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The Battle for the Bardic College

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The Battle for the Bardic College

- The Tavern -
Well it had been threatening to be a slow day, the Landlord of the Watery Tart mused, as he turned to look at the cluster of people assembling a bucket chain from the tavern out towards the college out back. A quiet morning shattered as three bears came hurtling into the tavern, on two legs instead of four, mauling the Fenrisian Bard who was practising their craft on the little stage the College had financed.
A fire started by three little pigs in the west wing of the college had caught quickly, but they had been chased off by some of the Bards, who had put their recent training with Sir Kailen's forces to good use. They had been joined by some of the wanderers, who had helped them organise a bucket chain and secured the tavern, which they were industriously turning into a Triage area. Injured Bards were still being brought in periodically, some gravely wounded.
Word seemed to be spreading that the Watery Tart was a place of safety, reinforced by the news that the Wanderers had repelled a Redcoat troop who had come marching, and opened a volley on the inn door. Thanks to the large heavily masked Salemite, the Badger and the White Rabbit, not a single bullet got through, bouncing off multiple wards. A second fire order was never issued, as the leader of the troop was suddenly and brutally extinguished by a flashing blade; without him the rest of the troop were soon routed.

- The Library -
THUNK! Went the hammer of the troll on the reinforced door. A blow from its hammer should have sent the doors flying, but it held. A mix of whimpers, swearing and the occasional heckle came from behind the door. The door was giving this troll some trouble - but Dashal wasn't going to let it be a problem for him; he ghosted through, reforming on the other side of the wall.
The door was reinforced and had been buttressed with a bookshelf - it's books neatly piled in a corner. Several people inside, dressed in the trappings of bards from various shards were huddled in a corner, clutching books and instruments, some of the stronger ones standing by the bookshelf. A few had minor injuries, but nothing broken. The room itself was clearly a library, although not a very full one.
Surprisingly, morale was quite high, even with the terrible thumping on the old door. " When the fighting broke out Barney told us to get a message to the wanderers and get people to the library," one of the Bards calmly stated. "We've always known it was our most defensible position, ever since Sir Kailen and his men visited."
There was the sounds of brief combat, and the assault on the door ceased. Dashal scouted outside to see no sign of the troll, but in a circle around where the troll was, multiple wanderers still out of breath from their ambush. He nodded to them and went back inside to help un-buttress the door and escort the occupants to safety - not easy, as they were reluctant to leave the library and its contents.

- The West Wing -
Despite the efforts of some of the bards, the fire in the west wing was still creeping up to the second floor, and wisps of smoke were starting to curl up through the floor. All the doors were open. A snatch of song came from one of the open doors further down the corridor, cut off abruptly. Jarren ran towards it, certain that what he'd be looking for would be there.
As he looked through the door, Barney was cowering, shielding a small bundle of cloth, before a tall man dressed all in black leather and a big black cloak, with his black hair and goatee neatly groomed and trimmed. Black gauntlets reached out towards her, as the man leered with the self assurance only rich men could afford. The Sheriff's self assurance was no match for a bag of gold to the back of his well groomed head however, and Jarren helped Barney to her feet and they escorted their valuable cargo to safety, away from the fire, stopping only to retrieve the Book of Bardic Names from the Main Hall.

- The Aftermath -
Barney sat in her newly built room in the West Wing and reflected on the past month's events. The college had successfully repelled the awful attack and thanks to the healers, with their fingers flying with stitches and flowing with magic in the Tavern, there had only been one fatality. In the weeks after the attack, a mysterious benefactor helped support the college financially, a small army of artisans and craftsmen from Whitewater came to the college to repair the damage from the fire and replace lost provisions. Although war had indeed been declared and its inhabitants and students more wary, things were back to normal, a blessing in this dark time.
She absent-mindedly rubbed her arm as she thought, before picking up her Quill and starting to write...
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