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Those moments within our hearts

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Even from high above the Harbor the smell of battle could not be mistaken. Smoke from the smoldering gun emplacements wafted on the breeze from far below. Down there where in the waves up to their waists the Samurai had done battle with the foe as cannon tore from both sides. Lord Zaizen allowed a single breath to escape his lips as he surveyed the destruction. Many of his men had gone onto the afterlife in this place. His lips moved as his eyes closed in order to offer them a prayer for their bravery was a true testament to their adherence to Bushido.

"Lord" the voice was clipped and formal

"Hai" came the response a few moments later

"The casualty reports you requested Lord" the armored head did not raise as he offered the scroll on a small silver Dish

"Good" the word hung in midair for a moment as the scroll was opened and scanned before being greeted with a nod of the head "Many names, I know many of the fathers of these men"

"Yoshimatsu Noritaka" Zaizen muttered under his breath "I remember he once performed in a Noh play at my own castle he was a talented youth" there was no emotion in the words as they were spoken. "Though in service to ones clan and ones lord death on battle is a good death" this was after-all a certainty

"Yes my lord" the kneeling man offered not raising his eyes

"Send word to Shogun Imagawa, tell him that we have won a great victory and eliminated the enemies southern Naval Base. Inform him a second front can be opened at anytime....Today heaven smiled upon us"

"Yes my lord it shall be done" the kneeling samurai leapt to his feet before bowing deeply and departing

Alone now as the wind buffeted his clothing Zaizen was forced to think to himself within that dark place that lurks in the souls of all men "Or if not then Hell most assuredly has"
Lord chosokabe Zaizen
Daimyō of the chosokabe clan
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