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Thunderese sunder

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:36 am    Post subject: Thunderese sunder Reply with quote

*Its a quiet day around gunpowder town, forest is seen leaving the court, going back to the palace he calls a disaster, he speaks to his retainers and priests and is seen to leave, soon followed after by the priests and others of the house.*

*Five days later he arrives in the forest and immediately returns to his forest form for an hour leaving the body he uses next to the hot spring, within the forest a samurai and his retainers who belong to Sesori is in the middle of the woods, they fell a tree and immediately an air of tension takes over. The roots spring into life and grab the samurai. He is tied up and his swords removed. The others are blocked by walls of vines and bamboo. The samurai shouts out for aid. But is pushed into the river and kept under the water. He is left under the water under the tree roots. The others are left waiting terrified by all of the forest around them. A person approaches.
"I am shinmoruin and I am the forest. You will leave and warn others I will not accept Sasori samurai in this forest, the monks may enter, Usagui may still enter. But until further notice I will not accept the samurai of Sasori in this forest. If any do come they will not be coming out with their swords. Let all people all lands know this!" The forest makes a path for these men to run through they drop their weapons running as hard as they can. Shinmoruin takes up the sword. He then decides on a course of action.*
IC: Shinmoriuin/ Forest of the thunders.

OOC: Michael Barley
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