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What Now?

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:46 pm    Post subject: What Now? Reply with quote

Edika woke up, not to find the clear blue sky and bright sun she recalled but the ceiling of an unknown building covered in the shadows of the night. She could hear soft breathing occasionally cut by groans of pain, a gentle look around revealed it was the wonders. She slowly and quietly got out of bed, as exhausted as she was she felt compelled to see them, to look at each and every one of their faces. She had to know who in her family was still alive.

There was just enough light from the dying candles and the moon to see their sleeping or unconscious faces. Edika shuffled slowly around the room, with every step came a new thought, like waves in a storm crashing on the docks they just kept coming. They came in a jumbled mess, if it weren't for the bed rail within reach Edi would have found herself on the floor.

Why did he bring an army?
Why did Aggy open another portal, she must have known it was suicide?
Why didn't anyone go back for ratkin man, didn't he deserve help as much as her?
When would Raiya wake up?
How could she have been so blind, the evidence was there in front of her face the whole time, how had she not seen it?
When would she remember all that had be lost?
did she go to far when she flashed anger at Meranda..maybe she should apologise?
Was Tristan dead, if so was he happy and would he ever come back, after all wasn't life an ever turning circle?
Was horror Saris right?
Should'nt she be angry with Tsren, he did after all admit to murdering her sisters, all be it some 250 years ago but they were still part of her order?
What answer would she give Tarin?
Which book should she read first from the monastery?
Where was Daniel Carver, she might not like him but he was still important?
Injured Hydra, what was that all about?

Edika needed air so she shuffled to the window, it was indeed night time and as she stared out the window at the stars she recalled Nightjars last sacrifice, she had saved them all and there was no way to repay such a gift. Tears streamed down Edi's face and she thanked her now dead friend... No, Nightjar wasn't just her friend she was her sister, she and all the others were the family Edika had chosen and now they were safe... Or as safe as could be.

Sleep was calling again so Edika returned to her bed, she could close her eyes and dream again now she knew her family was as complete as it could be after all that had occurred.

The last unanswered question fluttered into her mind as she surrender to her exhaustion.... what now?.....
OOC - Karen (Kaz)

IC - Initiate Paladin Edika, The Order of Gideon Rosarius.
IC - Munin McKay

Nothing is impossible, it is only improbable.
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