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The Seven Tenets of Bushido

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Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki drew his twin blades from his new back scabbards, a gift from his lord Sasori. He assumed the niten ryu stance leveling his katana outstretched and holding his wakisashi at his waist. As he prepared to go through the kata his father invented, he cleared his mind of everything else.

Kage performed the seven strikes and silently recited the seven tenets of bushido.

"Courtesy" his katana flew up from below. "A samurai must treat his equals with courtesy and rise above petty insults. He treats those he meets with the respect that they deserve."

"Compassion" his wakisashi swung around in a defensive curve. "A samurai treats those less well off on the celestial ladder with compassion. He understands the heimin rely upon him as their protector and master. An even hand is needed to rule."

"Courage" he lifted his blades above him and swung down. "A samurai must be courageous and not ruled by fear. He faces his enemies and does not flee."

"Sincerity" He spinned around slicing with both blades. "A samurai must be sincere and does not make false promises. Thought and deed must be one. A samurai will not promise what he cannot do. We take our oaths seriously."

"Honesty (and Justice)" His katana thrust fowards in a stabbing motion. "A samurai must be honest to and seek justice by the written law as dictated by the celestial order and our lord. We do not dabble in lies."

"Honour" His blades crossed. "A samurai must act with honour and decorum in whatever he does. A samurai does not act foolish and does not dishonour his family name or his lord with his actions or words."

"Loyalty" His blades swung outward and then returned to their saya. "A samurai does his duty and is loyal to his lord until the end. His loyalty cannot be bought or swayed. A samurai must place his service to his lord above everything else."

The Tanuki exhaled as he finished his kata. His mind and body were sharpened and ready to serve his lord once more. This time he would go to the land of Faerie, he was more than ready to meet whatever challenges awaited him.
OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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