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High Sea with the High Clans

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The Water lapped up against the dark wooden hull of the ship as she cut her way through the boundless ocean. The crew clambered over the rigging above, they kept their eyes on their duties after-all even though the world had changed the color of silver remained much the same.

Sasori Knelt on the command Deck his eyes closed his face utterly impassive. The ship and crew had been an expense but then he was not going to allow himself nor his court to be the hostages to the whims of any confederate Dog. After-all any nation who could not even defend its own capital city was hardly worth his respect

"Captain" the voice cut the science like a knife "How long until we make port in white water"

Turning from wheel of the ship the captain whos name Lord Sasori has not bothered to commit to memory swallowed "Within the Week my Lord".

"Good" the eyes still closed the face impassive. "I would see that you are correct on the duration of the journey ..I have business that require my attention"

The Captain sweeps into a rather awkward bow before marching down onto the main deck to motivate the men to put on more sails. Though never mentioned the old man knew his continued happiness ....and existence relied upon making his guess a certainty
Lord chosokabe Zaizen
Daimyō of the chosokabe clan
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