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A War Worth dying in

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:57 am    Post subject: A War Worth dying in Reply with quote

Laughter Echoed down the corridor punctuated by fits of coughing, the bandages wrapped around his chest were soaked with blood. No matter what the doctors tried the wounds did not seem to close of their own accord but that was no matter. The Lord of Keshi could taste the copper of blood on his tongue and yet the laughter could not stop. It sounded manic, almost crazed the messenger knelt frozen in place terror playing across their features. How could one greet the news of the disgrace of the Kamabashi clan, the deaths of thousands with laughter. Yet there lord Zaizen stood having been roused from his bed by the news of the invasion of Gaijin no less unable to stop the laughter that caused his body to spasm so.

"This" the lord of Keshi said holding the report in his hand looking down at the man whom cowered next to him "Do you know what this means ?"

"I" the chocked respect came from trembling lips "Cannot possibly say my lord"

The Balcony stood with its shoji screen door open as Zaizen steped from his chamber into the embrace of the nights chill embrace. Blood pattered on the floor in his wait from his chest wound but he did not seem to notice or pay it much mind. At this moment his mind was on other matters. As he looked into the sky above him and exalted to the heavens in a voice loud enough to wake the dead.

"Think about it Aketsu-san, when we fought for the Emperors we died at the command of beings vile and terrible, when we fought the Demons they showed no love or loyalty only caring for their logic. There was no joy in killing such creatures. Now this War was up until now has been about the teaching the sanctuary their place as good god must kneel at their masters feet"

His hands would be placed against the cool stone of the railing of the balcony before the laughter would at long last stop. His eyes looking into the vast blackness of the sky Zaizen allows himself at last a deep inhalation of air though the nose and then out from his lips

"Now our homeland has been invaded, by the forces of some unknown Gaijin threat whom use the truce as their shield. A great clan stands in disgrace for their inability to muster even the most basic defense of our sacred soil from their unworthy feet and now the season will turn. This is just like the stories we were all told as children. The time when the Noble Hero will throw these invaders back into the sea where they belong or die trying"

Turning to face the stricken servant he will as "This has become a War that is worth the death that awaits us....A war I can die in with pride...What more can a warriors soul ask for"

At this moment the rain will start to fall upon the castle. Extending his hand that monstrous new mixture of Flesh and Metal. "Father if you are listening, I have apparently seen your hell once and before this ends I might end my story there but I will take as many of these bastards with me as I can"

"Now go, wake the others we have work to do"

"Yes....yes my Lord right away" the servant will say as he scuttles from the room just glad to be away from this madness
Lord chosokabe Zaizen
Daimyō of the chosokabe clan
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