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A heavy but willing burden

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:23 pm    Post subject: A heavy but willing burden Reply with quote

It had taken a long time to craft the book but it was complete and Munin knew it would be worth of the names and deeds destined for it pages.
The spine of book was said to be crafted from a Draugr bone, if legend was correct, it would serve to protect the book from all that would bring it harm. The cover of the book paid homage to vast diversity of the wonders, from front to back the crafters had meticulously embossed the map of the known world with import cities and towns included. It had taken weeks to find the right shade of dye to enhance the delicate work but the crafters had done well, it was more than just visually pleasing, it has a certain tactile beauty to it as well.

They had paid particular attention to its purpose and had ensured that it was obvious that death was linked to the book by the application of tiny skills alone the joints between the cover and the spine.
Thought he pages were new, Munin had requested it as such for she wanted them to last as long as possible and it was to her a symbol of something new, the begin of a story in a way. Memories were always blank, new and unmoulded until you lived them and so she wanted the book to reflect something of this nature.

She would never be a story teller or a singer, she couldn’t play an instrument it you paid her but she could be as her name sake was, she would record all that should be remembered, she could carry the deeds and deaths of the wonderers so that they might never be forgotten, she would be their memory if ever they got lost.

The book was far heavier than any she had ever carried but it was ironic in this case, to remember so many, to remember such deeds and names was a heavy burden, a willing accepted burden that she would take to her grave and beyond. It was hoped that if another Munin was found that they might take up her task and carry on where she left off, making her the first entry of their willing duty.
OOC - Karen (Kaz)

IC - Sister Edika, Initiate Paladin of The Order of Gideon Rosarius.
IC - Munin McKay

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