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Three Brothers

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:22 pm    Post subject: Three Brothers Reply with quote

Heward Yedd had taken the long journey to the Thunders to find his brothers. He had heard rumour from the taverns he frequented that Henry and Edward were amongst the Wanderers. He did not know this strange group of which they spoke of. At the geisha house to the north, he learned the location: the garden of harmony. He travelled under his gambling alias “Horatio” since it was safer not to acquire debts in your own name.

Driven on to find his estranged triplets, he only knew that they were in grave danger. The silhouette, was the watcher, although he knew much, he knew that he was not a friend. Every inch of his being knew that the new imbalance could prove fatal for them both. If he could just talk to them, he knew he could end their feud once and for all. Finding them would be the problem.

Parched from walking an entire day without a drink, he finally found the a peaceful garden at nightfall. After introducing himself to some friendly visiting nobles, he learned that they were the group known as the wanderers. Some of them mistook him for Henry, due to the family resemblance. He stayed around hoping to catch sight of Henry Jekyll or Edward Hyde. Sadly he was told that they hadn't been seen for a month. The venture was a bust. The Wanderers spoke of a dangerous portal and many strange things, the danger didn't phase him at first and so Horatio stayed in order to recharge himself before moving on.

The first real clue to danger were the dreadful nightmares. Horatio awoke and staggered to his feet, With a drink still in his hand, he approached a man speaking to thin air. “Good sir…” Horatio began, but before he could finish his question the man vanished. As if this was not disturbing enough, a bunch of people appeared. Horatio looked at his drink and shook his head but before he could leave he appeared 20ft away as did others. The weird distortions got worse but the Wanderers seemed to know what to do. Horatio ignored the call to adventure but fate threw him in the same location and he found himself in a strange place with them.

The second clue to danger was the thunder strikes and extreme weather. Horatio wondered why he had come along when all around him erupted violence. It seemed that the denizens of this that place were waring upon the Wanderers who were seen as trespassers. The giant white samurai rabbit was approached by a denizen who showed menace with his martial arts moves.

“Allow me,” Horatio said as he stepped in the way blocking his path. Horatio took up his dueling stance, saber outstretched. He attacked with precise strikes, this was far from his first duel but it was his most sober one. The assailant parried the blows with bare hands as if they were made of steel. Eventually, like all villains, the assailant turned and fled. Horatio gave chase for a while. More battles were going on around him. One man has tattoos on his chest, energy crackled around him. More assailants attacked and Horatio dodged out of the way.

The third clue was the screaming for someone to stop the tattooed man. A bolt of energy hit Horatio in his chest and he grabbed his mace and swung it at the tattooed man with a heroic crushing strike to the chest. Horatio did not know his own strength, what started as a desperate blow in retaliation turned into a gigantic smashing blow of devastation. The visceral brutality of the act awakened something primal within him. As he felt this wave within rise, before he could understand it, an explosion of shards of something peppered him…

… Hyde awoke on the ground, his chest was being tended to by Hope and Carson. His mouth tasted of one of Jekyll’s healing potions and he had no memory of where he was and what he was doing there. For the first time in a while he was at a disadvantage.

“Why am I here?” Hyde demanded to which he got no definitive answer.

“That's what I want to know,” Hope said as she walked away. No one seemed surprised by his appearance here. Hyde was confused. In a strange realm with strange assailants coming forward, Hyde felt more like a stranger than ever.

It was Wordsworth who finally replied to his repeated questions. He told Hyde that Horatio not Jekyll had joined them. At first he assumed it was a mistake but the gap in his memories alluded to a more sinister reason.

“Who is Horatio?” Hyde asked. “And why can't I remember?”

After the calamity ended Edward Hyde recovered what belongings Jekyll or… this Horatio had left in the garden. He remembered a while back his painful lesson with Roman regarding recalling the basics of alchemy. He truly couldn't tap into those memories still but he knew enough to recognise potions. He could only recall glimpses. He opened the alchemy pouch and found the only unmarked potion. Hyde knew what this was, he could sense its power. He vaguely recalled Dr Jekyll taking the trip to the glade of Grasslich trees in Khingan lands. His other half had planned to extend the intellect enhancement. With the recent blackouts and this “Horatio” Edward needed to access his true memories more urgently than ever.

“Still energised…I see.” Hyde said to himself. “Waste not want not.”
OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde / Horatio
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nightfall had reached the beach. Dr Jekyll hadn’t recalled seeing it like this for a very long time. In fact he couldn’t remember ever seeing the beach in the dark. Strange, he thought. He tried to use reason and rational thought to solve the puzzle of how he had gotten there. Just as he was about to come to conclusion that it was Hyde’s doing he saw Edward Hyde walking down the beach. At first Dr Jekyll was annoyed at being interrupted from his essential alchemical research. Then he was confused. Edward Hyde mirrored Henry Jekyll’s confused and their faces mirrored the same expression as well as the same features.


“Am I”

“Doing here?” They said at once in a harmony so perfect that it would have unnerved anyone else listening.

“This is your doing isn’t it Jekyll! You’ve meddled once more.”

“No!” Jekyll protested. “I mean, yes, I was going to but I haven’t finished. I assumed it was you.”

“ME?” Hyde shouted. “I’m going to…” As the threat started it died as he noticed Jekyll calmly standing there tilting his head as if hearing something else. “What is it?”

“If you are here, and so am I. Who is controlling the body?! Where are we?”

Hyde spun around like a wounded animal ready to snarl and pounce on something. They were alone on the beach, in the darkness. The sound of waves crashing against the shore was their only company. The sky was starless.

“This reminds me of a nightmare.” Jekyll said thoughtfully. Faced with his mortal enemy, he was left confused and faced with a bigger problem.

“I don’t know what you are talking about but my need to break your spine is only intensifying.” Hyde smelled the air and slowly stalked up the beach, as much as he hated Jekyll, his instinct told him a larger threat was here. Nothing. No scent, no sound, no vision. Yet he felt like he was being watched, studied, observed like a laboratory animal.

Dr Jekyll began to write in the wet sand with a stick. He wrote calculations, formula and everything that came to mind. Anything to solve this puzzle. Hyde stole a glance and burned with jealousy. The thought of Jekyll using HIS intellect enraged him enough to make him erupt. Yet something chilled his bones and evoked a primal fear that distracted his wrath.

“I’m disappointed in both of you.” A voice in the darkness said.

“Who’s there?” Hyde replied.

“What do you want?” Jekyll added.

“Who am I? What do I want? Both good questions. Certainly pertinent questions to ask a stranger when you first meet them. Whether they will respond with honesty is another matter. Do we ever truly admit who we really? And when does anyone truly tell you what they want? Frankly, I expected better from both of you.” The voice’s condescending tone tainted the air with sneers as they both searched blindly.

“Are you the one who brought us to this place?” Jekyll asked. “Logically you must be holding some knowledge about this situation back.”

“Where are you?” Hyde asked. “That’s my question. I’m itching to crush someone’s skull tonight.”

“Charming.” Jekyll and the voice said in unison.

“Always the brawn Hyde.” The voice said. “You’ll never find me. I’m not really here. Neither are you. But you don’t get it yet do you?”

“You are controlling our body.” Jekyll sighed.

“WHAAATTT?!” Hyde yelled.

“No. I am not. Not yet anyway.” The voice admitted. “I am… let us say, the best parts of both of you. Henry Jekyll’s keen intellect with Edward Hyde’s raw convictions. No emotional attachments limiting me. I am in both of you and in neither.”

“Riddles!” Hyde spat. “Useless riddles.”

“How is this possible?” Jekyll asked.

“It’s possible. You tried to recreate the experiment doctor. What DID you think was going to happen?! You tried to usurp the doctor’s plan Hyde! You went into a place that breaks and remakes you. Come now Edward, did you think your sanity would emerge unscathed?”

“Great! So I’m going mad!” Hyde chuckled.

“How many?” Jekyll said as he closed his eyes in defeat.

“Hard to say. The cracks are fresh. I calculate at least two since the trauma runs down parallel lines in your psyches but then that might be the residual psychological knowledge you absorbed doctor.”

“That still doesn’t explain this stupid beach!” Hyde yelled as he kicked the sand.

“Oh but it does. Jekyll knows. Tell him Dr Jekyll.”

“This is our prison.” Jekyll said in defeat.

“The hell it is!”

“Think of it more like a waiting room.” The voice explained. “Here you remain like a patient until the doctor is ready to see you.”

“I must be dreaming.” Hyde snorted.

“Perhaps, and you may not remember this when you awaken so to speak.”

“This is utter madness,” Dr Jekyll proclaimed.

“More like a mix between schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. Well at least you know the voices in your head are real, in a fashion anyway, and they do indeed wish to do you harm.”

“Wait…” Dr Jekyll said. “I’m no speaking. I’m thinking… or dreaming. So if I am lucid dreaming…” He trailed off as he raised his hands and summoned a sunrise. Hyde grimaced in disbelief but caught a glimpse of a silhouette in the shadows. He began to march over to it.

“Well done!” The voice said from the silhouette. “I didn’t think you’d realise that. Here you can dream up your laboratory, some victims to beat to death, whatever you need to pass the time. No need for us to suffer each other’s company constantly while we wait…”

“Oh no!” Hyde interrupted. “I’ve had it with trespassers in my mind. You’re clearing off. All of you. Or I am going to tear your mind to ribbons.”

“While I admire your brutal efficiency, I do despise your lack of wits. I AM A SHADOW! What are you going to do me?” The silhouette stood as a shadow against the cliff face. Hyde punched the rocks causing a crack but otherwise not harming the shadow in front of him.

“Edward!” Jekyll yelled across the beach. “He’s a shadow because he chose to be one. You’re not limited by your body here. You can be as strong as you will yourself to be. Think! What vanquishes Shadows?”
“Light!” Edward smiled as he summoned burning fire within his hands as the shadow faded it looked as if it bowed to him. “And stay gone!”

“Somehow, I doubt it will.” Jekyll admitted. In the sand he saw a piece of paper and he picked it up and read it:

Basic structure of the Serum

Solute + Solvent + Solution

The nature of the serum therefore will be to construct a digestible structure with an increased integrity: in this way the longevity of the Serum is increased. We therefore return to the nature of the Serum itself.

Focus: the development of the intellect to be able to alter the structure of matter by intellect alone. This is commensurate with the forbidden practice of mathematicians manipulation. The artificial increase in intellect will come at a price.

Extract of cortex, frontal and prefrontal cortex. Fresh extract. Heart tissue.

Suggested Components:

The amalgam and emitrification of the prime solute component must be combined with a suitable solvent.

The essential problem is the availability of the component.

It is necessary of the utmost importance to solve this.I suggest smaller units concentrate on this: Assign our best scientist.





“This was those damn research notes from Salem. It’s what drove me on to the path of finding an Intellect boosting serum. Perhaps I was blinded in the hopes of finding a cure. Perhaps this is the price.”

“Or maybe you just wanted the power?!”

“I only sought control. Control over myself. I was desperate.”

“As was I.” Edward agreed as he approached. “I wanted you to make that potion, so I could take it instead. Didn’t I deserve the right to reclaim my memories?”

“Edward…” Jekyll said. “Edward I…” Suddenly Hyde grabbed Jekyll by the throat and threw him into the sea. He landed with a splash and Hyde followed jumping in seconds after him with a leap. Dr Jekyll struggled wildly as Hyde drowned him and forced in under the water with his superior strength.

“I meant it, I want you all gone.” Hyde growled through gritted teeth as he held Jekyll under the water. “This is MY mind.” Jekyll struggled under the water fighting Hyde’s blind fury was pointless. No matter how much he tried he couldn’t focus his mind into such a wrathful state as to match Hyde’s brute force as so Dr Jekyll did what any good alchemist would do in such a situation. He let go and stopped fighting.

Transmutation: The art of transforming one substance into another. Dr Jekyll thought of the shadowy creature and how it was insubstantial. His lessons had not been wasted on him. He imagined himself as water until every part of his body melted away into a liquid form.

Hyde laughed in victory as Jekyll vanished. He assumed dead minds don’t leave bodies. Hyde laughed hysterically and splashed the water.

“Two down!” He yelled. Then he saw it, a small hole on the horizon. It was getting bigger and bigger as it approached him. Like some wild vortex tinged with rage and pain it flew towards him and swallowed him up.


… Hyde awoke on the ground, his chest was being tended to by Hope and Carson. His mouth tasted of one of Jekyll’s healing potions and he had no memory of where he was and what he was doing there. For the first time in a while he was at a disadvantage.

“Why am I here?” Hyde demanded… “And Why can’t I remember?!”


The ocean swept Horatio inland as he washed up on the shore unconscious from his battle. Dr Jekyll checked his pulse and began to stitch up the wounds on his chest. He frowned at unconscious body before him. The resemblance to Hyde was uncanny. They could be twins but then again the same could be said of him and Hyde. A less perceptive man would have assumed it was Hyde but Henry Jekyll saw no rage boiling off this one.

“Who are you?” He whispered careful not to awaken his unconscious patient. “What do you want? And more importantly… Do I want to know?” Doctor Jekyll looked around the beach, he had precious little time as it was to lay the grenades, mines and prep the gunpowder ready for Hyde’s return. This conflict was distracting but if he had to fight for control, he would. He would win this war and regain the body. He looked down at the unconscious body and coldly considered his options. “Allies. I’m going to need allies. I’m going to have to think bigger.” As he said this Jekyll spotted two ships coming around the coast with their canons primed. As his vision of the Cresting Edge and the Broken Travels arrived, Jekyll turned back to the unconscious one.

“Time to pick a side stranger because this beach is about to become a war zone.”
OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde / Horatio
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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