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A Kami's work is never done

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 2:42 pm    Post subject: A Kami's work is never done Reply with quote

[Jian no Yoshiaki ponders the tasks ahead of him.]

There is Civil War. The Thunders will survive. Let no dishonour fall on Keshi or itís lord, but this war has fallen beneath the demands of honour that he was told sparked it, and no honour can come from it. That the Seneschal might profit from his manipulations is insufferable, intolerable. He must be stopped. I have no weapon against him that has not already been set in motion, so I watch and wait.

There is imbalance between Heavens and Hells; too much strength and experience below, too little above. The balance will right itself in time, but if I can give it a little push, all the better. Either way, so long as the Thunders remain strong and the Shards are not put at undue risk, it is of little consequence. And perhaps amusing. A thought to consider later.

My lord set me the task of identifying an enemy; Lord Chosokabe glances at shadows looking for the darkness from before; the Emperors or their lineage. I had thought before that the walks were taking their toll on him, and the treasure he bears is heavy with blood. But that does not mean he is wrong.

The Goddess too has set me the task of identifying an unseen enemy, and put me on my lordís road, walking in the darkness. Three Questions. Three Times. They are watching, they have a lesson to teach. Can we trust them? Are they hers, that She would send me there? Or are they the enemy She would have me see? Or is it merely another step on the path?

The investigation on these enemies, or enemy, points again and again to the same subjects as young Hisakawa and his private tribulations. This is unlikely to be a coincidence. The creation of the Tigers. The Alphar. Merlin and his get. The missing History of the Alphar in the Thunders. How did the Hisakawa and their blood on other Shards meet and handfast while the Thunders were separate from the Shards. How did the Thunders get Monarchs by the same extension? The unknown method of travel of people and ideas, the missing time again! [Yoshi burns in anger and frustration, and perhaps to distract himself from the missing parts of his own history]

At least my personal project bears some fruit; there needs to be a power on the side of The Thunders, rather than taking sides, and having even a handful of the Tigers backing it gives it legitimacy. Even if it is little more than a token, it gives the Thunders a core of steel. That it gives me reason to find out where each of the Tigers now stands is of additional benefit.

It is unclear if the Goddessís earlier suggestion of finding that tool of Silver was reward, gift or mission. It was given to my lord but I think he has no time yet to pursue it. Perhaps the funds I was promised by Lord Usagi for a project of which he asked no questions, could instead be put to that expedition?

Lord Usagi, whose mortality now spells doom for many; a task to put myself to at last. But is it too slow a road? Too long a path to be a solution? Either way I shall see it to its end. The next step? To do my duty as the Sensei that Lord Usagi and his brethren need, I must be the best Student I can be.

I shall find the Librarian Priest, have him test me, and devote myself to his teachings. I will do nothing a Student should not, and I will ask such questions as can help my charges when given the opportunities to do so. I shall study the Spirit. I shall study magic. I shall study whatever he will teach me. If he wishes I will leave his side only for Duties as a Wanderer and as Honour demands.

Still I have so much to do. Too many lives are too short. [Yoshi laughs briefly and isn't sure why]

I am Jian no Yoshiaki, and I have work to do [Smiles]
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