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What was wrong with walking?

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:38 am    Post subject: What was wrong with walking? Reply with quote

Boats! Why did people always want to travel on boats? What was wrong with walking to ones destination? Sure it took longer but it was by far a prettier journey and didnt involve being on a floating box that was simply held afloat by a difference in water tension, a bit of math and some careful packing.

Nadiya paced her small cabin, 12 steps from end to end, back and forth over and over. She had finished the work she had come to do and was now on her way home once more. The trip home had pushed her to her limits and beyond. She hated boats and had resorted to distracting herself with tricks and pranks. Bixbee had been all too happy to join her in her pandemonium and they had blazed a trail from one end of the ship to another. The captain had finally out a stop to their antics and confined them both to the cabin for the remainder of the trip. Had he understood just how bad an idea that was he most likely would no have done it, but having ones hair dyed bright green tends to cloud ones judgment.

Confined to a small space with nothing to distract her had left Nadiya with nothing to do but think about the ocean beneath her feet. Her pacing had not helped the slow rising panic within her chest. The confinement had done little to help Bixbee for entirely different reasons. The small demi-Fey was now confined in a room with a panic stricken naturkin and even he could do little to resist the pull of that sweet elixir.

Bixbee floated down from his stop in the rafters. His skin gave off an ethereal glow and he looked less like an adorable pixie and more like a China doll from a horror story. How little he resembled his usual self, but he was hungry and she was all he could find for now. There was magic in emotion and substance in magic, a substance that could be consumed and fed upon. He fluttered closer to Nadiya a wicked smile carved upon his face. Just a taste that's all he wanted, all he needed.

A flash of something metal was all the warming Bixbee got before something bad made a solid connection with his face. The blow snapped him.out of his state and the demi-Fey tasted blood. He whipped around to face his attacked only to see a small Pixie dressed in armour looking down at him.

"Try that again Bixbee and I'll put more than my boot in your face!"

Bixbee hissed at the pixie.

"Dont you hiss at me you overgrown dandelion! You got her into this mess, you encouraged her and now your stuck in here with her and all you can think of is turning her into a quick snack! You should have known better, you should have restrained yourself and taught her restraint."

The pixie fixed Bixbee with an angry glare and folded her arms. She almost willed Bixbee to try something. Bixbees eyes slid from the angry pixie to an oblivious Nadiya. The child was still pacing back and forth unaware of what was occurring in the room. Bixbees teeth snapped together and took his chance to feed. He shot towards Nadiya as she passed them by. Belladonna cursed and intercepted him, he was bigger but she was faster. They continued this too and fro, Bixbee trying to reach his snack and Belladonna knocking him away. They continued breaking things and causing a ruckus until the cabin door was opened with enough force to break a hinge.
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