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Fostering Tanuki

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The summer heat had caused the Tanuki to malt and shed some of his old winter fur. Ichiro Kage scowled at the heat as he walked through the palace and grounds passing guards. The war with Sanctuary was official and security on Keshi was more important than ever. The inclusion of new gun squads did not make him more relaxed. The conscripts training all day were not helping his mood. Even the new tactics to counter gunpowder weapons only addressed a few niggling concerns. Kage had returned from waterfall town after carefully administering to his new responsibilities there as a Lord. He happily served as a hatamoto but when leadership came directly to him... He hesitated. He searched the tenets of Bushido and tried to make honourable, courageous, courteous, compassionate, sincere, honest and dutiful decisions. He was unused to sleeping in the village leaders house. He continued to drill Samurai and sit in on war briefings for the upcoming battles with Sanctuary. He began to look at the farmers and the peasantry with a new light. Waterfall town was HIS gifted to him by his Lord. Some would see them as tools or as playthings. A greedy mater would see them as resources to earn koku. A lustful master might see the womenfolk and geisha as instruments of pleasure. A prideful Lord might see them as extensions of his will and monument to his new status. But Tanuki new what could be given could also be taken either though edict or through sabotage. What kind of Samurai Lord was he?

He scowled because he felt fear. Not for himself. Not for Lord Sasori. Not for the Court. For his people. For Waterfall town. For his peasants who relied upon his leadership now. Sabotage was a threat. A threat yet to be found. Tanuki recited the seven tenets. He knew fear was a sin along with regret and desire. He had to overcome his fear but not his responsibility. He meditated on this problem and found only one answer. Cut out your fear and embrace the present. It had been a while since Kage had a clan behind him. All of Waterfall Town were his new family. So he would adopt a thousand Tanuki and guide them as a father would.

Strange reports came across the isle of Keshi of a new festival in Waterfall Town. Different parts of the town represented different virtues. A barrel ride across the waterfall for Courage. An elaborate party with tea ceremony at the tea house for Courtesy. A series of judgements and rulings at the magistrate courthouse for Honesty and Justice. A singing and story competition for Sincerity. A rocky ride across The rapids while keeping composed for Honour. A game of abstinence from food, tempations and desire for Duty and Loyalty. A trip to the healers house with a game of choice for Compassion. The villagers dyed their clothes black and white and recited the seven tenets of Bushido. Some even painted their faces as Tanuki or dyed their hair with black and white streaks. Roaming youths carried wooden sticks and trained as if they were budoka. Everyone acted a little more courteous, sincere, honest, courageous, dutiful, compassionate and honourable. But the oddest rumour of all was the digging. Night and day, Ichiro Kage had ordered warrens to be dug. The purpose was not yet apparent.
OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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