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"Remorse of the spirit"

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PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2017 2:07 pm    Post subject: "Remorse of the spirit" Reply with quote

The Rain lashed down from on high, the sound of it patting upon the tiles of the roof was the only sound within the shine. The air was heavy with incense that rolled almost like a wave from the alter. Behind the alter in a place of veneration there was a a paneled wooden carving showing the stern visage of a man dressed in Grey robes. His eyes grey and filled with purpose.

Before the Alter knelt a man dressed in a simple white Kimono. His eyes were downcast towards the floor, almost unwilling to meet the gaze of the great portrait who looked down judgmentally upon him. Before the kneeling figure there was a short blade carved from what seemed the blackest stone

"I understand now" the voice was hushed at first "I now understand your sin"

With that the Figure stood and his Blue eyes meet those looming over him

"I bled for you upon battlefields in faraway Lands, I witnessed pain on a scale that it still haunts my soul...I have washed myself in so much blood"

Striding towards the alter and placing both metal hands upon it

"And for what ?...So you and your Brothers could corrupt everything this world stands for ?...Bring more suffering to a world already wracked with so much pain"

From the altar there is a cracking sound as the mechanical hands press down upon it.

"No" the shouted word reverberates around the room

Tears fall onto the floor mirroring the patter of the rain outside

"My name is Chōsokabe Zaizen, I am your son, I am your Heir, But I will not be your successor"

With this in one smooth movement Zaizen picks up one of the large and smoldering incense burners from where it lays upon the alter and throws it against the back wall. Charcoal and embers hiss as they come into contact with the floor and the hanging silk of the banners spread throughout the room. In moments fire leaps hungrily upon the dried wood of the inner shine.

Zaizen takes the knife from the floor and turns. He knows in his heart what has done is right. As the Fire consumes the image of the great enthroned figure behind him the man has already walked out into the early evening air. Standing on a mountain looking out over the bay of storms on the Island of Keshi Zaizen could almost feel as though the blood of so many acts commanded of him was being washed away by the deluge of Rain

"Goodbye father" the voice cracks with emotions
Lord chosokabe Zaizen
Daimyō of the chosokabe clan
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