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Subtle Dread

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Was there someone watching him?

Bakht looked around suspiciously. There were shadows between the trees, there could easily be a predator stalking him in them, assuming the trees and plants weren't feeling hungry themselves. But this was the norm for Frontier, and Bakht was hardly a stranger walking these lands. And he was fairly sure that there weren't any hazards surrounding him that he hadn't encountered before. He noted what looked like a Whipvine clump up ahead, but he could see a path out of its reach. He had no indication of anything else dangerous within the immediate area.

So why was he so on edge?

The Sepsis? No, Bakht decided. There was anger about that, but he was fairly sure that wasn't an issue he was going to be facing in the next few hours. Nor was this simple awareness of the dangers of Frontier - he'd felt that a lot, and this didn't seem to match. But he couldn't shake the feeling of...what? Danger? Fear? Anticipation? Oppression?


Why did that word spring to mind? And why did it feel like it described his feeling more than the other words? Nothing currently apparent in his presence should cause such a feeling within him. And yet, there it was.

Why did he feel like something terrible had happened?

Another feeling suddenly exploded in his head, a feeling of imminent danger. Dodging to his left, Bakht barely avoided the Whipvine's strike. Feeling angry and foolish, Bakht realised that he'd seen that danger, and yet he'd let his thoughts distract him and had almost lost himself to something he should have easily avoided.

With a force of will, he pushed back the creeping feelings in the back of his mind. He needed to focus on travelling dangerous paths for now. He quickly checked inside his bag, where a small package remained unharmed.

Bakht pressed on. The next objective on his agenda should be a more enjoyable one. With a little luck, his upcoming trip with Natalia would banish these odd feelings from his soul.
OOC: Gareth W

IC: Bakht/Chance, Caraway, Beam of the Sun and the Moon

"When Destiny interferes with Reality, the only appropriate response is Insanity"
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