dealt.

What I make of this invitation is that winter is not yet done with us chosokabe-dono
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