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More Extreme Measures

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:34 am    Post subject: More Extreme Measures Reply with quote

The evening air was chilly and the light of the day was slowly dying. Henry Jekyll snapped to consciousness from the beach. Now he was in a town on a rooftop watching the sun set. He had the high ground on the beach, that's how he figured that got here. He wondered how long he could keep it for before Hyde took it from him. Slipping between consciousness and a never-ending dream was most confusing for him. With so much calamity and chaos within his now crowded head, he thought that he ought to feel the need for solitude but deep down he felt loneliness with his burden. Hyde had driven away many groups and companions, ensuring on his exile and forcing him to keep on the move. Those who still hung around, Henry found himself keeping at arm’s length. While this felt almost counter-intuitive to him, he feared further burnt bridges and so he avoided his anxiety by not risking further rejection. Not for the first time, he wondered whether he could drag Hyde with him into an early grave. Bullets had failed, falling had failed and he found his diminishing will had robbed him of the motivation to try again. He felt weaker with every emergence recently and he didn’t know why. Perhaps the revelation that he was now fighting for consciousness against multiple personalities was in itself a shock to the system that he couldn’t yet recover from.

He searched for some of his serum, a dose of Grace may have stabilised him for longer. Dr Jekyll put his hand into his pocket and found a note. He unfolded the white paper and examined it. His hands shook as he did this. The handwriting was unfamiliar but it was addressed to him. He began to read it.

Dear Dr Jekyll,

You no doubt have many questions and are confused by your current predicament. You are sitting somewhere recovering from a fugue state and trying to calculate and account for missing time. I know you have done this countless times before but this time is different. I hope you enjoy the sunset view. It was no easy feat to calculate exactly when you would emerge and by my estimations, you should catch the faint final glimmers of light from the sun as it leaves the world in darkness for another night. That's a fine allegory, don't you think? You are the doctor, the bright and somewhat sensitive scientist trying to do good and penance and Hyde is the shadow which covers the land in a dark cold period of wanton desire and violence every night. You may have guessed by now that I am not him but we shall address that later.

Like day and night, you chase one another plunging your body from one extreme to another. How are you enjoying being at either end of a pendulum? Light and Dark indeed. Being a learned man with medical and alchemical knowledge, I thought it best to contact you directly. You must have noticed it by now. The reduced time being conscious, the frequent shakes, the blurred vision and respiratory problems. You are dying my dear doctor. The cause is Hyde. You grow weaker while he grows stronger. The cracks are beginning to show. You could examine yourself thoroughly or get a diagnosis from another doctor of course, but since I know what you know, we both know you already suspected as much. Denying this will only waste your limited time. Acceptance is the most logical and prudent next step. While regret is a wasted emotion, I must remind you, that had you completed the great work by now, you wouldn’t be in this predicament. I fear you may not remember our previous meetings in the other place. Let us not dwell on such things with bitterness, there is still time provided you do not fight me on this.

I suppose I better explain who I am, it wouldn’t do to have your already fragile mind panicking and going into hysterics. If Hyde is your shadow then I am your reflection. How to put this less poetically- I am you. I am what you were and what you could be again. I am a closer version of us before we were fragmented by the experiment. You could say I am the better parts of the professor you both once were. I retain the memories that you crave and I have no intention of disappearing. For now you can call me “Shelly” for expediency. I retain the knowledge of alchemy, medicine and so much more. I know you will be skeptical and so I have written the formula down the side of this paper, the one that only you should know. THE formula! I knew that would get your attention. I trust you will destroy this paper after reading it now my credentials have been established. We wouldn't want anyone else getting hold of that now would we. Your dreams are the key. The beach in your mind is the battleground where different personalities are vying for control. Most of this will be familiar but fuzzy to you. As this mental calamity unfolds Hyde asserts more influence over the body leaving you with the better part of the mind but with feeble health. You grow weaker and as I have stated, I believe that you will die should this be allowed to play out. You can deal with a raging maniac who wants you dead or you can ally with me and unify the better, rational side of ourselves. As a fellow man of science I know there is no contest.

There is no time or suitable method to debate me on methodology so you are going to have to trust me and follow my instructions to the letter. I will be frank, due to your weakening state, you need me. Without my assistance, you will fade away and Hyde will consume this body, it is only a matter of time. I for one, would rather be stuck with you than with him. So I will assume we have an accord and that you have given consent for us to work together and I shall proceed from there. Should you deviate from the plan, I will be aware and most disappointed by such uncharacteristic stubborn foolishness.

In your satchel, you will find three dark green potions. I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of improving on your potion of Grace to give you more time up top so to speak, you are going to need it. The recipe is committed to my memory and I may share it should you be exceptionally compliant and efficient in your duties. I have written a list of ingredients which I require you to procure, some of which are… delicate shall we say and difficult to obtain. However, I have faith in your ability to show some ingenuity.

We shall start with the easiest ingredients

5 ounces of fresh Belladonna
2 fluid ounces of ammonia
3 ounces of dried valerian root
1 ounce of dried passion flower
2 fluid ounces of Aqua Fortis
3 fluid ounces of Azoth
2 fluid ounces of brain fluid from a body extracted no less than 10 minutes after death.

Once you have secured these ingredients, I will share with you the instructions on your next cycle. Naturally I expect you to commit these notes to memory. Should you need to communicate back to me, leave a note in your left jacket pocket. Oh and Doctor, this is just a formality because unlike you, I remember everything, even being Hyde. I’ll be watching you…

Dr Byran Jalek Shelly

Dr Jekyll tore up the note but kept the scrap of paper with ingredients on it. He sighed and watched the last embers of light disappear over the horizon. He went through the motions of deciding a decision that he had unbeknownst to him, already made. As he finally drank the green potion, he wondered truly how far he would go and whether it was worth it.

“To the point of inflicting my suffering on another poor soul but no further. Some lines should not be crossed. I am a doctor after all.”

As he drew his moral lines in the sand a presence in the back of his mind watched with mild amusement at his pointless monologue.

“Oh my dear fellow doctor,” the presence whispered. “While you cannot hear me, for all your moral posturing in the service of the greater good, I know your lines in the sand will shift as the sand does with the tide. The tide is indeed shifting. Nevermind, I’m here to give you the push that you need and cut out what needs to be cut before the rot consumes us all.”
OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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Joined: 03 May 2016
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 12:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Once Upon A Time in a place far from lucidity and reality...

Dr Jekyll's dreams were filled with scientific discovery lately. They had been in an eerie place of long forgotten horror and forbidden knowledge but they had taken on a very logical structure recently. Alchemical formula and biological notes appeared on every flat surface of the subconscious dreamscape.

The gambler strolled through the endless laboratory, searching for his brother.

The monster stalked the shadows with murderous intent looking to take back what was once his by right.

The alchemist worked away at his bench in the eager hope of finding a serum that would solve the problem because like all problems in science- it was an equation that had to be unravelled with logic and skill.

Another watched it all. Masterminding from up high, scowling at the interference of the gambler: the unknown factor. Luck was a curse upon his plans.

“Henry!” Horatio called out on seeing the alchemist. “My luck paid off. We need to get you back out of here and into the light.”

Dr Jekyll turned to look at the gambler. The man wore a nautical outfit from Archipelago. It looked familiar and reminded him of Swaine. “Do I know you?”

“Yes brother you certainly do but I fear you have lost your way in here. You are not quite yourself at the moment. That's why I'm here.”

“Brother?” Henry shook his head. “I do not recognise you. I am not... Besides, I cannot leave my work, it is at a critical stage now. I am so close to a breakthrough.” Henry Jekyll spoke from withered lips, his hair was graying and his face lined as if he had spent three decades or more doing this work.

“Henry, my sweet and earnest brother, this is a trap. This is not your laboratory. Look how it seems to stretch on forever! Do you really think that any discovery here will equate to the real waking world? Look at your aged hands! You are being drained in this place. Can you even recall how long it has been?”

“I… do not know. My mind must remain focused on my work. My great work.”

“You are being tricked!” The gambler snapped.

“Says who? Shall I trust you sir?”

“Yes brother.”

“But you are an imposter.”

“Look at my face closely. You will recognise me.”

The two men regarded each other for sometime before the mirror image echoed to reveal the truth. Dr Jekyll trembled with anguish.

“It's alright Henry.”

“How long this time?”

“I don't know. Time works differently in here.”

“What have I done out there?”

“We can find out… together!”


“I'm not leaving your side this time brother. Plus I suspect that the others are working together so, we need to as well. Though I suspect Edward has been manipulated.”

The shadows deepened as lanterns in the laboratory began to blow out. Since the laboratory seemed to stretch on forever, this was a disconcerting experience, as if the darkness surrounded them.

“What now?” Henry asked. Before Horatio could answer there was a crashing sound from the side as Mr Hyde began thundering towards them.

“We run!” The two of them chose the same direction and fled past shelves and benches as the crashing sound of smashed bottles and equipment followed them. The chase seemed pointless until the gambler found the exit. In here it was a spiral staircase leading up towards a light in the roof. “Go!” He yelled as he half pushed the alchemist up the stairs. Henry ran and ran with renewed vigour and youth as if he was a prisoner making a bolt for freedom. As he neared the top of the staircase Edward Hyde leaped onto the stairs in front of him. He growled with rage at the sight of the alchemist as he showed a mouthful of fangs, Henry knew he meant to eat him.

It was at that moment the gamble paid off when Horatio shoved Henry out of the way and dove onto Hyde.

“Get out of here!” He yelled to Henry. “I'll catch up but you need to get into the light.”

“You promised you'd be by my side.” Henry shuttered. “What will I find out there?”

“Freedom.” Horatio replied with a wince as Edward bit into his arm. “Go! You can do this!”

“I don't know who to trust anymore.” The alchemist lamented as he paused.

“Trust your heart Henry. You think that your mind is your strongest asset but you're wrong. You heart is something they cannot touch, it's what separates you from them. Now go!” With that the alchemist complied and fled through the hatch and into the light.

The gambler and the monster remained locked in combat.

“Edward, brother.” Horatio begged. “You need to snap out of it. I am not your enemy, neither is Henry. So I won't hurt you.” The gambler took a risk and relaxed. Hyde roared in his face but it was a lament of loss and sorrow. “It's not your fault brother. It never was. You're not the shadow.” The watcher hissed in displeasure at this corruption the gambler had brought in. The odds needed evening out and he had just the tool at hand.

As Horatio spoke calming words the sound of rivets giving way echoed in the background. The staircase began to collapse and they found themselves in freefall. On a gangplank above the calamity and crashing sound the figure of Shelly watched as they collapsed into a heap of metal and wood on the floor of the laboratory so very far below.

“Sorry chaps, you'll have to wait your turn.” Shelly whispered down below. “I have urgent business up top you see and I cannot have you messing it up. A new frontier awaits us.”
OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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