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A Marines thoughts

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:56 am    Post subject: A Marines thoughts Reply with quote

Looking at the sun setting on the horizon, Sharpe thoughts went to everything that had happened that week. How many people had give themself to save so many people. Lady Aggy trying to save the wanderers from daemons with orric shields, Trisin being taken by the hallows, and giving the wanderers that extra second to save themselves. Nightjar giving her life to make sure the long walk was made. Three people who he knew, who he had fought in battle with had gone. This sadden him as these people where so apart of the wanderers, there voices never to be heard again, there advise never to be taken.

Sharpe's thoughts then went to the brotherhood souls they had lost. Will Scarlett being a thought which pain him as now he had lost both now Strathmore and Will, his mentor and his best friend, a wound that would never properly heal.

Sharpe looked around the area seeing people still being treated for there injuries, his stern face turning to a smile. Sharpe looked at Miranda knowing that a talk with her about the brotherhood would come as soon as she was well enough. He then saw Wren, someone only Sharpe had meet that week but had formed a strong bond with. With that thought he looked at his little finger which was now lost in the neaver, and that Wren had grown back for him. He saw then Dr Sully who was tending to the wounded, someone who had kept him alive that week. A cheeky thought now crept into his mind that he may recruit him as his personal doctor, thinking this might be a good idea for all the injuries he get on a daily basis.

Sharpe then steeled himself, knowing that trying times were ahead. Sharpe knew that this was now a new start for this world and that he could now start to focus on the thing he promised Eva Mendachili, to take back his home, Port Rebel.
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