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Shang paced quietly through the darkened building, briefly visiting on those who still suffered. Occasionally she gave a brief nod, or even a touch of a hand, before moving to the next. She made sure the Paladins were in a mostly stable condition before stopping at Caffrey, sighing as he insisted he had a temperature to try and keep her cool hand on his forehead longer than required.

With a final pat to Wren's head as she worked, she let them be and wandered out the door. The day was turning to evening, and she felt tired. Drained in fact, and the stink of healing was only being kept at bay by refusing to draw in a breath. It made it annoying if one wished to converse.

Her nails clicked along the edge of her fan as she headed back to what remained of her camp, the poor structure leaning precariously after a close encounter with the Brotherhood, and she set it straight enough to be able to duck inside out of the last rays of the afternoon sun. Although splinters of wood and torn fabric still littered the ground, most of her possessions she kept were piled neatly upon a table, dust and sand free.

Shang allowed herself a flicker of a smile at that. Her household had done wonderfully out in the field, and even now made sure she was as comfortable as could be. She needed to do something special for them, and made a mental note as she picked up a worn book to flick through its pages.

Waiting for water to boil for tea, as she knew visitors would soon flock to the sound of someone setting out tea cups, she spied a note she had written to herself many, many years ago, and gave a sigh of relief.

Her last act as the sound of the kettle's whistle began, was to begin to wind a small ball of string to hang in her camp in remembrance. She thought she would find that amusing, wherever she was now.
Lady Shang Von Tassenick, Council of 13
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