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Monsters under the bed

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Hope lay on her bed staring at the gap through the poorly drawn curtains, she'd been awake for hours, the last couple of nights had been the same. Normally nothing troubled her sleep, but everything she had discovered recently and everything she and Jekyll had discussed played on her mind. Hope rolled over again trying to seek comfort but finding none. She sighed rubbing a hand over her face, she was lying to herself there was really only one thing she’d recently discovered keeping her awake.

“A secret buried deep within his ancestral home, the monster under the bed was real.” Those words written in her father's hand plagued her.

For not the first time Hope scooted over to the edge of her bed and looked under it, her blond hair spilling onto the floor, she squinted upside down in the darkness, of course, it was empty nothing more than a thin layer of dust, Hope knew this was deeper than simply under her bed.
Deciding that she would not get a good night's sleep until she got to the bottom of this she slipped out of bed. She pulled up the red rug that lay across her room next to her bed and unceremoniously dumped it in the corner.
Hope kneeled down on the hard wooden floor, she ran her hands over the smooth floorboards examining them in the moonlight, expecting them to yield some answer or perhaps reveal a hidden trap door but that was foolish she'd slept in this room nearly her whole life, if it held a secret in it she'd have found it by now. However if it hid a secret below it, that would be different. Brushing her hair out of the way she placed one ear against the floorboards, listening, holding her own breath, eyes closed to focus but there was nothing only the wind and distant cry of an owl.
It was foolish there was nothing to hear, she’d have heard it by now, her house now empty, Vela had remained in Khinghan lands and Jekyll who had visited had left several days ago.
Hope left her ground floor bedroom and made her way in the darkness, not bothering to light a candle and into the kitchen, her bare feet silent on the cold floor. She retrieved the large brass key and unlocked the kitchen door that leads out to the grounds behind her home. Hope stepped out into the night, wind whipped at the edge of her nightdress, she suppressed a shiver and made her way other to a pile of chopped wood, the axe was easy to spot its metallic blade reflecting the moonlight, she picked up the axe taking a moment to inspect the blade before heading back inside.
Hope walked calmly back to her room, axe held in both hands. Once back to her bedroom she lit a lantern giving the room a soft glow of light. She positioned herself in the centre of her room axe held high, she wasn’t sure if she was mad for checking for monsters under her bed, or mad for not checking sooner. Hope swung the axe into the floorboard it embedded with a satisfying thud and the wood splintered, she yanked it free and repeated it, again and again, it was an efficient tool for the task if a little unorthodox and messy but efficient. After several swings she was able to work a few floorboards loose chucking them aside, her room was covered in splintered pieces of wood, she winced at the destruction, there was probably a more effective way to pull up floorboards but she had neither the tools or the patients.
Hope retrieved her lantern from the bedside table and kneeled down by the jagged hole she had created and gently lowered the lantern into the hole. Her stomach dropped when the lantern didn’t encounter ground or the foundations of her home. Instead, she could hold the light at full arm's length and still not make out the entire space below her room. For the longest moment she stared at the lantern light dangling in her hand, it somewhat lit the room below but from this angle she was too blinded by the light to see anything, I need to get in there, Hope thought, and pulling her arm out and placed the lantern back down she headed back through her home to retrieve an old wooden ladder she used to reach the top of bookshelves. Hope carefully lowered the ladder into the hole, thankfully it was tall enough. Picking up the lantern again Hope began climbing awkwardly down into the darkness.
IC: Hope - Precision is difference between a butcher and a surgeon.

OOC: Mandy
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