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Frontiers of Science

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Dr Jekyll sat in his cabin as the ship rocked. Finally the Broken Travels was underway after repairs and he could hear Swain on deck giving orders. He smiled as he thought how far his friend and captain had come over the past few years. He yelled sailing slang that Jekyll had no idea what it meant. He was content to be ship's doctor on board and considered how his medical and scientific terminology might be equally as baffling to others.

Jekyll suddenly sat up as he realised something. He opened his chest and dug deep, without looking, he opened a secret hatch and retrieved the paper. He brought it up to his lantern and looked at it as if it was the first time he had seen it. Although he had stolen a look at it on many many occasions since it had fallen into his possession since Salem. He shook his head as he thought how close the paper came to being burnt. How people could still live in such ignorance and blind fanaticism was beyond Dr Jekyll. He recognised some of the alchemical formula the moment he saw it. It was as if time has stood still. Had he grabbed the page on purpose, out of fear or out of avarice? Had Hyde whispered into Jekyll's ear. In his memory he could hear Hyde goading him and daring him to do it. He couldn't recall whether Hyde had really been speaking to him at the time. Hyde had been a constant voice in his head since the moved world.

Hyde had been present to offer a sarcastic comment or a cruel word or insult at every opportunity. Even now he could hear Hyde laughing with menace. What did Hyde know of alchemy or science or magic...

What was it that Hyde had yelled in his mind when the three magic pages were being passed around? He claimed he could so something with them, demanded that Jekyll hand them to him. He had resisted and ignored him as always but the conviction in the monsters voice was terrifying. Was Hyde bluffing? How could he know such arcane secrets? They were similar to some alchemical symbols but strange as well. How could Hyde know such things? Did all evil entities have an innate knowledge of such dark things? Hyde was part of Jekyll, that's what he had always assumed. A horrible dark twisted part of his psyche. A coping mechanism to survive the maddening transformation brought on from the serum.

But was he? Jekyll wondered whether he was possessed. What was Hyde? He thought he knew. This had shaken his presumptions to the core. So now Dr Jekyll did what he did best... The scientific method. It was time to observe, hypothesise and experiment. Starting with the alchemical formula he had liberated. His hypothesis was that it could help him gain insight and control of some sought over Hyde. The tides might be changing and for once, Dr Jekyll felt he would have the upper hand.

But why was Hyde laughing so much in his mind?

What he just a mindless beast? Who was Hyde? Who was Jekyll? Some days he couldn't recognise who he had become.
OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde / H...I stopped counting
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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