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After saying her reluctant goodbyes in Union after the hard journey back from Dust, Angel hopped through the Portal to Archipelago. As the smell of the salt and the sounds of the City hit her senses she knew she was home, good old Whitewater.

Faithful, dependable, familiar. She spent some time in the streets, perusing the Markets and watching the ships come home before she sighed and made her way to the Cutters Guild to check on messages and have a catch up with comrades. She frowned as she left - she was certain the Clerk had almost been nice to her...

After ducking down an otherwise unremarkable alleyway - and moving some very specific items - she worked her way through the undercity tunnels to come out somewhere in the Kings Quarter. A neighbourhood that normally she would have no business being in - unless it was career related, not today. Today she strode confidently down the street heading towards one house - well, Mansion. She faltered for a second as she approached the gates but soon regained her composure. The men at the gate gave her 'the look' and halted her progress.

"Would you please tell the Master of the house that he has a visitor, tell him that his Angel is back and would like some advice."

With that she leaned on one of the posts to wait for the answer, taking out some food she offered some to the remaining sentry who grudgingly took it, it was a cold day after all.

After a very short delay the gates were opened for her, smiling she entered the house.
Trust in Loki's Luck...

OOC: Lucy Scarisbrick-Wright
IC: Angel - Archipelagan Thief
IC: Sister Elena Rosarius - Sister Militant, 2nd Chapter, Paladin of the Order of Gideon Rosarius
NPC /Retired: Danan Nolwe - Fey Air Mage (Legendary)
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