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PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:33 am    Post subject: Triage Reply with quote

Epherus sat up in bed. His head hurt. His legs hurt worse, and they seemed to be damaged. The room was dark, but from it emanated moans and groans of excruciating pain, probably coming from his wanderer friends, by whose side he had fought and served. He could not properly put his thoughts in order, the events of the last few hours had made sure of that. But he felt content. He had helped to save the world, no longer would he be a disappointment to anyone. He felt, for the possible first time since he had left his home in Archipelago, proud of himself. Then his eyes slid shut and he drifted back to sleep again, a smile formed on his face amongst the burn scars and dirt.
IC: Baros Blatter-Fist, Ironskin Demonslayer, Superb Ass of Keshi
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Epherus Ignis-Lucem the Alchemist, blower-upper of demons and other people's legs.

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