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IC Info
The event is set in The Mount Toku monastery an offshoot of the Mount Tajima monastery (On the Thunders map its a few miles north of the red portal marked Disputed Portal in the foothills of the mountains). This is a small Monastery of the Srenkara faith recently set up to keep peace in the neutral ground near the disputed portal ( i.e. this is in Sanctuary lands if your from Sanctuary or in Shogunate lands if your from the Shogunate)

You have been asked by the incredible Wang to help at Mount Toku since an item has appeared that pre-dates the 5 Emperors and may cause big trouble.

Characters from the Thunders may have additional reasons to be present, these will be advised on the day

Event OOC info - please read even if you read similar before

About the site.
The site we using is called Wyld Wood which in itself is part of a much bigger multi-purpose site called Huntley Wood. Wyld Wood is the only part of the site we will use.

Please see the Huntley Website (huntleywood.uk/visitor-information) includes a variety of site information, from how to get there & how to get in through the gates to important site rules and so on. Please read carefully, Huntley ask EVERYONE who will be attending a event to give it a read.

Gate Code:
The Gate will have been sent to you by email

You can arrive on site at any time from 4 pm onwards on Friday 26th May

Its is important when you arrive that you find myself or another ref so we can direct you to where ideally we would like you to camp.

A brief note on camping
This is full camping event, please bring your own food, cooking equipment (see facilities note on cooking equipment), tentage, sleeping bag, mugs etc.
Camping is between trees, good large flat area may be difficult to find so smaller sized tents are better.
Once unloaded cars should be moved to the gravel car park you pass just after the gate.

Pre-event briefing
The pre-event briefing will be at approximately 8.00pm, with time in called soon after. Note recently traffic problems on M6,M1,M40,M5, have delayed many people please allow a bit of extra time if you can
Please make sure you attend the pre-event briefing, otherwise we will have to brief you individually.

if you arrive after time in please try to avoid disturbing players that may be in character, also if expect to arrive late please let us know if possible.

Safety & Code of Conduct
These are available from our website, please read them.

Site Facilities
The site has a toilet cabin, hot and cold running water, washing and shower facilities

Standpipes are dotted around the whole site for clean drinking water.

One of the Pine cabins has a fully-equipped kitchen including one cooker, microwave, some fridge and freezer space, and a wide range of pots, pans and utensils.

Mobile phone reception is OK should for any reason you need to contact the real world.

Extra notes on use of the Kitchen please read and do you best to help Not everyone can use this area simultaneously their is only one hob, one oven, one frying pan etc so it would be helpful to spread the load if you bring your own cooking gear, crockery as well and prepare food at your tents. So do not hog the oven, microwave etc. with any major cooking projects. Important This event is at full capacity so access to use the kitchen will be more limited than usual

Please ensure anything you use from the kitchen is returned, washed and put away as soon as used, every t-spoon, mug has to be counted and signed for and is then re-counted at the end of the event and checked off.

The Kitchen will be an out of character area - please keep the door between the kitchen and in character cabin area closed

Rubbish Disposal
Unfortunately the site has had to abandon their attempts to recycle as it simply was not practical to get guests to separate their rubbish. Consequently all rubbish should be bagged up in black bin liners (good quality bin liners will be available on site for your use), securely tied, and placed in the trailer provided at the end of your event.

Time out is expected to be around 1 to 2pm on Monday 29th of May

Everybody should aim to be off site by 4.00pm
OOC Richard Hunt - Ref
IC Izzanbard Devlin, The Incredible Wang to name a few
email richardh@ascendancylrp.co.uk
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