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Telling tales

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:25 pm    Post subject: Telling tales Reply with quote

It was a day much like today, a little overcast, shadows in the darker places hinting at hidden dangers held at bay by the waning light of the sun.

The war had taken its toll upon my companions and indeed myself, a few too many sleepless night dulling the edges of our abilities, slowing is almost imperceptibly, that is why this day was so important. A day of rest to rejuvenate our tired bodies to lift the sword once more against the tide of deamonkind.

But my friends, history has a way of calling upon its champions, and god knows the true strength of the hero lies in finding that strength hidden within to defend the shards when hope is lost. And so were we called this day.

You all have heard of Mr Skinner, that day he took the measure of the wanderers as surely as he would take the measure of a cut of the finest silk and as he fashions the parts of a garment into a whole infinitely greater than the sum of its parts, so too did he fashion my companions and I into a stronger whole with a brighter future.

You see the Deamons had infiltrated the sad house, they had found the door hidden within a child's screams in the night and infected a part of faerie which could threaten everything. Had they been victorious a simple man like me would not be able to spin this tale today and the core of that which makes Faery a shining light to the world would have instead fallen to darkness.

At great risk to himself Skinner drew the champions to the Sad House but within he knew it was our virtue which would cleanse that place, he could not help he said, understating the incredible help he had given us to provide our chance.

In our struggle with the Deamons in the sad house each of the wanderers left some things behind, a shred of innocence and decency, an echo of their resolve, a tale whispered of their heroism and a reflection of their glory and purpose.

In their place we brought back other things; a shadow of darkness within our hearts and a memory of the terror almost unleashed upon the innocent.

Some heroes amongst us also brought back more, a mark of the huntsman bourn stoically as the price gladly given to save the innocent, you will know their names but more know them by their actions and the barest glimpse of terror that escapes their self control at the sound of the horn or howl.

Finally returned from that fateful place was the blade Beagalltach, the little fury, who lent her strength to the paladin Tavian Rosarius that he might slay the Deamons and save the world.

There is a part of this story though which is less well known, I know of it only because I was by the grace of God fortunate enough to be present.
When they returned from the Sad House, the paladin struck a bargain with Mr Skinner for an artifact no less than the fabled stitch in time. The very item which saved the Knight of Knight and Day, now the Dragon of Justice, the great and honourable Sir Ryain of Faery.

I know you wonder in your hearts what the paladin offered for such a boon, and I will tell you, these words he spoke; “Call if you have need of me; Ask what you will of me; My sword and service I pledge to thee in your time of need”

Now you may have heard the rumours that the Sad House is missing, that the doors are not to be found or traversed. To find this place would be an impossible task, fraught with peril and risk of life. But I have done the impossible time and time again.

My name is Tavian Rosarius. Now Brother Wanderer of Gideon. I led the ritual to move this world and save it from the Deamons. I offered my life and forsook paradise to remain for another purpose by the grace of almighty God and I will repay the favour I owe. I will hold to my oath, I hear the call in the silence of the freaks, I know what I must do, I will return Beagalltach to the Sad House and Skinners keeping for when she is needed next. The time of need is now and I swear by all the gods that as he gave me what I required for my time of need, now in his. That this will release the hunt to find me and may mean my dear makes no difference.

I will find a way. Or I will make one.
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Joined: 25 May 2017
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The crowd of people who had been listening roared their approval and I smiled, “spread my tale friends” I ask when they quiet a little “Let any who would help seek me out and any who would hinder put their affairs in order.”

Then I walked on, to find the next group to tell the tale.
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