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A Psychoanalysis: Jekyll and Hyde

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Ian S.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:18 pm    Post subject: A Psychoanalysis: Jekyll and Hyde Reply with quote

OOC: The following was written with permission from and in conjunction with Joe Homer.

A Treatise On and Transcript of a Session with One Dr Henry Jekyll

In order to help Dr Jekyll come to terms with his personal demons, I agreed to provide him with my services as a psychologist. In return, he agreed to take what I learn in our time together to further my research of the mind. It is my belief that I may have benefited from the arrangement more than he, as will be seen in the following excerpts from our first session together.

After some initial questioning merely used to put the subject at ease I began questioning him about why he sought out medical help:

Babbage: Dr Jekyll, Henry. Can you tell me why you believe psychology can help you improve your current position?

Jekyll: I'm not sure it can (Smiles sadly), but if there is a chance I must take it. I hear psychology can unlock hidden memories and treat madness. I fear I might be insane! At first I was fighting blackouts and the ramifications of this monster that took over my body. Things have degraded since then. I’ve been faced with a revelation. How would you react if you discovered your entire life was a lie? What if you were a construct within someone else's body? Your family, fake memories. Your past, fake. All FAKE! What am I? Some parasite invading this body or am I something else? If I don't exist, I have no purpose but also no morality. When you die, your spirit may go elsewhere, I don't even have that. Hyde claimed I can remember… I want to remember, regardless of how painful the truth is. I need to know.

As you see the subject is traumatised by an existential crisis as well as the presence of another personality. Whether this personality is merely a construct of the subject or if the subject themselves is the construct is a fundamental cornerstone of their issues. In order to understand this more I was required to ask more pressing and as you will see distressing questions:

Babbage: You’ve mentioned Hyde, what do you think of him and what does he think of you?

Jekyll: I see Hyde as the enemy. He was the failed experiment that took over my body and rampaged. He was my opposite and my burden. I tried to warn people. I even tried to kill us both on a few occasions… it didn't work. I recall him murdering my friends and my fiancee, but I can't... I can't trust even that memory because in that memory I am Dr Henry Jekyll with a mother and a father and friends. That life may be a lie. I've seen his brutality first hand. Hyde is a killer, he is a psychopath and I'm sure you being a trained psychologist can see that. He is a menace to us all. But he is sly and clever and he may be the original. Professor Hyde. Can you believe it? He hates me. He sees me as an invader and quite frankly I may well be. Our “relationship” is antagonistic and every time I have tried to parlay with Hyde it has ended in aggression. I thought we were in a struggle for existence. Only one of us could survive. That may well be the case but deep down I worry that do I deserve to win? That doesn't excuse his behaviour but perhaps my self loathing is so strong that I created an adversary to destroy myself and everything I hold dear. Maybe I am that adversary.

This adversarial relationship between the Jekyll and Hyde personalities fuels the trauma and two approaches are readily apparent. One course of action is to purge one of the personalities from the person. But this leaves the question as to which personality deserves precedence. The other is to integrate the two into one individual with the best qualities of both. But again doing this presents a moral quandary, wouldn’t doing this destroy both original personalities for the sake of stability. This may be where my own research may help, in time I may be able to provide a third option one where nothing is lost.

It is apparent then that the very discussion of the Hyde personality produces such stress in the subject that Hyde may manifest even if it is for a short time. In that short time, I was able to reason with Hyde and was able to come to a similar agreement with him as he will require his own assistance as well as study.

Babbage: This kind of treatment takes time. I won't lie to you, the chances of success aren't guaranteed. However, what do you hope to achieve? If I could grant you a wish, what would that be?

Jekyll: (sighs) Selfishly, I would like to be able to control Hyde or purge Hyde from my body. Life would be simple if I could. However, realistically we need an accord, a peace treaty for now. Hyde refuses to share the body which is something I am worried about but would consider. I feel responsible for his calamity and the suffering he causes. God knows what he has done to some of the Wanderers, the Brotherhood and I feel a deep shame whenever I meet their eyes even though I cannot recall what he did. I need to remember. I NEED TO RECALL WHAT HYDE DOES. I know he can remember when I am in control. Alchemically I could suppress Hyde, I've done it in the past but should I?

But there is something else. My potion supplies have been depleted. I have made more Grace than I needed and I don't recall doing it. I am worried that I may be losing my mind. I awaken to find notes addressing myself in familiar handwriting. These notes are learned, they debate scientific principles that I have dreamed of. Some of the experiments detailed in my notes were not made by me, yet they bear a startling resemblance to the Foundation notes. Whoever wrote them knows so much about alchemy, I mean they are brilliant! But the conclusions are horrifying too. It is a dark path but also a tempting one. I think it relates to the process that made the augmentation that birthed Hyde and I. In my dreams I am fighting a war on the beaches of Port Rabel. A silhouette talks to me about the great work we must finish. I have a laboratory there and a purpose. I see the silhouette in the corner of my eye now and then. It terrifies me. I'm not completely sure but I've experienced these fugues before when Hyde emerged. Either I’m forgetting large pieces of my own daily memories or I no longer think it's just Hyde and myself anymore! There may be another personality among us.

It is my current recommendation that those who encounter Jekyll should know that he must be judged on his own actions and one should keep in mind that Hyde is another individual who happens to share the same body (the same can be said for in relation to Hyde not being judged by Jekyll’s actions). Ostracising Jekyll for imagined slights or real insults from Hyde will only cause great distress to Dr Jekyll and exacerbate his condition. As for his recent concerns about further fracturing of his psyche, this is concerning as it appears to be a recent development and may not be connected to Hyde. Ongoing sessions are recommended.
IC: Dr Cyril Babbage; Scientist & Psychologist.
OOC: Ian S
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Ian S.

Joined: 29 Jun 2018
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The following is excerpts of a professional conversation between myself and Edward Hyde. In a sense a follow up to the previous one with Dr Henry Jekyll. As before I will be interjecting with my observation on the subject and suggesting courses of action.

Given the raw nature of the subject I felt it vital to show him that this would be a conversation of equal respect rather than that of patient and doctor.

Before we proceed how should I address you and will you be willing to answer questions that may cause you distress?

Shrugs call me Mr Hyde or Edward if you want. You can ask what you want. I make no promises regarding the answers though

Let me rephrase that, what does it mean to be Mr Edward Hyde?

Well firstly your existence is defined by pain and loss. Pain is a good trigger to summon me and loss is what I have lost. You know I used to be a professor? Now I share my mind with "him" and others.
The pain, you get used to. It's a currency like copper. You deal it and receive it from others. It's a way of interacting and getting even. Nothing worthwhile is without pain.

Or by dealing pain to others, do you think it might be a mask acting out the role of the monster others expect from the stories Jekyll tell?

Well that's a funny way of seeing it. I guess in conflict you know where you stand with someone. It's familiar, like a dance that I know all the moves to.

It is my opinion that while pain (both given and received) is clearly an integral motivating factor in this subject’s interaction with the world, it is a learned response. A way of dealing with the pressures of the world he finds himself in.

The ‘him’ you mentioned earlier I assume is Jekyll, who are these others?

I wish I knew. I have blackouts and others say someone called Horatio appeared. The blackouts are more frequent now. I'm only around about a quarter of the time. Something... strange is going on.

Why is this happening do you have any ideas?

I started to try to get my memories back. The memories of Professor Hyde. But it's like new personas are coming through. I don't know why, do you?

You’re looking to find yourself, could this be your way of redefining what it means to be Hyde?

I thought that once. A few years back when I thought I was free of Jekyll, I tried to redefine myself. It didn't end well.

Can you talk about that, what went wrong?

I makes no difference. The Cresting Edge couldn't deal with me. The Brotherhood rejected me once they thought Jekyll was gone. Humanity is weak, I remind them of that weakness and darker side, freed from repressive morality and lies. We all play our parts and wear masks Dr Babbage.

Due to his lack of memories as well as an internal conflict with another mind Hyde, I believe, reacts to the world rather than acting as a part of it. The example he refers to shows that the way others treat him and the expectations they have of him he reacts to by living up to the worst of what they expect. If people believe he is a monster then Hyde will be the worst monster they fear. Now though with Hyde regaining some memories, discovering he was once a professor he is at a tipping point searching for answers and perhaps more open to becoming a more rounded individual who can find more motivation in others and himself than pain and fear.

Hyde: So can you fix it? Can you rid me of those other personalities?

There may be a way in time and with your help it might be possible but doing so will have an effect on you even if we succeed.

That's the point. If not then you are of no use to me.

You are independent and used to having to do things yourself. What I’m proposing is a partnership to unlock the true potential, if you see your current situation as a mess then we will untangle it but be open to change it is not the weakness you might see it as.

I'm not used to trusting others. Every time I do, I get betrayed. If you want an alliance, I am wary but interested. But deceive or trick me and I promise you an exquisite lesson in pain and loss.

This last shows the difficulty Hyde has in trusting anyone. It is clear he has been betrayed before and that in order not to be betrayed again he must assert dominance or at the least believe he is in control of the relationship so that he will never be betrayed again. As he must share his body with another he has less control in his life than most as such the ability to arrest control in other ways he strives for. Ultimately treating Hyde with respect and not dismissing what he says will earn some respect from him. Treating him like a beast who is only out for his own interest will get you exactly that, Hyde will live up (or down) to every nasty thing whispered about him.
IC: Dr Cyril Babbage; Scientist & Psychologist.
OOC: Ian S
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