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The Road to Chaos, The Path to a new Order

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:37 am    Post subject: The Road to Chaos, The Path to a new Order Reply with quote

Silence can from time to time be the most deafening thing one can experience. The almost cavernous emptiness of of solitude that comes from the lack of sound. Here in the shadows of ones mind is where true horror lurks, more dreadful then any monster, more twisted then any nightmare. When one comes to reflect upon oneself in the mirror of hindsight one can see the whom or indeed what they truly are. In these moments of introspection you cannot hide the sins and cannot wash away the blood. And oh there was always so much blood. With orders, actions and self conceited assurance in my divine right I had torn my shard apart. Battles had been fought, victories won and lost. An ocean of Tears had been cried and in the end these were all weights upon my soul.

"They are only pawns, all great beings need pawns"

In the Darkness I see their faces play on the edge of my sight, ghostly faces whom each bear a leer, grimace or twisted smile. They think they can frighten me. They think their sacrifice means something. They died so that upon their bones a new world can be built. From an Ocean of blood if needed. A new Garden of Paradise where all things are possible. Surely this is worthy of the spilling of blood to water the ground..Make it Fertile.

"Your Grandfather Carved a new Mandate from the former Emperor of heaven whom lay broken at his Feet, why cant you do the same"

Yes ...Yes....

Walls are made to be shattered, each life broken and bloody is a Sacrament to my Power, and Power is all that matters. Power keeps one safe from the storm, it keeps those one you love safe...My Father and his Brothers were powerful beings but they were corrupted by their infighting and mistrust of one anther. Do you think had they stood united any could have stood before them ?

"One Rule, One Crown, One mandate taken not given, One Emperor"

It was all so simple....

Lord chosokabe Zaizen
Daimyō of the chosokabe clan
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