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Seeking Sisterly Advice

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Ian S.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:55 am    Post subject: Seeking Sisterly Advice Reply with quote

My Dearest Sister Ada,

I hope this missive reaches you well and that your husband isn’t distracting you too much. While you continue to explore the world around us I continue to search for the secrets of the worlds inside our own minds. It is good to know you are still there to help me I don’t think I would have made it this far if not for your presence. Just as when we were in school I could use your opinion I have on an idea I have, am I on the right track. I know that your area of expertise is vastly different from mine but I need that perspective to be sure I am not chasing one of my wild tangents I have gone on in the past (though despite what you continue to say half of them do pan out).

As you know I have been working towards a greater understanding of the working of the mind. In that vein, I am studying farther the field of psychology. It is clear that by doing so I can begin to map out what every mind may have in common. Though my earliest observations indicate each mind works along different lines it is my hope that this is superficial. I need a way to get past the façade we all create. A way to lay bare the truths each of us keeps hidden both to others and ourselves.

This is the puzzle plaguing me recently. It wasn’t until I interviewed a subject who spoke of triggering experiences or feelings which would transition them into another mind that seemed to share the same body. Then an answer started to occur to me. What if such a trigger could be artificially induced in anyone. Not to produce another mind but to strip away that façade, to uncover the true person that lays beneath.

Further observation of many subjects will be required. Although there must be a way to place an individual into a position where they are at ease and are willing to be guided into dropping the face we all wear around others. In such a state I believe we could find more answers as to what plagues even the most stable of us as well as what motivates us. Understanding who and what makes all of us tick can only be of benefit not least to the scientific method.

Your Bother,
IC: Dr Cyril Babbage; Scientist & Psychologist.
OOC: Ian S
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