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Dust up

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:39 pm    Post subject: Dust up Reply with quote

I’m angry, my face burns and I know a bruise is already forming, my hand is tucked in to a pocket to hide my mangled fingers, it just makes them hurt more. I’m a dozen yards ahead of where Hussain and Rykov are leading the horses carrying our charges, scanning the crowd for any chancers or assassins. A stab of pain shoots through me and I try to clench the teeth and nearly black out, my jaw is definitely broken then.
I glance around and realise that in my distraction I didn’t see ten rough looking people forming a circle around me with pistols out. A few exchange sinister grins as their leader, a darkling with a scarred face steps up to me. “Cad Carson. We’ve been waiting for you, and you better have our money.” He says menacingly.
I try to reply but with the broken jaw, what comes out is “huw you”. The darkling grabs my face and wrenches the broken jaw. Stars flash in my eyes and I do black out for a second, when I get my senses back the darkling is visibly grinning “sorry Captain... didn’t catch that” he says.
“I said” my jaw at least works now, even if the pain is worse “Screw you snowy. Get the men formed up around the horses and you can open the portal, my hands broke.” Snowy looks at me, arching an eyebrow “He dead?” he asks moving between me and the thickest part of the crowd.
“SHE” I reply “is fine, and she’ll stay that way. Now clear my line brass balls, I’m a better shot with my left than any of you with your rights.” That comment will be put to the test later but they all know its true.

Snowy opens the portal and we head through, I cant resist a final look around before I leave, I smile and sketch a salute at a flash of green in the crowd. Its probably not her but I can show respect where its earned.
Tavian: God gives me the ability to be better than my enemies, and better than myself alone.

Carson: I have all the morals you're willing to pay for.
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