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Laughter in the Echoes

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The rain sleeted down in the clearing, washing away spilled blood and torn cloth, both of which eagerly absorbed into the harsh environment upon which the two stood. The pair wore clothes coloured of the night, though one wore it in mourning, and the other wore it with pride. An unusually bright laugh rang out, echoing into the bushes and becoming lost in the downpour.

'You're going easy on me, Kaine, that isn't the spirit!' The woman moved and struck out, managing to rip through the trailing edge of his coat, leaving it ragged.

'Well, you are going easy also! I told you to give it the best you have!' Swift as the wind, Kaine twisted, slipping free of the coat before managing to score angry lines of red across Shang's upper arm, the wounds instantly sealing closed though leaving very obvious tear marks in the fabric.

The vampire paused and looked at her sleeve. 'Hey, I just made this. Do you know how hard it is to harvest silk at the exact moment of midnight?'

'And weave in moonlight and yawn. Hit me!'

The laughter of both chimed out before it turned into a more serious tone, snarls meeting hisses, the ground becoming sodden and churning with mud as the pair faced off. With the earth being so slick, she took to her quickness more often than not, appearing behind and beside him to score dirty points across his ribs and back, whilst he paid her back by going for her shoulders and neck.

A particularly painful strike caused her to cry out, her left side crippled briefly before she struck out and sent him through the forest to land a fair way out, giving herself time to stabilise herself, though that time was short lived. Within moments he had sprung back, landing in a slushy skid and toppling her onto her back as her legs were whipped out from under her.

They grappled for a moment, dangerous wounds appearing and disappearing as they fought like cat and dog before they rolled free from each other, flinging themselves back out of the others reach. He shook himself off, sending free mud and leaves, his eyes dangerously narrowed as he stared at her, watching for any tell in her movements.

She watched him in return, carefully noting his wounds and weak points, judging how much he could take, and they circled carefully, their voices soft as they contemplated each other.

'You are light of heart, Shang, this is good.'

'Would it be ironic if I said I was saved by a Paladin and a hamster?'

Kaine paused, eyebrow quirked in confusion at her words and she struck out, sending him backwards to slam into a tree. With a crack the trunk split and the wolfen used his momentum to roll free and spring back at her, one clawed hand reaching out for her throat.

With an explosion of shadows she vanished, clogging the air with the beating of frantic wings as her colony of bats separated around him, only for her to reform directly behind with an exasperated sigh.

'Damnit. Now I owe you a drink.'

'Well, if you would bats out and not take it like a strong independent vampire woman..' He gave a shrug at her before he winked.

She scowled, her fingers curling and her hands weaving as she contemplated her next move, the very shadows around her drawing close and merging towards her palms. With a brief flick of her fingers she send the sharp stream of darkness at Kaine, the magic engulfing him briefly before sending him stumbling back.

'Son of a-!'

With hardly a blur she landed directly where he once was, hissing as her hands struck earth and not flesh as within a blink he had rolled away, predicting her attack. Once more they dropped silent, the air becoming heavy and intense as the two beast-like figures truly took to the fight, the forest quiet as any animal close by knew to take to the wind.

An hour or so later, neither admitted knowing who had won or lost, neither of them caring. They both lay upon a piece of mostly untouched grass in the rain, staring up at the sky and their hands entwined.

'I'm glad you are seeing the life again. I was worried.'

She turned her head to look at him and gave a smile, 'As was I. I don't want to be like them, Kaine, that isn't a life, it's just an existence.'

He shook his head, 'You wont be like them, and if you start to, we will stop it. Too many people care, they won't let you forget how to laugh, how to live, and how to love.'

'Aye, I guess so. I still owe you a drink though.'

'Last one there?' He sprang to his feet, taking off at sprint.

Once more a cloud of black took to the air in a swirl, the bats darting down to flare behind him in a trailing cloak of shadows as the now lighter-of-heart pair took to the hunt of a good drink.
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