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Tales of the Usagi

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PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2016 8:24 pm    Post subject: Tales of the Usagi Reply with quote

There is chaos at first, a thousand and more spirits rushing back towards what once had forced them out, now gone they return in number to reclaim what is theirs and rebuild what had been broken.

what was once a flood turns into a steady stream of activity, only a few of the wanderers capable of seeing it, but all capable of feeling it. This place may never be the same again, but perhaps it might once again grow and become something....greater.

Usagi rests on the nearby hill before him a few of the spirits gather slowly, then more....and more for something is kin between them and him, yet he is different from them and they from him, a curious thing and such creatures do love their riddles and so they gather.
The Chimes sound again and again in the wind.

"Oh dear spirits, there is not much I can do for you, I have no more presents to give and my tasks here are complete."
The ears of the gathered droop in unison.
"Hmm, but perhaps a story before I go?"
This certainly cheered them up and even the sound of the chimes became still.

"Well let us begin"
"Once a long time ago There were two powerful creatures that had caused a grand insult to a brother of mine, one a great and mighty horse who has matched even the largest of the oni, the other was one of the twelve tigers famed to be the physically strongest among them, These two had called my brother rabbit weak and unworthy of their time when all he had desired was the chance to speak to these two heroes of legend.
Such an insult had not sat well indeed with my brother, so he returned to the great tiger and said, you think me weak? yet I am stronger than you know, I challenge you to a game a strength, a contest of tug of war! Well the tiger said, my comrades would never stop laughing at me if I refused such a challenge, fetch the rope.
And so the rabbit left and found the longest strongest rope he could, he returned and through one end to the tiger, saying tie this to yourself tiger and I shall do the same, we shall begin when I shout pull. The rabbit then taking his end ran out the gates and through the bushes and beyond until he found horse, to him the rabbit approached and said, horse you have given me much insult today and this will not stand, I challenge you to this game of strength to prove that I am indeed far stronger than you think.
The horse snorted and followed with a burst of laughter, barely able to contain himself, with a great grin, very well rabbit I shall put you in your place, give me the rope, and so the rabbit having given the rope to horse told him that he would go tie the other end to himself, and when he shouted pull they would begin. with rabbit disappearing back into the bushes the horse prepared himself and when he heard the words pull, with a smile he began but was shocked when the rope would not give, try and try and trying as hard as he could, digging his hooves into the ground, the rope would not move an inch.
Meanwhile the tiger was horrified, how could such a rabbit be so strong? always he had won easily in such games yet here he was being tested tooth and nail and no matter how hard he pulled, the rope would not budge, worse still the tiger feared losing ground, so with all his reserves of strength his teeth gritted he pulled the rope with all the strength he could muster and with a ear splitting SNAP the rope broke sending both horse and tiger flying, the horse tumbling down a hill with a thorny bush to stop him and the tiger flying straight through a nearby wall and out the other end.
without word or gloat my brother Usagi left the two dazed and confused.

And so to this day, both tiger and horse have been both carefully courteous and polite to the rabbit wherever he went for they do not understand the strength that he has".
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The journey was long, and still far from over, there was still so much to do, so many to speak to, so much still to deal with, but for this one it was time to return to his dear library and find a moment of peace amongst the books, tomes ancient and new as far as his eyes could see.

Just as he moved to place a particulary interesting novel he had been reading, the peace was disrupted by one who knows how to do it so well.
A child by all means, another young usagi out for his first trip amongst the shard of thunder. One that dear Shimamoto had forgotten he owed a story to before he left, the younger Usagi thumped his foot angrily and gave Shimamoto a glare that startled away even the silence.
With a sigh to the mute Usagi, still to find their voice, Shimamoto pulled out another book from the shelf and much to the childs glee, placed it upon the table he blew off a cloud of dust from the book and opened it to a random page.

The pot of wisdom.

In a time, distant though it is, there was a most talented Kumo, different to many of his kin this kumo had no interest in weaving, webs or dances but had a true hearts desire for collecting things and what he desired to collect above all else was wisdom, so talented was this kumo at collecting he found wisdom in places even he could not possibly be and placed it into his clay pot he carried with him wherever he went.
The Kumo travelled everywhere, across the whole world, into hidden places, forgotten places and places where he could not be yet he was, for that was one of his many talents.
The Kumo met many people, and from each of them he took wisdom and placed it into his clay pot, the kumo spoke with beings that could not speak and from them took more wisdom for his clay pot, from the roots of the mountains to the clouds cave , the talented Kumo always found more wisdom to collect for his pot.
The kumo traveled forwards and backwards, often sideways as well, there was much to find for the pot, and much he did for so talented at collecting was this kumo that he found it all, and with all the wisdom in his clay pot the kumo sought out to find a place to put it, this was not one of his talents so the kumo decided that the best place to put his clay pot that contained all wisdom was atop the tallest tree.
With a good heft, the clay pot on his back the kumo began to climb to tallest tree but little did he know there was another climbing the tree, a lost young usagi looking for his way home, on opposite sides neither knew of the others presence and when they suddenly met at the top they scared each other, the young usagi nearly fell off of the tree but the kumo managed to grab him just in time before he fell and saved him but as he did this he dropped his precious clay pot that contained all wisdom and from the top of the tallest tree it fell and struck the ground with an almighty force, shattering the pot completely and spreading its contents all over the world, seeing this the young usagi tearfully cried 'I'm so sorry', but the kumo was not sad, "don't worry young usagi, it is more important that you are safe", replied the kumo, "anyways I think this will be more fun, now I can see from up here if anyone can collect close to what I collected in that pot, yes I think this will be most fun, indeed", with a fond farewell the talented kumo spun the usagi a web to climb down from the tree but did not climb down himself, to this day the talented kumo watches the worlds from utop the tallest tree, seeing if people can collect all the wisdom he collected.

Some would say this is where libraries come from, this place included.

with a slow purposeful movement the book was closed.
My debt is settled, and I think its well past time you went to bed...
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


The festival had been quite a splendid affair, apparently this village had been trying to out do its neighbours for years on having the most extravagant displays and despite all the changes that have shaken the very world itself they had persevered to create something truly stunning.
Fires blazed and lanterns we set to fly into the starry night, the smells of a dozen and more different types of food grilling gently filled the area with a delicious aroma and distantly music could be heard from the travelling parade as all celebrated and gave thanks for the coming of spring.
It's not often Usagi tells his tales publicly but this night several of the young and curious had sought him out and with traditional offerings of sake and mochi had plied his agreement for one story, with the night still young and the moon high above them all, an old tale was told....

There once was a queen in faerie who was dark and cruel, her name was Su'e and within her kingdom her word instilled nothing but dread and fear, none dared question their shadowed ruler. For many years Su'e had ruled her land seperate from all the other courts of the fey, none were allowed to enter and those trapped within were left to suffer. Often when bored and requiring entertainment Su'e would send her soldiers out into the lands to kidnap children to bring back to her court to either dance or sing for the queens amusement, when the novelty of these prisoners faded they would be cast outside in the cold of night with neither food nor water at the mercy of the perilous land their queen had created, sometimes she even hunted them as they fled, few of these children ever returned home and those that did were forever scarred by the ordeals they had faced.

Far away the Jade Rabbit watched and grew angry at this queen for her cruelties and indiscretions until she could abide no longer and so using the moongate she travelled to Su'e's court to deal with the vile being.

Upon arriving the queens bodyguard and champion proved no match for the Jade Rabbits anger, they were swiftly dispatched as was Queen Su'e herself whom the Jade Rabbit imprisoned in the deepest dungeons of the keep, a place where so many innocent lives had met their end, the ghosts of that dungeon gladly greeted their new guest and much later a fresh scream pierced the silence of night, Queen Su'e never had the strength to reap what she had sown.

Still there was much work to be done for the Jade Rabbit, Su'es kingdom was still dark and full of suffering and could not be left on its own to fester, so with her magics the Jade Rabbit disguised herself as the queen she had disposed of to begin work at fixing the kingdom and making it a place of joy and harmony to contrast what it once was. The queens servants while curious at the Su'es changes of heart still knew never to disobey her, and that fear ran deep indeed as the disguised Jade Rabbit began her work.

Elsewhere in the kingdom there was another visitor from far off lands, the Monkey King had decided to visit the many places of the world he had not seen to experience all they had to offer, his journey had been long and hard and hunger was setting in, as luck would have it he eventually came across a peasants hut before a looming storm struck and the one inside kindly offered him hospitality within his humble home, the peasant had little enough food or drink for himself but still offered such to the monkey king for the peasant did not care if he himself was to starve for he had already lost what he cared about in this world, this caught the monkey kings curiousity and he pressed his host with further questions, you see the peasants children had been taken sometime ago by the ruler of the land, they had not returned and he knew the worse had befallen him, even the peasants wife had died from heart break not that long ago. Hearing this the monkey king decided to offer a boon to the peasant for sharing what little he had with him, that while he could not bring back what he had lost he could avenge them and make sure those lost souls rested easily till there next life.
In the morning as the storm broke the monkey king set upon his path and the peasant said his farewells and prayed, for a new hope he had thought gone swelled again inside of him.
Picking up speed the monkey king made his way quickly to the keep of the queen, he covered a great distance in a matter of minutes that would take others days to cross, coming face to face with the keep he demanded that the guards let him in to see this ruler of theirs, naturally they refused so the monkey king shattered what were once mighty gates capable of withstanding great sieges with a single mighty blow and with a mischevious grin intent on trouble the monkey king entered to the dismay of those inside. The defenders barely mustered the courage to fight him as all who did were swiftly were dispatched without effort and it was not long before he had kicked down the doors to the throne chamber at the heart of the place.

There the monkey king was shocked for while all the servants, guards and nobles of the palace had failed to see through her disguise he could clearly, to think that the beloved Jade Rabbit was ruling this dark kingdom which caused so much harm to its people confused and infuriated him, the monkey king is well known for his hatred of disguises but beyond that he was furious to think that one he thought noble was capable of the cruelties he had heard about this place, without a second thought he grew his staff from a hidden splinter to full size and attacked.
The Jade Rabbit herself suprised by the sudden presense of the monkey king quickly dodged as his staff smashed the throne she had sat upon into nought but rubble and with a mighty kick knocked the monkey king clear through a wall and into the courtyard below, she followed swiftly behind him for she could not allow herself to be defeated and let this kingdom suffer further.

The battle between the two raged on for hours, both were swift, both were full of tricks, for every one used the other had a answer, even the mighty Ruyi Jingu Bang met its match to the Jade rabbits hammer, her enchanted pestle was far more than just a tool, and as the moon rose high in the sky neither of the fighters we're willing to accept defeat at the hands of the other. The courtyard was little more than ruins by this point and it was clear that if neither surrendered they two would kill each other before the night was through.

Far away Chen Zu watched the clash and grew annoyed that simple misunderstanding was about to become extremely costly should either of these two perish, examining herself she was curious to see that she did care for what the outcomes could be, considering the options she took a rare choice and decided to intercede before a victor could emerge, it was with this that winter came to the Su'es land, the chill winds blew, frost grew and the clouds gathered to unleash a blizzard even in this sudden change the monkey king was relentless and carried on his assault until the cold hand of Chen Zu touched his shoulder and soothed his rage, the Jade Rabbit also became still for she knew Chen Zu well and was suprised at her intervention.
Snow fell and with a quiet voice that could cut across a battlefield Chen Zu spoke, first to the monkey king she said that the Jade Rabbit had already dealt with Queen Su'e and was attempting to not leave this place in shambles after her actions, then with a sigh she turned her attention to the Jade one, and explained that the monkey king had come to the keep to avenge those already killed by Queen Su'e and thought her and the Jade Rabbit to be one and the same, she carried on to explain that the kingdom and its people never deserved help in the first place, for they neither followed the way of their people nor had earned such aid and that it was now time to return home with her for the Jade Rabbit had her own family to care for and should leave this places fate in the hands of Sun Wukong, then with a gesture Chen Zu and the Jade Rabbit disappeared, leaving the monkey king alone in the ruins of the battle. Always above the Moon shone with a great brightness it could even be seen through the clouds and snow and the monkey king pondered deeply on what to do next.

Now the fate of this kingdom is unknown, some say it was absorbed by the other fey courts, others say a new king was chosen and raised up, one who had worked and knew the land better than any other it is said that he was truly determined to bring back the joy hopes and dreams Su'e had stolen
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They had been following him throughout the day, they had been following him throughout the night as he went about his duties, and when due to finally rest they awaited him outside his tent.
"Ah, time already I see for another one, how it flies past us so quickly in these interesting ages."
"Very well, as you bid and as you wish, make yourself comfortable and I shall begin"

Once there was a rabbit who walked the roads through the many forests.
He carried a great flickering lantern where ever he went, though he would only ever be seen at night, he would always be talking but he would always be walking alone, he would joke and gossip, tell wondrous stories and recite popular poems, sometimes he would ask questions other times he would give answers to questions no one asked. Often the people of the villages near the forests would see him come and go walking his endless trail lighting his own way in the darkness. When the villagers crossed his path in the depths of night they knew not to ask his name because they already knew the answer, a Usagis name is always Usagi when asked, often they would warn him that is was dangerous to walk these roads so late at night, bandits and darker things hid in the forest and his flickering lantern would surely give himself away to them, to this the rabbit would shrug and say he had no such worries.
Sometimes he would offer to share food with the villagers and merchants travelling the roads and just as often he would light the way home for them with his great flickering lantern, leading them always safely on while nattering to no one in particular.
Always coming always going always talking and chatting away, some villages built small shrines for him and left offerings of food and sake for when he would pass, the friendly face in the night, it became known and told if you find yourself lost in the depths of the woods look for the usagi with the great flickering lantern and he shall guide you home, but never ask who he's talking to.
Over the years he had guided so many back along the paths from humble wood gatherers to lost adventurous children of lords that the offerings left for the usagi became more and more extravagant as the grateful tried to out do each other in their gifts, and this became known.

Soon after a great war, it was only a matter of time really, bandits had come and infested a forest that this Usagi was known to walk and had heard of the treasures that he had been gifted, they hunted and stalked him in the darkness as he made his way over the well trodden paths, they knew the usagi were tricky so they had brought many of their number and patiently waited hidden in the night till they had him completely surrounded before taking action.
Once they were all in place, weapons prepared their leader confronted him, a malicious smile gleamed on his face, his deep raspy voice like gravel being rubbed together, "ah dear traveler who has been given so much, how are you this fine evening?". The rabbit having been distracted by his other conversation took sometime to realize he was being spoken to lowered his lantern and greeted his wayfarer, "quite well though I'm led to believe we're due an early winter this year, must make sure to get some more candles for the longer nights, maybe attend the local festival for Chen Zu when they get started and while there....". the rabbit nattered on and on, a brief look of confusion overtook the bandit leaders face before he regained his composure and that malicious smile of his regrew as he shouted "BE QUIET!" at the top of his lungs, "I'm afraid I have little time to waste, I'm giving you a chance just because you are one of yours and let it not be said we don't give some respect to such, now if you would kindly lay down those lovely gifts and coins, we might even let you go unharmed if I'm feeling uncharacteristically generous." To this the usagi briefly focused before apparently returning to another conversation to no one in particular, "yes I know, how rude indeed, all for some trinkets? Yes, oh that explains quite alot of things....." the rabbit nattered on once again, growing visibly irritated the bandit leader abandoned his fake pretense of courtesy, "I don't have all night rabbit, and who in the THOUSAND HELLS are you talking to while I have a dozen swords and two dozen arrows pointed at you." This most definitely caught the rabbits full attention, "oh would you like to meet them?" He said with his own smile spreading wide across his face as he raised his flickering lantern high.

The screams carried throughout the night, heard by all the nearby villages, a few when morning came went to search the forest for what had happened, they found the odd sword, a bow here or there but no bandits to be seen, even discovering their fortified camp hidden deep within those woods it was found to be completely deserted.

Trust the rabbit that walks the forested roads, he shall guide you in the dark and lead you back home, never ask who he's talking to, he just might show you.
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Winter fades and spring has come in force, with all its blessing and bounty, the first storms bring a torrent of rain and lightning that lights up the very horizon and for those with the sight, things are indeed alive with the energy brought forth.

It's a very busy time for the kami all over the thunders, heaven and hell make their wills known and the prayers of the many are to be heard as the great cherry blossoms bloom once more.

Usagi once again makes his preparations to answer a summons from far away, though the library is far from quiet to those who know how to hear, restless spirits old and new seek him out as a young usagi who has yet to find his voice makes his demands for a story known, pushing an old tome into his hands.
With a defeated sigh, he takes his seat, turning to a page at random within the dusty book, an old story for the young, short and not one of his but suitable for a night like this.
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"Once a morning long ago, A rabbit stepped out of his home into the bright sunlight of a new day, yet for all its beauty the rabbit knew something was wrong, he was not alone for beside him stood the black rabbit, he was scared, terrified and as all things do he ran at the sight of the black rabbit.
He ran as fast as he could but no matter how fast he fled the black rabbit was always right behind him. He thought to hide and darted into the bushes, he waited for a time huddled inside the leaves, and when he thought he was alone once more he quietly stepped out, only to find the black rabbit again, right beside him.
"Perhaps, the rabbit thought he could escape through the river, he was a great swimmer and few could keep up with him, he dove into the water without a second thought and swam a great distance, yet when he climbed out of the river the black rabbit was already waiting for him."
"What do you want? Cried the little rabbit, why are you following me? But the black rabbit remained silent, the rabbit ran once more as fast as he could as fast as he ever had in his life, straight into the deepest darkest woods.

The rabbit had forgotten how long he had run and he was tired and hungry, looking around desperately he was all alone, the black rabbit was no where to be seen in the dark woods, not lurking amongst the trees, no above in the branches, he was really alone once more.
With a deep sigh of relief the rabbit went to look for food, the woods were always good to find something tasty, and it wasn't long before he had gathered a few morsels together, taking a seat on a nearby stump he began to eat before the sudden crack and snapping of branches alerted him to danger, in the dark he saw two great glowing eyes staring at him.
For a moment he thought the black rabbit had found him again, but coming through the woods was a great wolf demon, a devourer and a grand terror of all who lived in these lands, once again the rabbit ran as fast as he could, straight out of the forest into the fields, the demon wolf right behind him.
Suddenly the rabbit tripped and fell to the ground scrambling, he knew this was it and he shut his eyes tight, awaiting the wolfs attack, those dreadful teeth, yet nothing happened, as the rabbit opened his eyes once more he saw the great wolf gripped by terror for standing behind him was the black rabbit, and as all things do the wolf fled at the sight of the black rabbit, back deep into the forest, never to trouble the rabbit again.
The rabbit gave his deepest bow in thanks and the black rabbit bowed in return, perhaps I misunderstood? said the rabbit and together the two walked back home through the fields.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The library is still, far emptier than usual for a festival draws near and many preparations are being made, soon there will be celebrations, food, drink, and dance. Yet a young Usagi who has yet to find their voice walks the halls unheard and unseen, dressed in their finest festival Yukata they will join the others soon enough but patience is not a virtue this one has yet learned so a story is sought to pass the time.
A scroll buried in a far corner catches their eye, not because it is fine or pretty but because it is worn and dusty, often where their favourite ones hide, unrolling it in their hands the ink is faded, the words hard to read as if the paper itself barely remembers what it once held, a favoured find of this particular Usagi, with a touch of will a hint of power the ink is made fresh, the parchment vibrant, the colours bright as the day it was made and a tale on the brink of being lost is read once again.


Usagi and the box of stories.

A long time ago two Usagi had come down from the moon to live amongst the people beneath heaven, they saw that when the people had things to do during the day they were happy but when the sun set and night came work would need to stop and the people would simply stare at their fires, bored and restless, awaiting the coming of a new day.
So as the two Usagi ate their dinner they wondered how they could help these people but they already knew what was needed, stories, so the people could be happy and sad, so they could laugh and cry rather than suffer through endless boredom every evening.

The next day Usagi and his wife traveled the secret paths to heaven for they knew where all the stories were kept. They were in a beautiful box guarded by the Great white tiger Byakko, leader of all the animal Kami, many had come to Byakko to ask for the box of stories from emperors to gods, noble warriors, and mighty demons but Byakko had refused them all and devoured any who attempted to steal the box from him without fail.
This time however it was an Usagi and her husband that came to the Great white tiger and to him they said, “please Great tiger the people of all the lands are bored and restless when the moon rises, they have no stories of their own to tell, we have no great wealth, nor great gifts to give you in exchange but there is much we can do, please dearest Tiger what can we do for you that you would give us your box of stories?”
The White tigers giant eyes opened, Byakko rose and placed his great mighty paw upon a beautiful ornate wooden box and though through massive teeth he spoke his voice was soft yet rumbling like thunder in the far off distance, “Usagi of the court most swift, many have come to try take my box of stories, Emperors have pleaded, wealthy villages have attempted to bribe, demons have threatened and gods have demanded yet I have seen them all off, devoured not a small few, yet you have come here seeking the box but not for yourselves, this I find is correct but I cannot simply give such a thing it must be earnt, so Usagi you must be clever for I have four tasks for the two of you and should you complete them the box and its contents shall be yours to do with as you will.”
Lowering his head down to meet the gaze of the rabbits eye to eye the great tiger told them what they needed to do “Four creatures are to be brought to me, one is a snake named Daenwu that can swallow horses whole, the other a Leopard called Kundalini with teeth sharper than any spear who hunts endlessly, Moboro the giant wasp and her brood with stings of fire and finally the bad-tempered fairy thief Moata who cannot be seen. Bring them all to me and the box of stories shall be yours.”

With this the three made their bows and farewells, the Usagi leaving heaven through the secrets ways and making their way to the forests where they would find the snake the tiger spoke of, plotting and planning all the while of how they might capture Daenwu.
When the sun rose once more Usagi and his wife walked into the forest carrying between them an extremely long stick, it was easy to find the giant snake for the spirits of the forest were happy to direct the Usagi perhaps sensing that they might soon be rid of the troublesome snake.
When Usagi and her husband came upon the snake they bowed politely and deeply to the serpent, explaining their presence “We have heard that you might just be the longest snake Daenwu so we have come to test this so you might be recorded officially as so, please let us measure you against this stick and see if what is said is true”
The pride could be seen building in Daenwus eyes for of course he had grown large and strong devouring bigger and bigger prey, “Of course most swift Usagi it is only proper that the world knows me, perhaps then the most Wise court of Hebi will recognize my greatness.”
And so Usagi and his wife laid down the long stick next to the serpent and attempted to measure him but the snake had trouble straightening himself out, his coils not used to stretching to such a shape, clearly getting frustrated the Usagi made a further suggestion to Daenwu, “We can't measure you like this you keep coiling yourself back, if you would allow us to tie you to the stick then we might accurately measure you and see if you are indeed the longest snake.” Daenwu thought for a moment then a moment more but finally agreed and allowed the Usagi to tie him to the stick, To his great surprise the stick was suddenly lifted and the Usagi were rapidly walking off with him while he could offer no struggle.
“Daenwu you have eaten too much and to greedily, hurting this forest and the animals of the land, the Great Tiger wishes to see you now” the snake hissed and cursed by could not stop the Usagi taking him through the secret paths to heaven, presenting him to the Great white tiger whose gaze fell upon the massive serpent, he merely said “I see what I see, There remains what remains”

The next evening Usagi and her husband made their plan to capture the Leopard Kundalini, who hunts endlessly, throughout the night and the day and the next they dug a deep deep hole, it was hard work but the Usagi are known for being determined, finally they covered and camouflaged the pit with leaves and sticks until it could not be seen unless you knew it was there.
Calling the spirits of Kundalinis previous hunts Usagi and his wife asked them to lead the mighty leopard to their trap, the spirits eagerly agreed for they had been hunted unfairly and out of order because Kundalini refuses to stop.
When the moon had set the Usagi knew their trap was sprung and it was time for the next stage of their plan, while one went to speak to the leopard the other prepared a tree and rope. Looking into the hole Usagi could see Kundalini desperately trying to scrabble his way out, but his claws could find no purchase and he could not scale the pit, upon seeing the head of Usagi at the top of the trap, the leopard shouted “Usagi! I have fallen afoul, set me loose!” with a tilt of the head Usagi replied, “but if I do you'll hunt me and mine as you did all the others, I cannot do this, you must stop yourself Kundalini!” And Usagi motioned to turn away from the pit. Shouting as loud as he could the leopard called out once more to Usagi, “Come back! Come back! I promise I will not harm you or any of yours Just help me out of this pit” and with that promise Usagi agreed to help the leopard and lowered a rope tied to a specially prepared tree telling the leopard to tie it to his tail, once secured the next part of the trap was sprung and the tree was released springing back into shape and launching Kundalini out of the pit, still tied to the tree he arced and hit the ground with an almighty smack knocking him unconscious, the two Usagi quickly rushed over to him tended his wounds and carried the leopard back across the secret paths to heaven.
“Kundalini, you have hunted too many for too long and it must end for the Great white tiger wishes to see you” and so the Usagi completed their second task, the great white tiger looked upon Kundalini who nervously bowed and slinked his way back into the tigers' shadow.
“I see what I see, There remains what remains”

Taking the time to rest, eat and sleep with the white tigers' hospitality, Usagi and her husband planned how they would approach Moboro and her brood with stings of fire.
When the moon rose the two Usagi went to see a good friend of theirs, oldest Tanuki who they asked for a giant gourd of which was happily provided when oldest tanuki couldn't help but laugh at what the Usagi had planned, filling it with water for the two Usagi who went back down to the world to find Moboros nest.
Deep within the forest Moboros nest was easy to find for everyone avoided her broods fiery sting, carefully the two Usagi poured half of the gourds water upon themselves so they were dripping wet and emptied the rest upon Moboros nest, quickly Moboro and her broad angrily swarmed out the nest to see two soaking wet Usagi holding leaves over there heads obviously to try shelter from wind and rain, the Usagi shouted at Moboros, “Quickly! A great storm is coming Moboros and you need to find shelter, hide in our gourd and it'll keep you safe", instinctively flying swiftly Moboros led her brood into the gourd with many thank yous, as soon as the last one entered however, Usagi shoved a cork into the top of the gourd while his wife hit it with a hammer sealing it shut. The gourd shook and buzzed angrily but Moboros was helpless to stop the Usagi taking her and her brood to heaven.
“Moboros you brood has grown too large and you chase away all the people of the forest, the white tiger wishes to see you”
Presenting the gourd to the great tiger he looked at it curiously but could hear the angry buzzing of Moboros within.
“I see what I see, There remains what remains”

The Usagi had little time to rest because they were so close to there tasks end they could barely sleep, once again plotting with each other how to capture Moata the bad-tempered fairy thief who could not be seen. It took days to prepare but the two Usagi were hard at work, Usagi prepared a doll of wood in the shape of a fairy and coated it with black tar and sticky gum, her husband went about and gathered many ingredients to make the favourite food of the fairies, he gathered yams and eggs, special oils and herbs, spices and sugar with time and patience he put it together as his mother had taught him and now ready the two Usagi went back down the secret paths to the world, they placed the doll near the circle and tree Moata was known to frequent, carefully placing a bowl of the food Usagi had prepared into its hand they hid in a bush with strings attached to the doll. With the scent of the food luring Moata they did not have to wait long when they heard a voice unseen, “Ooo that does smell most delightful little gum baby, such a dish for you to have, might I have some?” Usagi pulled a string and the dolls head nodded, “Lovely I shall help myself” and with that the food from the bowl started to lift to the air where it began to disappear, soon the bowl was emptied “that was lovely, thank you, shame there's none left for you” Silence from the doll, “I said THANK YOU!” Moata shouted, more silence from the doll, “Do not think to ignore me Gum baby or I shall have to slap you”, more silence from the doll, but suddenly its head tilted to the side as if struck, “Let me go!, I demand it, or I shall hit you again”, the dolls head tilted again, “ARGHH, LET ME GO OR I SHALL KICK YOU”, more silence, “ARRRGGHH” Moata screamed in rage now hopelessly stuck to the doll.
With the trap successful the two Usagi emerged from the bushes and collected the doll with Moata attached then returned most swiftly to heaven.
“Time ago Moata you stole something you shouldn't have, the Great white tiger wishes to see you”

Finally, Usagi and his wife presented the doll with Moata attached to the great white tiger, who smiled a great big fanged smile, taking the doll and placing it in his shadow though unseen a meep and a sorry could be heard.
“You have completed all I have asked of you swift ones and I am pleased” Raising his head so others could hear him clearly, the white tiger declared with a voice like soft thunder that carried for great distances “Let it be known that the Usagi have paid my price, what I give they have earned” with a giant paw Byakko placed a beautiful ornate box into the hands of the waiting Usagi and bowed, “May you know harmony in all your travels”.

Once again Usagi and her husband returned down the secret paths of heaven this time back home their journey at its end.
But though unsaid a final task now remained to them, the box of stories itself, they did not get the box for themselves but so that the people below heaven would have their own stories to tell, this meant that one of the two would have to travel again, there were many people and many lands who needed the stories and this meant that the two would need to separate to become ones, for while Usagi would stay and look after their home, land and people, his wife had chosen to travel the many lands to give the gift they had earned to the people that would need it. When the journey would become too long and to weary she could always return home to her husband for a time before setting out again and it is with this that Usagi's wife would become known as the Wandering Rabbit.

The End.
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