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The Heist

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:15 pm    Post subject: The Heist Reply with quote

They had chosen their target carefully, they had watched and waited, they had to be sure that the timing was perfect. Too soon and their efforts would amount to nothing, to late and their target would be lost to them forever.á

It had been hours now and the plan had been played out and memorized by all. They would have only one chance before the targets bodyguard caught on and took defensive action. If they succeeded they would go down in history, they would legend among their people. Perhaps bards would sing takes of their bravery and cunning, they would be immortalized forever in song and verse.á

The moment was upon them, the time had come. Each pixie took up their assigned position. They had measured the distance to the target, calculated tegetery, and had their nets ready to scoop up the target without stopping. They were banking that their speed was greater than the reaction time of the body guard.á

Palin raised her arm, the pixes readied to pounce, the body guard turned away from the target and Palin dropped her arm. As one the Pixies lept forward towards the target. It wasnt enough, they had been spottedá it was too late to abort, if they could just get close enough they might pull it off.á

The brownie moved with surprising speed for one so old. She had known the pixies had been watching her for hours. She had let them make their little plan while she had baked her cake. She had chucked to herself when they had been "sneakily" measuring the distance to her cooling rack. She had moved it ever so slightly when she put the cake on it to cool.á

As the pixies had jumped off the ledge the brownie had grabbed her cast iron skillet and proceeded to thrust it between the charging pixies and her cake.

"Nice try ya wee pests, you'll have to do better than that to get ahold of my cake"

5 dull thuds let her know she had won this round. A quick look let her know the wee ones were mostly unharmed and all still very much alive. She whistled to herself as she left them knocked out on the counter top. She took the cake to the dining hall, if they wanted cake they would have to get it at tea time, like everybody else.

The pixies would have to regroup and think up a new plan for the next cake abduction mission,á right after they woke upů.
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