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A Boat for Buttons

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It was dark as the night drew in on board the Cresting Edge. The Captain was sat at his desk with the devil that was the days paperwork sat neatly before him ready for sending on, and beside it a recuperative glass of port half drunk and beside that a block of wood and an old whittling knife.

He looked between the block and the black felt of his hat with a smile, an exhausted smile to be sure for the events of recent times had been a weight upon him but now was not the time for that. Now was for rest and recovery and a thought that had struck him.

"A black felt harbour it has been O dear and faithful Buttons" He said as he picked up block and knife "But what is a harbour without a boat?" He would smile again as he weighed the wood in his palm and then brought the knife edge to it and started to shave away. Short minutes turned into winding hours as night drew darker, the Captain lost in the simple joy of whittling as he had as a young boy sat upon the steps with his father, being told stories as the knife moved back and forth.
Slowly, ever so carefully slowly the wood started to take shape under the attentions of the knife. And as the knife scraped back and forth to carve and shape a hull the Captain began to tell those selfsame stories he had been told as a boy to the Sprite sat upon his hat, stories of exploration and adventure upon the seas occasionally illustrated by moving shapes of water.

All through it he carved, occasionally taking a sip of port to refresh his throat or stopping to blow away the shavings that would accumulate upon his desk.
Eventually the hull was done, a sturdy little boat carved with care and affection as he stopped to stretch his fingers before carving the planks into this Sprite sized boat. He would lay it down before the hat with a smile and a final cleaning of sawdust. "I think this would suit well moored at your harbour Buttons, wouldn't you agree?" At this point he would look thoughtfully between Boat and Buttons as he inspected his work. "There is something missing though, well two things. Can't have a Boat without a captain or a name after all."
IC: Johnathan Nathaniel Woodburne- Lord-Captain of the Cresting Edge, Governor and Protector of The Misty Isles. Drinker of Tea & Vodun Dancing Champion

This One, Spiritwalker of Venom, generally unsettling Snakething

OOC: Stuart
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