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Chrysalis Thanks

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Amy Gregory

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:05 pm    Post subject: Chrysalis Thanks Reply with quote

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event happen, especially to the crew who worked hard to capture te feel of the Lost Valley.
Some (but not all) highlights:

Dealing with Sosori and Usagi for exotic silks and incense - PS thank you for the amazing gift of a bamboo fan Justin, it was a lifesaver!

Snatching away people as the creeping hunger as well as making some interesting calls - MAKE LIKE A BEAVER LADS!

Well played to Dom for the amazing YOINK! (and thanks Stephens for surprising me with that call!). I especially enjoyed the players reactions when I re-appeared sans Kane but with the crystal.

It was very cathartic getting to walk through the tavern kicking over chairs and throwing things to represent poltergeist like effects.

The reunion of Nadia and Tarin, never seen him look so worried before! It was nice to see that some of the players who had met her previously still remembered her and were willing to help, or be diplomatic where needed.

Having fun making deals as the Tribe of Bast's shaman, those four toes will make lovely casting bones, and we were given lots of additional shinies. Catching the sneaking party and watching them hurriedly feign nonchalance was absolutely brilliant - a real stand out film style moment.

Giggling with the crew, the joke of the 'Swiss Army Perv' and the fire afterwards was also a lot of fun. The weather was helpfully quite pleasant as well.

I am super stoked for week-long, and can't wait to see many of you there.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

So, event goodness! I thought I wouldn't do one, as we spent a lot of time hidden away worshipping the Lady Motherhood herself, but I felt odd not doing one. It will go up on the forum also.

I apologise for everyone who caught tail ends of girlie time chav talk. I think I got out Pope of Nope, and itty bitty kitty comity. I wasn't allowed Puny God (Colin is mean).

Love and thanks to Karen for a very yawny tired girlie night the night before. It's going to be odd and sad not having one before the weeklong Sad

All praise the God Tim, for packing, unpacking, putting tent and gazebo up, putting it all down again, packing and unpacking, and the driving. We wouldn't have been there without him.

All refs and crew. Excellent job on entertaining, murdering, flouncing! You guys are awesome.

Helene - For not screaming at me, and massive girl time, and infecting me with food indecisiveness. Also, for being worried about tiny things, but when the tent deflates, eh, all good. DAT BUTT THO!

Katie - Totes rocked the world with a toof, but yo wassup wit the ffwhhoom fffwoosh pizzaz eh? And for having my back when i was a second from murderising people ❤

Colin - 10/10 would let you spit on me again.

Jeff - For everything I can't say, and more. You made of good stuff. Also, Pope of Nope!

Daniel - totes up to stuff!

Adam - Thank you for having my back in Hussain's absence. And for involuntary nommage. And general amusement. And swapping camps. You have -no- idea how happy we were at 3am peeing time to be in the new camp.

Kieran - nom.

Dominic - for all the stuff. And stopping me do stupid stuff. Or trying to lessen the thought process of doing stupid stuff. For the bad news you gave me, you get a *middle finger*

The new boys, fox and wolf. Thank you for fun times, and fun questions. And much fun.

Graham - Thank you for the glitter bomb. I assure you next event, mine will be twice as big. 😬

Stephen - For brownies, fun chatter, and always getting to riled up at the tiniest of things! Fun!

Creepy robed necromancer dude. Creepy.

Karen (Miranda) - you so cool.

Sam - For asking if I was okay. It made me stop concentrating on everyone else and actually go 'you know what, no I'm not. I'm sick. I will now deal with that before there is a mess on the floor! ❤)

I only have one 'not', as I don't like them and I don't like doing them, but seriously motherf'king wasps. CHHFCCHGGCNNGXSSSGJOOHFDSAAEFV RAGE!

Quote of the event:
Me: So I went out and murdered some village
Colin: But-
Me: A gathering of people!
Colin: Use bandits.
Me: Ravaging a group of people.
Colin: Bandits.
Katie: Puny God!
Me: YES!
Colin: Uh, no. Bandits.
(10 mins later)
Me: What was the word?
Colin: Bandits.
(10 mins later)
Me: Colin, what were they?
Colin: Bandits.
(hours later in crew camp)
Me: What did I kill?
Colin: Bandits.
(Got blood on me)
Me: What were they?
Colin: Bandits.
Me: Not puny gods?
Colin: No. Bandits.

This is how seriously forgetful I am, and how patient Colin is.
Lady Shang Von Tassenick, Council of 13
Totty McUen
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