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How blind I have been

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Though the journey back to the monastery was relatively short in comparison to most, it felt the longest of any before it. Sister Edika rode quietly lost in her thoughts, each thought like the last leading to the next and always ending upon the same words "How blind I have been, how did I not see it?"

Regardless of her outward attitude Edika always took duty seriously, that she had agreed so easily with an oath breaking Rowan was a surprise to even to her, but his words were honest (to the most part), without malice and full of great sense, she could argue with none of them. She would miss the Rowan, he had provided sound advice on the few occasions she had met him without altercation, much would be lost with him and many lessons would go untaught. It seemed harsh that he might suffer for his judgment, but it was not her place to question or comment on the situation, that was the domain of his Queen.

She didn't feel any different following the gift from The Rowan, but she did remember some of his words "You decide when he's ready", she had thought him ready but now she realised he wasn’t, not even close. He once swore he’d do anything and everything to defend Faire from that which was unknown, from a thing that scared him beyond understanding but in the next breath he had openly said 3 times he didn't want the gift, he had refused to go and defend his own mother and said he was done with it all, he had u-turned on his own sworn oath and duty.... it made no sense to Edika.

If he would not defend his Queen then Edika would do it in his stead, if he would not stand and defend Faire then she would as long as she needed to. If he would not accept the gift, then she would hold it until a new Knight of Faire stepped up and proved their worth. Edika pulled up her horse and shouted that she would catch up, she waited until her companions were out of ear shot and turned to the nearest tree, drawing a knife from is scabbard and across her palm shallowly, she clenched her fist and spoke

"I can’t hear you, but I know you can hear me, I would ask you deliver a message to your queen on my behalf, though I will not know if you do or do not I can only hope you hear my words and assist me. Tell her she has my shield whenever she needs it, tell her I cannot give the gift to her son, nor stay his wife, he has turned his back upon her and refused 3 times to rise up and prove himself. Tell her I will keep searching but if need be I will stand before her and faire against the coming darkness that threatens it, this I swear with word and blood. I will travel to see her tomorrow if the 1st Paladin gives me leave to do so, failing this I will come at the earliest opportunity to seek her advice, should she deem it not necessary she need only say"

With those words Edika cast a fist full of blood drops at the foot of tree before her then continued on to catch up with her companions. She mused to herself…. This is going to be an interesting conversation with the 1st Paladin….
OOC - Karen (Kaz)

IC - Sister Edika, Initiate Paladin of The Order of Gideon Rosarius.
IC - Munin McKay

Nothing is impossible, it is only improbable.
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