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PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2017 6:11 pm    Post subject: Namahaga Thanks Reply with quote

So lets kick this off folks:

I know we thank the crew and players at the event but I'd like to say it again, our crew are amazing, you come along never truly knowing whats going to happen but you roll with the punches and give it all you have. I've really enjoyed this weekend, conversing with some of you on wildly different subjects was amazing and really helped me cermet what i wanted to do with Munin, cheers.

I should apologies to any of you I hit a tadge on the hard side, still getting used to way my staff swings and i know i didn't quite pull all my blows, promise ill have it sorted by weeklong Very Happy

As for my fellow players, it was great reconnecting with some of you after a year away and I really enjoyed introducing her to our newer players, you were both confusing and refreshing for her. Cheers for not getting annoyed when my OC Norse knowledge failed me IC and for baring with me when my brain (on numerous occasions) decided that I was Edika and I would answer something or say something I didn't know and have to retract it... perils of playing just one character for so long.

So... lets get that bad crap out the way:

*Kitchen vs OCD cleaning not a fan of this but thanks to people who started to wash cups in the morning before I made it to the kitchen to make breakfast. It meant I didn't have to clean up before I could start eating. I know I was sort of a pain in the arse and on occasion I suspect I was a little OTT (especially when I screamed out the door for people to bring the damn cups back so I could have a brew) but it's not really something I can control all that well. Thanks again for those who realised and tried to help me.

Nope.. that was it, time for the good stuff (in no particular order I'm afraid, I'll list them as my brain recalls them):

*Bursting in on a torture session and being outraged that my fellow Wonderers would hold such disregard for life (even though her was a thief). Stated that I was not leaving until they discontinued this course of action, only to have Jacques hold a scalpel to the poor fellow (Olly) whilst Hope said the following "Tell her we are all friends and that you're perfectly fine!" or words to that effect...... Uh yeah cos that was so convincing.....then Carson shot him in the knee!!!!

*Healing Carson (again), picked out diamond slivers from his wounds (yes I said diamonds), took him inside and tried to wake him up with customary shake and gentle face slap, he did not wake up. Decided I'd try a different approach by uttering the following words "Carson, I've got your diamonds, if you don’t wake up I'm taking them" never have I seen a man wake up so fast and with such vigor, all to hold such tiny sparkly slivers.

*Me..."Whats the screaming outside and does anyone need my help?"
Person in the room...." oh that just Hope, shes doing some kind of nerve transplant, thing, I'm not sure"
Me “on a conscious person?”
Person in room “yeah, apparently Saris agreed to it.”
Me, looks out window to see almost every medic present... "I'm going to pretend I can't hear this".... goes back to divination.

*Being personally defended by Adale when Sasori was being disrespectful, super surprised but super funny moment, had to restrain my self from doing the whole tongue and scrunchy face thing behind Adale at Sasori like some little child. Still slightly confused as to how and when he adopted me into what ever fold I'm now in, but am totally ok with this.

*Walking in on the Forest - Jacques spirit swap accident/ looking at forests insides experiment and having to assist in making it right because they were in the wrong bodies.

*Subsequently watching Jacque's face as he realised his body had be purged of all alcohol and he was now SOBER, followed by him drinking anything alcoholic for the next 5 minutes.

*Having the worlds politest and probably quietest argument with Badger San (sorry dude, I'm rubbish with names) about his lord and difference we had regarding said lord's intelligence. I don’t think either of us wanted to attract attention but I'm pretty sure we were both wanting to speak a little louder to emphasis our side of the debate.

*Talking religion with a Teutonic knight (cheers Tony), it was actually quite interesting to get him to explain the difference between a Heretic and an Abomination, as well as the view points of East and West Salem. Just need to make sure I don't channel Edi for those conversations but I'd love to do it again. I sware I almost got you to admit the AEsir was Gods in their own right.

*Abbot; found it mildly amusing as I overheard your explanation to Elainer as to why and how you got here. I give you points for evasiveness and cunning.

*Complaining loudly with Sigvard, Jacque and Katlin that there was no Rum and no Mead and that the Thunders was clearly a poor place to be because of it. Not sure if he felt insulted or just wanted to shut us up but Sasori passed me some rather potent Sake and proceeded to laugh for the next 5 minutes whilst I walked around in happy drunken stuper.

*Carson and Hussein... lads I'm going to have to start charging you a fee for stitching, at last count I stitched Carson up 4 times and Hussein up 3 times. I did however enjoy screaming on more than one occasion whilst standing over you both "Get away from my patients" as I swung my mighty staff as one or more crew memebers.

*Speaking of my mighty staff, I was though-rally amused when Cassandra decided that my staff needed a name and proceeded to reel off several options. In the end the staff was named 'Qwaf the Raven'

*Nearly cried when either Grum or Jeff, I can't recall which, shattered poor Qwaf. I had to keep mentally saying the words "Fenrisian's don't cry" whilst out worldly mourning the loss of my precious heirloom. Thankfully our hosting monks were skilled in repairs and did an all-nighter to bring little Qwaf back from the brink.

*Realising too late that my instructions in one of the puzzles would mean poor Mia would have to be beaten to death for us to succeed and that decision being compounded further by having to watch her dying just out of reach. Thankfully we and by we I mean every healer present made it just in time to save her with a little outside help from "a friend". Soz Mia; it was genuinely gut wrenching to have that realisation dawn on me and not be able to change it in any way, and to arrived at that situation because I'd missed a tiny detail in the puzzle.

*Drinking Adale's special raspberry brew, yummy.

*Thanks to both Sam and Dave for rescuing me when my back spasmed and it left me stuck half way to standing up, that was quite a scary moment for me and I don't think I could have first aided my self as my brain was freaking out. I'm sorry you had to come out of character but I really am grateful for it.

*Thanks to Amy and Sam for feeding me lunch when I had a 'read the ingredients fail' on my soup meaning I nearly poisoned myself because I missed that my soup had peppers in it.

*Sigvard, dude... stop trying to get the Odin’s halls man, I have enough problems keeping Carson and Hussein on their feet, without you testing my skills too. lol

*Being involved in teaching Lady Ukiko how to swear, perhaps we should have started with how to say hi though.

*The Rights of the Departed ceremony was really nice and I took the plunge to make it my first official moment to record an instance in the life of the Wonderers. I'll try to have the record of the moment ready for weeklong, no promises though.

There are no doubt many more memorable moments but my brain wont release them presently. All in all it was a great event and I hope I made it as fun for you all as you made it for me, thank you.
OOC - Karen (Kaz)

IC - Sister Edika, Initiate Paladin of The Order of Gideon Rosarius.
IC - Munin McKay

Nothing is impossible, it is only improbable.
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michael barley

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PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2017 11:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Michael Barley is feeling blessed.
2 hrs ·

Wow so I had an awesome time at ascendency. It was an amazing game. So I guess I shall do a hots and nots report.
Huge thank you to the crew and refs who were amazing, supportive and for taking all the arrows and blows from us you are all epic and appreciate all your work for all the class plot.
So I hate the negative vibes at times so start on nots.
-Mr ragey quit. Ok I have been known to walk off a combat after a bad moment and my anger is blown out of proportion wanting to do real physical harm. But to just walk off and not tell your mates through text or note your ok and you can't continue the game. That's just wrong. Not turning up after to even pick up kit and all that's just dumb. But out of it the silver lining of just how good natured Justin is and how much he supports his fellow players made me feel a lot more pride in my friendship with a true gentleman.
-People just grabbing and using stuff without asking was a bit harsh and the feeling really bad about a friend being unhappy with stuff in the oc area and me for not wearing a shirt.
- Realising my character is now causing a negative reaction in game by asking questions and doing a lot of the whole commander Data naievity. it had got too far and i'm sorry for causing so much irritation to my fellow players.
All the good bits
-Beating the puzzle and saving the world again. Some awesome shots during combat and having the best healing group in any system I've even been to.
-The ref team are always supportive, they always make me feel like anything is possible and make the game even more fun. Having epic encounters and the way the system lends itself more to hard skill fighting where you can use weapons that you have learnt to use ooc and play with it ic when needed. Specially in thunders with the type of weapons.
- The deal with hope and experimental surgery, Looking in her soul and letting her look in his body leading to the awesome moment of Jacques and Shinmoruin landed up in each others bodies and trying to do Jacques justice, I don't think it was good enough but I tried my best on the fly. Being operated on felt so funny and cool for the character but had ramifications he never expected to know how his body was only kept alive by the spirit of the forest.
-The 'torture' scene. So for the only time I could keep a straight face as a nature being threatened a thief by growing a root vine through his arse and out his mouth and then eating him. Followed by shrieking boss telling us off for getting things that had been stolen back ;-P then a shot rings out through the leg that was brilliant.
-the lonliness for the character after the white tigers death and feeling like nothing would ever be good or happy again. But looking at all the close friendships left him feeling alone for the first time. Then the fear of watching things going wrong.
-The fight for the wards was excellent thank you monsters for being such great sports with the arrows.
- Chatting with people about what friendship was and how it was formed.
-Arguing with tunukesan and the impending argument with all the commit hari kari and seppuku comments and shinmoruin constantly growing tired of reminding people he is a nature spirit and the whole samurai concept is foreign to him but he'll pay it lip service if it will help him gain what he wants, he is the predator.
-Healing other members of the party who needed it, some people will seem surprised when I heal them but shinmoruin although he is a hunter also knows he does need others to get what he wants to achieve.
- The controversial causing Sasori to be put in his place when it came to doing a deal with the golden vampire on the weeklong last year. good stuff.
-Sam's character explaining how friendship works and the whole being ejected from a monastery was awesome.
So many awesome people ,so many awesome moments and so much of an awesome time. But never again shall I consume Kung-BLOODY-po stuffs hotter than a chilli in the bum.
Cannot wait to see you all again, will be in the later year now but I will be back and will have a second character
IC: Shinmoriuin/ Forest of the thunders.

OOC: Michael Barley
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

o this is a little delayed but taken a bit to find the time and also to process everything from the weekend - but here is my post Namahage....um....post.

Firstly - of course a big thanks to all the crew, not just for all the things you normally do but also for helping facilitate The Free Company to find our feet. Without you guys our hobby would be incredibly dull and mostly just drinking - you make it, so thank you!
Also an extra mention to Tony Harris - was great to have you back in the system, we have missed you! Thoroughly enjoyed your Salamite - definitely thought you were going to end up leading the slaughter of some helpless Monks!

I dont think there were any negatives about the event. The closest that anything came to not being awesome is an affect of the site in that there is just the one location for a fire and due to space restrictions we ended up having to set up our IC camp slap bang in the middle of another player group, which cant have been much fun for those trying to sleep on Saturday night. So thank you to the Thunders' crew for putting up with us on your doorstep. This was my first trip back to Huntley in 3 years; it is great to see the sight developing - glad to see the crew have a slightly less insect infected camp and that the trench of death has gone!

This really was the most fun I have had at an event for years. It being a week on, and in my increasing old age I will have undoubtedly forgotten some specifics but here are a few snippets of the best bits.

Meat - So much meat! The whole fire cooking for the weekend was a great source of pleasure for me. I know it isnt actually a big nor challenging deal, and that millions of people around the world do that every day of their lives but having the chance to do it exclusively at an event really added something to it for me.

The Free Company - I love you guys. Considering this is only our third event as a group I think the whole concept is developing really nicely and we are already having a ridiculous amount of fun. I didn't think we would get away with anywhere near as much shooting of other players as we did - thank you to Gareth Weaving for taking my close range rifle round in the way it was intended; drama over death is my motto Very Happy
The vast majority of things we got up to arent for public consumption but you know what they are and I cant wait to keep getting better and better as a group. We may need to start keeping a tally of encounters we arrive at way before the rest of the wanderers - maybe charge them a bit of a fee for making the place secure before they arrive...

Developing Huss' as a character. Those of you that have known me a while will probably realise that pretty much all my previous playing experience in LRP has been as Sir Ryain who is basically just Pete with weapons. This was inevitable when you play your original character for as long as I have and while I have enjoyed my many years as him I dont think i have ever really seen it as roleplaying - this has all changed! I know it will take me some time to really get my new character bedded in, find his "voice", work out a proper world view etc but even just three events in I am just constantly enjoying every moment of discovering who this chap really is. SR will of course be around still but I can't lie, it is going to be a less and less common occurrence I think - The Free Company really has rejuvenated my love of lrp.

There were some very different feeling encounters at this event which was a really nice change. I really enjoyed the Turn based "chess" style encounter, it took a bit of time to get used to and I wish I had more chances to have a go (we were a bit busy threatening the rest of the player base) but was a cool idea which I would happily have another crack at.
Likewise the rotating bubbles with monsters spawning in them thingy - just a really cool idea. Nice to have a mix of thinking stuff woven into what was essentially a combat encounter. Especially now my combat style as a rifleman is so dramatically different to that of Ryain, being able to stand back a little and see what is going on and apply actual thought to it was really good fun.

I know we are only a short way into the new Story Arc but the feel of this story is already resonating with me. Whether it is a conscious thing by the Ref team or just a result of the form of the current player base and groups within but everything has a much more personal feel about it - things happening at a "Human" level. Maybe it is just because of the comparison to the world changing end of the last story but I really am enjoying a more basic challenge and think it is encouraging a bit more interaction away from the main plot between different areas of the player base.

+++ My rifle. I freaking love this thing. At one of my first Shards events I heard about these rifles one could beat people with and ever since then I have wanted one - it has not disappointed! Apologies to anyone who may have caught a firm whack with it - it is an interestingly weighted weapon and is it taking a bit of time to iron out my combat creases with it!

I''ll be crewing the next event so will see you all on the other side but weeklong will definitely be a playing event with plenty of Rifling and a smattering of Paladins too - can.not.wait.
IC. First Paladin Sir Ryain, Knight of Faerie.
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