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MacUens party

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:30 pm    Post subject: MacUens party Reply with quote

Hazy took another swig of his ale and cut off another slice of ham, then cheese. Looking out the window he watched his Clanmates going about their business as he slowly chewed. He heard a groan from below the table , a hand appeared followed by the face of the big job.
Hazy tried to recall his name .Oliver? Andrew? Tarquin? He gave up. “How are you feeling?”
The grin returned to the man’s face. “My head’s throbbing, my mouths dry as sand and I feel like I’m going to be sick”
Hazy handed him over a flask “Try this, it’s a blend of herbs with a syrup base, it will sort you out.” The Big Nob took it gratefully and took a large mouthful, choking as he swallowed. “My, that’s a powerful cure. Tastes like neat rum”
“It is rum. Blended with herbs and spices, about 80 percent”
The Big Nob went green, clutched his stomach and rushed out the door. Hazy continued munching on his lunch as the sounds of vomiting drifted in from outside. After a few minutes the Big Nob appeared again. “Maybe some water” Hazy gestured with his knife to a jug at the end of the table.
Big Nob took a more cautious drink from the jug before holding his head in his hands.
“I feel rough, but at least I can say now, that’s I’ve partied with the McUens.” He grinned feebly.
Hazy looked at him quizzically. “That was the winter Solstice. It celebrates the passing of the seasons and marks the death and rebirth of the sun. As we celebrated this year we prayed for the rebirth of Dani as well. That wasn’t a party. That was religion.”
“The party won’t start until the Lady Orinade gets here”
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