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"Without you, I cannot be me"

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:20 am    Post subject: "Without you, I cannot be me" Reply with quote

The cherry blossoms were already starting to fall from the branches across Keshi, winter would soon wrap the island in its cold embrace as she did each year. The peasants below the castle walls made ready their rice to be stored till the Spring planting. In the back of his mind Zaizen pondered those poor souls of sanctuary, their homeland was sundered and burned by war would they be able to feed themselves over the cold months. Each night he prayed from the truest place within his heart that they would see the sense needed to abandon the war, surrender to the order of the Samurai was the only way. He could not understand why, how could they have known such hate towards the nobles whom were by the mandate of heaven supposed to protect those beneath them. What sin was so grave that they turned their back on the celestial order, upon the very concept of harmony ?

His eyes fixed on the road that lead to the castle moate, he would give anything for them to see the error of their ways. Why must pride make the world so complex.What had happened to loyalty. That thought caught in his mind for a moment as he considered it. Loyalty, that selflessness that dwelt within the heart of the truest beings…..

Gods...What had loyalty done to those he cared for. Usagi had thrown himself infront of a curse that would eat him away from the inside out before turning on that one thing he cared for most in this world. His family, a divine lineage who protected the innocent of the Thunders from many horrors. And now due to his loyalty to him, now they were all placed in Danger. How could I have allowed this to happen. The thought stuck in his throat. Those whom I love are always the ones made to suffer for my failures. They are blameless, this is not their sin to bare and yet they are forced to suffer for the actions I take, the person ...the monster I am.

Lord Zaizen smashed his fist down onto the battlement wall over and over again. The mechanics could only bear so much of this strain before they started to splinter apart under the onslaught. Blood spurted from the augments coating both the wall and the Lords fine Kimono. His hair unkempt and tears streaming from his eyes. How can I allow this to happen to them, they bare the weight for the sin of my existence.

He remembered that night, the night when he had lost his arms. Cut from his body by the sword of the man whom he had called father. The mocking faces as his retainers had been forced to drag their masters away….The Prince of Iron no longer. It was Usagi whom had made everything safe, he had taken charge and faught away the darkness. Keeping me alive even though my body should have given up long ago. He had banished my fears.

Lifting his now ruined hands to the sky seeing the sun reflected in their crimson stained surface he whispered under his breath

“Usagi Shinamoto ...I command you not to die. Don't leave me alone in this world. This is the truest command of my heart”
Lord chosokabe Zaizen
Daimyō of the chosokabe clan
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