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Memories fall like Teardrop's

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:43 pm    Post subject: Memories fall like Teardrop's Reply with quote

The great portal of the Thunders allowed one entrance into our blessed land, however it's easy to contemplate how many times this great Edifice had been used to bring ruin and bloodshed to the other Realms inhabited under the sky. The water margins were at least at this time something truly beautiful to behold. Vast paddyfields stretching almost as far as the eye could see such a verdant and bountiful land so at harmony with itself.

Allowing himself a deep inhalation of breath Zaizen sat beneath the shade of a towering conifer tree. He had dismissed his guard some time ago so that he could simply sit in quiet contemplation of the world. Doubts ate away at the inside of his soul where once there had been but certainty. Who was this face, looking at it now in the clear sparkling water of the morning it seemed alien to the one who wore it.

Images flashed in his mind of now times long past, he remembered the sense of Pride he felt when he was sure of how the world should be. When he was a prince When the world to him atleast made sense. Now however that was all gone lost to the Mists of uncertainty. The eyes that looked back at him where those of a stranger. When he was young he had not felt the pain as his own Father's sword had cut away his arms and left him to die now what did he have, metal monstrosities surely a work of artifice but still not his own.

"Who am I" the voice little more than a whisper almost unsteady with doubt. "What did any of you, Emperor's demons or gods want with me. Show me just a glimpse of your omnipresence, a moment to see through the eyes that can see forever"

As expected silence was the only thing that greeted him. "I often ponder" he wants more sad this time with more Force One could almost say passion "would the cutting of my puppet strings spoil some plan of yours or have you already selected my replacement for whatever cosmic machination you so possess"

With one smooth movements there is the distinct click hiss as a blade is drawn forth. Pressing his wakizashi to his own throat Zaizen contemplates the merits of simply dragging it across, ending this uncertainty and bringing clarity to his entire existence with one simple thrust.
Lord chosokabe Zaizen
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