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Musings on Trauma

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:26 pm    Post subject: Musings on Trauma Reply with quote

Inside the Institute of Curiosities Dr Cyril Babbage sat at his desk reviewing his new lessons in psychology lost in thought unable to really take them in his mind on his time with the Wonderers and the new ways he had been able to put his skills to use.

There were few with an understanding of psychology and so several individuals had come to him to work through trauma. Still there was Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde, of all the people he had the skill to help why where these two the most difficult to reach. The obvious would be to say that they shared the same body, but there was more to it than that. When he helped one it seemed to push the other further away, as if even if they weren’t actively opposing each other in their actions they are still linked. One not being able to live without the other but yet at the same time not being able to live completely either.

In addition to that now there was an extra complication. Each of them had developed an alter ego. One named Horatio an easy affable buccaneer who seems to be an echo of Edward Hyde, his ego almost. The other could be considered a manifestation of Henry Jekyll’s Id. Yet each seems to have an agenda of their own in addition to unique personalities. Babbage needed to spend more time on this to find out more about them. After all these alter egos are a clear manifestation of the mind, a way to deal with extreme trauma.

‘But what event could be so bad that it would cause such a break?’ Babbage wondered aloud.

With everything the Wonderers do it’s more than likely happened in their company and recently too within the past year at least. That’s troubling. In Babbage’s mind he thought back over his time with the Wonderers some more, he knew he hadn’t gone to all the places they had but enough of them in the past year that something should stick out. It was almost the first thing he thought of…

That incident in that other place, it was so wrong, he didn’t even have the language to articulate it properly. Something like that would cause anyone to be traumatised in some way. So many people where there.

Wait I was there… was I affected too and if I was how could I tell what was different with me!

For a moment Babbage was paralysed with anxiety. - ‘Stop this it isn’t helping anyone, go see a psychologist you know better than anyone that’s the best way to work it out’.

Taking a deep breath Babbage went back to the Jekyll and Hyde problem. Hyde was there, so could that have been the catalyst from which Horatio and Shelly sprang, most probably. That raises something interesting, it seems that what traumatised Hyde had also traumatised Jekyll. Does this mean that Jekyll can in his subconscious mind still remember what Hyde has experienced or does it go deeper than that?

Anyway what to do for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Hmm, if only I could get them together to talk through things as a form of group therapy. Wait there was a time last year where someone used an ability to link our conscious minds and we stepped in to that construct, that beach. Could I get either of them to do that again?

Babbage then picked up his notebook and pen and wrote down his idea.

‘Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde. I need you better, you’re no good to me in this state.’ Babbage muttered.
IC: Dr Cyril Babbage; Scientist & Psychologist.
OOC: Ian S
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