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PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:55 am    Post subject: Endgame Reply with quote

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde sat on the beach, a chessboard between them on the table. The sunset bathed the scene in an orange glow.

Dr Jekyll looked down at his white chess pieces, he couldn't quite remember whether it was his go or not since the game was halfway through. The game looked like it was half way through. Mr Hyde felt more mentally collected at the table as if he was regaining some of his intellect. The urge the strangle Jekyll was lessening and he thought that perhaps the longer he stayed the more intellect he could recover.

"Congratulations Doctor." Hyde began as he took a pawn. "I didn't think you had what it takes to make the potions. Tell me, was it worth it?"

Dr Jekyll recalled the auction house in Dust. He recalled desperately trying to get backing to buy the potion box. The thought of another Hyde serum in the world terrified him. Yet he had failed and the Mage Eater had won the bid. It was only he deal to cut Jekyll that had given him the potion box. He looked at his hand as if to see a cut. There was none. The Mage Eater had kept to his word. Yet it had caused great anguish from some of the wanderers Tarin and Sir Calin in particular.
"I had to stop another serum getting into the world." Dr Jekyll said as he took Hyde's knight with his bishop.

"And I thought I was the unpopular one. You ruffled more than a few feathers that night. Then again, they just didn't want to help you." Hyde took another pawn with his other knight.

"No, they just didn't have the funds to help me."

"You saw the amount of money that people spent. They didn't want to help you. Why would they? Who are you to them? Just a pathetic doctor. Mind you, it didn't help that you lied to them either." Jekyll looked with an expression of indignation. "Come now doctor, we both know it was curiosity not fear that drove you to want the potion box. That wasn't all you were prepared to offer that night was it. If they only knew what I know about you! I doubt the wanderers would be so... tolerant of you."

"I may have had mistakes before I made you."

"I made you." Hyde interrupted.

"But now, I am purely driven to solve this problem we find ourselves in. The ends sometimes justify the means." Jekyll placed his knight in front of Hyde's queen, he took the bait and took the knight, Jekyll followed up by taking Hyde's queen with his bishop.

"You cannot lie to yourself and you cannot lie to me. You're good doctor act is slipping. You are slipping. No one really cares for you anyway." Hyde moved more pieces up the board decimating pawns.

"You drive everyone who cares for me away, you drove me off the crew and you drove me out of the brotherhood."

"Henry, you still haven't learned have you? Friendship is weakness. These people will never be your friends. How could they love such a pathetic nasty thing such as you. You are a sheep and I am a wolf. Leave me with sheep and you get lamb chops. I'm surprised you haven't told them about the previous massacre. It's almost as if you are worried they would exile you even further." Hyde chuckled as he took Jekyll's remaining knight.

"I'll be done with you soon, monster." Jekyll thought back to the code in the potion box, it had lead to dark discoveries like the forbidden writing in Salem had. The auction potion was a mutagenic, it was connected to his work somehow but it needed powering by a dark source. One that would bring down the inquisition in Salem.

"Frankly, I'm surprised you have the nerve to harvest the energy source." Hyde remarked. "Did you gulp when you read you needed Grasslich energy? Or were you happy to deal with the devil again? It's not like it isn't the first line you have crossed. The knowledge is wasted on you, if I had my mind back, I could show you how a real scientist works!"

Jekyll thought back to the code and how he had used it to decipher the journal he had recovered from the lab under Smoke. It had revealed many things include the name Edward and how the director of the Foundation was Hope's father. How could this be? There was a connection that he was missing.

"Ah yes, Smoke! Where you wouldn't let me out to play. Where you stole that journal from the golem. You lied to your friends there. You claimed there was nothing found. Not such a squeeky clean doctor are you?"

"It was dangerous knowledge. I couldn't risk it."

"You wouldn't share. The alchemy secrets where more than you could bear." Hyde moved more pieces up the board.

"The ends will justify the means. I will rid myself of you."

"You think that potion will reverse the process somehow? It might make me stronger. Risk isn't in your nature. You'll never just drink it, you're too much of a coward. Without friends or a hugh lab, what will you do?"

Dr Jekyll looked at the chessboard, he had become so lost in his thoughts that he had forgotten the chess game. He was losing now. He had but a few key pieces left to breach Hyde's defence and check him. It was going to take the sacrifice of a key piece and he could ill afford it.

"Well well, without friends what are you going to do?" Hyde sneered.
Jekyll had one gambit left, his queen was in prime position to check Hyde. But it would mean sacrificing her. He looked at the piece and thought about the dilemma. "You wouldn't." Hyde remarked.

Jekyll lifted to piece into his hands and locked eyes with Hyde.
"Wouldn't I? I guess you don't know me as well as you thought Edward. Check!"

Edward Hyde felt the urge to destroy the white queen rise and then it was tackled by something, passion, compassion or perhaps something deeper. He couldn't just wipe her out. He snarled as he blocked the check with his rook sacrificing it instead. "Well," Jekyll said. "That's a surprise." Jekyll revealed that he hadn't moved his queen at all and it was in fact his rook. He took Hyde's black rook and called check again. Hyde growled and flipped the chessboard. As the pieces scattered they landed as potions and Jekyll frantically searched the sand for the special potion. Hyde kicked Jekyll in the guts and sent him flying up the beach. It occured to him that both of them were asleep and it was a race to see who would awaken the body first.

"Since I can't break your body, I will destroy everything you love!" Hyde threatened.

"Then you leave me no choice Hyde! This is the endgame!" Jekyll replied.
OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde / H...I stopped counting
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

*Several years ago…*

Dr Jekyll poured the tea for his friend Gabriel Utterson. The cuff of his black coat knocked the carefully arranged biscuits over on to the table cloth. This disorder was abhorrent and commanded his attention. He began to place them back on top of the plate in the same order and brushed away the crumbs from the cloth.

“My dear Dr Jekyll,” Gabriel began. “Your meticulous eye for detail can be both a blessing and a curse. Really, Henry, there’s no need to clean up now.”

“There’s every need.” Henry responded without raising his eyes off the table cloth. “Surely a man of legal expertise can appreciate tidiness or do lawyers not care for accuracy.”

Gabriel chuckled. “I must admit I dislike mess and mysteries, which is why I have called on you. I need that obsessive eye of yours. Do you recall that case, I told you about?”

“A lawyer who takes cases now? Are you becoming a detective?”

“I’m assisting with the case. You remember the nightmares I told you about? The faceless monster?”

“I do my friend. I recommended you take that tincture which I brewed for you. Have they not subsided?”

“Not really but that’s not the point now. The last victim was Sir Danvers Carew; a client of mine. Since I knew the latest victim, I’ve been asked to help out. I think the killer made a grave mistake in killing a man of such noble birth.”

“The life of a noble should not be weighed more or less than the life of a commoner, Gabriel. As an alchemist and a physician, I am honour bound to help all my patients.”

“Yes, of course. I meant rather that the constabulary are now very much motivated to catch this monster. Now that I am personally involved, I need a medical expert to help me assist in finding the culprit.”

“This is where I come in I guess. You want me to make sure you don't lose your head?” Dr Jekyll chuckled.

“Indeed. Oh please say you’ll help me Henry. It’ll be like an adventure for us.”

“I was supposed to meet Dr Lanyon later… I suppose I could rearrange, since there are lives at stake. Yes, I will help you in this worthy endeavour. In doing so, we may save lives and I may show you that rich or poor, each life matters since we all bleed the same.”

"A nice sentiment, a pity you had to end it in blood." Utterson smiled.

***Later that day***

Utterson took Jekyll to the morgue where Carew’s cadaver lay on a stone slab. Two lanterns illuminated the room as Dr Jekyll examined the cadaver.
“What do you see?” Utterson asked eagerly.

“Well… it’s difficult to tell with exact certainty but the bruising indicates a blunt object like a club was used to repeatedly smash him in the head and face. Ah… look, the skull was smashed here. Several lower teeth missing. Broken ribs. Yes, definitely a brutal bludgeoning. Poor old soul.”

“A street urchin found the body.” Utterson added. “Anything else? What about the way the wounds were caused? We need to know the nature of the beast that did this.”

“I’d say the assailant was taller than the victim. The severity of the wounds show great strength and see these marks on the hands. These look defensive, as if he tried to block them. I’m getting a rather distasteful picture of an elderly man begging for the beast to stop, raising his hands and yes… the beating continued post death. He was beaten to death and then the assailant kept on hitting the body. Looking at the pooling of the blood under the skin. This murderer was in a rage of some sort. Not at first, because the defensive wounds indicate perhaps they were civil to one another and the victim knew or spoke to the assailant but then things got very violent, very quickly.”

“Who could do such a thing?”

“I’d say a man of at least six foot, very strong, prone to losing his temper.”

***Some days later***

Dr Jekyll awoke in the alley way, blood splatter covered his shirt. He had no recollection of how he got there. As he rose to his feet he saw the dismembered corpse of a member of the constabulary. Wooden boxes were broken and the remains lay all around him. In the morning fog her saw figures approaching, he staggered to his feet but felt too weak to get up.
“Help me!” He yelled as he scampered around. He tripped and landed on a second body, this one still breathing. “Help! We need help!” He yelled again as he tore his already damaged shirt to make a tourniquet and stop the bleeding. Two street urchins rushed up to help him while a third called for help.

"We've got you good sir. It's the least we can do." Jekyll passed out again.

***Later that evening***

Dr Jekyll saw Mr Utterson at the foot of his bed, he gave Jekyll a smile more for out of habit than reassurance. Jekyll wondered whether he was angry at him for something.

“Henry, you fool. You could’ve gotten yourself killed. Why did you go after the beast alone?”

“I don’t remember…”

“Well you’re a lucky fool because it seems like we now have witnesses. You managed to survive the encounter miraculously with little more than concussion. What’s more, you saved a member of the night watch. The poor chap hasn’t regained consciousness yet. We are hoping to get a sketch of the monster off one of you two. I told the magistrate to leave you to rest but we are going to need something to go on to stop the murders. I’m sorry to ask so soon after the incident but…” Utterson was interrupted by Teresa. She walked passed him and up to the bed.

“Let him rest Gabriel.” Teresa said. “Can you not just be thankful that he survived?” She held Henry’s hand and smiled as she looked into his eyes with affection. She turned her head and looked at Gabriel and his expression changed as did his demeanour.

“Of course. I’ll be back later Henry. You deserve some time with your fiancée. See how she dotes on you? You have her heart. Better marry her soon before someone else does!”

“Gabriel… I don’t remember anything.” Henry blurted out. “I’m sorry.”

“Of course,” Gabriel Utterson replied. “The trauma must have been terrible. I’m... glad you survived my friend. Now leave the monster hunting to us.”

***Six weeks later***

Dr Jekyll poured a yellow substance into a green one and watched for a reaction. The new potion bubbled away and began to evaporate. He heard Teresa knocking the door and calling his name.

“Henry!” She called. “You need to rest. It isn’t your fault!”

“Go away Teresa, it isn’t safe for you here!”

“The professor is alive. Your friend is alive.”

“He’s in a coma. Like the watchman. Gabriel is missing. I have to find this beast before he does something to you as well! He seems to be stalking everyone and everything I hold close to me!”

“Leave it to the constabulary, you’re a scientist not a soldier.”

“I think I may have created something to give me the power that I’ll need to face the monster. I won't black out after I drink this. I don't know how I know it, but alchemy is the key. I fear that I may have encountered this kind of abomination before we met. Now go Teresa, it isn’t safe for you to be near me. I’ll find you when this is all over, that much, my love, I promise. Then we can be married. I promise you with my heart and soul, I'll find you when this is over! Now leave this place my love. Go hyde."

As he heard her footsteps disappear, Dr Jekyll took the broach with Teresa's profile carved into the white stone on the purple oval. He tied it to rope and placed it around his neck. He took a deep sigh. Why does this feel like the end of something? He took another deep breath, drank the potion and collapsed on the floor, he rolled in agony as the transformation overtook him.


When he came too, he felt the breeze and as he stirred he instinctively knew he was falling. Jekyll desperately grabbed on to the wooden beam in time. He looked below him to see the broken floor, below it several stories down and hundreds of feet were the stone slabs of the bottom of the abandoned church. The sun was setting. He was in the spire for some inexplicable reason and twenty feet away across from him was his friend Gabriel Utterson. Dr Jekyll’s clothes were torn and he had blood all over them again.

“Gabriel!” He said with relief. “I’ve been searching for you for weeks!”

“I know Henry!” Gabriel Utterson said soberly. “Now you’ve found me, I guess you’ll be killing me too like everyone else.”

“What? No! Gabriel, I must have blacked out again. I thought I’d solved it, I thought I’d made a potion to retain my memories and fight the beast. What has happened? Why are we up here? Where is the beast! Are we his captives?”

“Henry enough of the pretence! You know who the beast is.”

“No, I don’t!” Dr Jekyll announced. “You’re scaring me now. Tell me how I got here and where is the beast? I’ve been out of my mind with worry. Since you vanished, it has hunted down my friends.”

“You really don’t know do you?!” Gabriel sighed. “Henry… Henry… you are the beast! You turn into this monster. It’s been hiding within you all this time. Look what you've done!” Gabriel sported his wounds.

“No! It can’t be true.”

“It is. I cornered you down with five watchmen weeks ago. The thing that stepped out of the shadows was you, albeit taller and broader but it was you. You were so quick and so strong. You tore through the guards as if they were dolls. I shouted your name but you didn’t respond. You acted as if possessed by a demon of wrath. That was when I fled. I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger and shoot my old friend.” Utterson pointed the blunderbuss across the chasm from his beam towards Dr Jekyll. “You’ve been on quite the rampage my friend. You’ve destroyed the lives of so many, so I lured you here to ask you why. I wanted to know why you murdered our friends.”

“Gabriel… I… had no idea!” Dr Jekyll admitted.

“You liar! I discovered the smashed up laboratory. I found notes that you and the professor shared. Years and years of notes. From before you met me. Strange alchemical mutations and work I couldn’t understand. You’ve turned yourself into the monster. Or maybe you were the monster all along. Is 'Dr Henry Jekyll' even your real name? From the notes, I doubt it!”

“I don’t understand.” Jekyll protested. “Yes, I do recall working on a project. Project Titan was to protect us all. It was to save us. I remember that I separated out the darker impulses. I…”

“Henry please don’t lie to me. You’ve done unspeakable things.” Gabriel’s eyes filled with tears. “How long did you know? We’re you just toying with me and her?”

“Gabriel, who?” Suddenly it dawned on Dr Jekyll: Teresa.

“I know the affair was wrong, I crossed a line, but did you have to kill her?” The words pierced Jekyll’s heart like a spear.

“What? No, no, no, no, no, no, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t do that.” Jekyll fervently shook his head. Back in his bed her saw the memory of Teresa holding his hand reassuringly. He saw her turn her head away and glance at Gabriel and the memory froze and in the mirror which hung on the wall, out of the corner of his eye, he saw her face mouth silently ‘I love you' to his friend Gabriel.

“I loved her too.” Gabriel Utterson proclaimed. “And she loved me. You took that from me. What have you done?!”

Jekyll was no longer listening to him, a silent fury was building like a volcano in his gut and as it began to erupt he saw the beast. He saw the demon.

“You’ve murdered the people I love! What have you done?!” Jekyll screamed at the dark version of himself. Within his mind, superimposed on the scene next to Utterson the beast smiled and spoke.

“I did it for us. I did it for you, I did it for me. Your so-called friends were using us. Retribution was needed. Our women was cheating with our best friend. Our professor was lying to us, our doctor colleague stole the credit and our work. This is who you really are. The good doctor is the mask you now wear to hide. Hyde… indeed.”

“I never asked for this.” Jekyll stuttered.

“Yes you did!” Hyde replied.

“You’ve murdered innocents on the streets. What about the girls and the watchmen and Carew? Everyone fears you as a monster.”

“I’m not here to justify myself to you. Carew sated his lust on young orphans off the street. The orphans, now they’re not scared of me. I’m hailed a hero in their eyes. The other scum got in my way. Some belittled us, others attacked us. HAVE I NOT MADE US POWERFUL?! AM I NOT TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN?! YOU NEED ME! YOU ARE ME! IT’S TIME YOU EMBRACE THIS AND LET ME OUT!”

"Where is Teresa? What did you do to her?" Jekyll demanded an answer.

"Would you like me to show you?" Hyde grinned.

Suddenly Jekyll saw Hyde facing Teresa in the drawing room. She was pale and visibly shaking. Hyde caressed her face gently and he face softened. Teresa jerked as his fist tore into her chest plucking out her heart. As she collapsed forward he caught her and glanced into the mirror, in the reflection Dr Jekyll held Teresa upright with her still beating heart in his hand, he and Hyde exchanged a conspiratorial glance through the mirror.

"NO!" Jekyll panicked.

"No?" Hyde scoffed. "Maybe not."

Another scene unfolded as Teresa ran through the house in darkness and Hyde slowly stalked her in the shadows. Her begging cries and pleas were ignored as the approached closer and closer. As a bloody heart was thrown into her hands, she screamed in terror.

"Perhaps death was too good for her. Then again, retribution is better served swiftly and without hesitation. While you keep acting like a snivelling coward, you'll never know. You cannot stop me. It's my time now. Time to complete the circle then."

Gabriel Utterson aimed the blunderbuss at Dr Jekyll. He saw his friend’s face contort as if in battle with his own body. He leaped into the air crossing the chasm and the stone floor hundreds of feet below. Jekyll’s last words were “aim true” as there was a resounding bang.

*** Hours later ***

The nightwatch arrived and the magistrate sometime after that.

"We've recovered one body sir." The watchman reported.

"Is it him?" The magistrate asked. "Is it the beast? Is its rein of terror over?"

"We think so sir but we can't be sure. The body landed on it's head which splattered like a melon."

"Send the body to the doctor for identification. Maybe he can use his alchemy or something to confirm it is the beast and not yet another vicitim. He'll be so pleased if it is, he's spent months helping us track this thing down."

The following morning, the watch knocked the home of Dr Jekyll but there was no answer, only the smell of fresh death filled the air. For all intents and purposes the doctor was no more.
OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde / H...I stopped counting
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dr Jekyll grabbed the sand on the beach in his fists as he sat on his knees.

“You already killed everyone I love long ago you maniac!” He yelled this in half desperation and half hilarity as if the realisation had only just hit home and driven him mad. “You want to burn everything until the world has just me and you in it. What then?! WHAT THEN?”

Mr Hyde contemplated dragging the doctor into the water and drowning him there and then. The rage burned within him so fiercely that he felt like he had to stand among the cool waves just to cool off long enough to think before he caught on fire. Mr Hyde ran towards Jekyll and punched him in the face sending his smaller frame tumbling until it landed face up.

“Then,” Hyde responded. “Then I might gain some retribution for what you stole from me.” As Hyde approached he crushed potion bottles under his feet upon rocks between the sand of the beach. His foot crunched Dr Jekyll’s ankle as he stamped down. Dr Jekyll laughed through the visible pain. “What’s so funny?” Hyde growled. “What have you got to laugh at?”

“You don’t get it do you?” Dr Jekyll gasped through agony and mirth.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me!” Mr Hyde warned as he grabbed Jekyll by the throat and raised his fist to smash his teeth in. He contemplated savouring how he would kill Jekyll but his rage demanded immediate satisfaction.

“How are you and I here?” Jekyll asked in a raspy voice while still in Hyde’s grasp. “Think! How are you touching me when we share the same body!”

“Not important! I don’t care!” Hyde roared as he pounded his fists into Jekyll’s face. The trauma he inflicted would have pulverised a man’s head into broken bone and flesh like a crushed melon and yet Jekyll’s head was as hard as… his own. Hyde threw another punch but it was as if all the strength was drained in mid-air as it landed with far less impact.

“You should care.” Jekyll replied. As Hyde looked down, he saw that Jekyll was far larger than he had first perceived him to be. Hyde felt like a child in comparison, a petulant child whose parent was waking up. Jekyll applied exactly the right pressure and flung the now much smaller Hyde off his chest and into the sea. There was a loud splash thirty yards away where Hyde landed as Jekyll rose to his feet. “You don’t recognise this beach do you Hyde? I do. It’s Port Rabel. I remember looking for shells on the beach when I was a child. It’s just as I left it in my memories, no Crimson Brotherhood, no Iron Clads in the ocean, so this is fake. Heck, maybe my memories are fake too. Who knows? So the question is where are we?”

Hyde scrambled to his feet and waded out of the water with murder on his face. He was stopped by a palm to his forehead by a goliath sized Jekyll. Hyde roared in anguish as Jekyll spoke.

“How am I larger and stronger than you? Think Hyde!” Jekyll demanded as Hyde swung attacks at his arm without success. “The rules of science don’t work here, it is as if my intellect makes me stronger as like on the astral plane.” An exhausted Hyde stopped and contemplated his words.

“Why have you done this? Why am I here? Are you trying to trick me? Because if you are, I will make you wish you were never…”

“More threats! No! I am not responsible for this. I assumed it was a dream, but it might be something else. The truly worrying question is that, if we are both here, below decks so to speak, who is steering our vessel?”

“Eh?” Hyde grunted.

“Who is controlling the body?” The prospect made both of them shiver.

“You’ve been focused on the wrong enemy, you fool! It’s as if you have no worldly wisdom at all. You’re like a child. Did the tale of the Alchemist and the Lonely Daemon not strike you as suspicious? I know you can see my memories. The Alchemist? The Herbalist? The Priest? The Tutor? The Daughter?! It mentions Hope by name as well as you. It’s the tale of our creation!”

“It looked boring,” Hyde snarled. “and I know it’s just a way to hide a the alchemical code. I’m that that dumb. Not yet! You aren’t the only one who recognises components Jekyll.”

“Oh, that's interesting to know about you but it’s so much more than that!” Jekyll said excitedly. “Look!” Jekyll demanded as he tapped his index finger into Hyde’s forehead. “Think! Think! Think!” Hyde gritted his teeth in pure hatred and threw himself at Jekyll, even in their mismatched warped forms, the gambit paid off and Jekyll was forced backwards onto his back. On the sand next to them on the sand, pages from the story of the alchemist and the lonely a daemon lay. They read:

Ashes but broken apart as if it had never existed. Therein started the germ in the mind of the alchemist. Rather than diffuse the power of a daemon to mortal terms, how much better to raise man to the power of a daemon. To strip by Quicklime the skin and orb and replace by constructing material that would blend with the body of those brave enough to undergo the process of organic reinforcement. Anaesthetic was key…

“See?” Hyde announced as he stood up taller than before. “I was made for greatness.” Hyde looked at another page.

Saltpetre might be sufficient to start but something far more potent and linked to a sustainable aspect of the Hunter…

“I was meant to be a daemon hunter. Some with the power to destroy a…”

“And with the enhanced intellect.” Jekyll added.

“Well that’s you’re fault.”

“Keep reading Hyde.” Jekyll urged coldly.

…There was only one think that the Alchemist could consider, a Graslich…

“Our source is unclean.”

“I know this. You know this. My wrath gives me power. What of it?! So what!? Sometimes you need a demon to fight a daemon. Are you going to moralise at me now?”

“You’ve seen the story about the Alchemist and the Lonely Daemon but you don’t get it do you?! Who are the protagonists?”

“The alchemist. Does it matter?!”

“Read again.” Jekyll demanded as more pages flew past.

…The Lonely Demon looked through the temporal crystal at the scene and smiled…

“This is its reaction at learning of the plan to enhance a human with the power of a Daemon." Jekyll asked. "Why would it be happy? Why would it not oppose this? Something doesn't seem right here.”

Borax was one of the final components of the puzzle. The Lonely Daemon realised that the external suit of the mortals was prone and must therefore be coated to prevent the escape of the intellect from the Vessel.

Solamoniac, that nitre based liquid glowed in the confines of the Lonely Daemon’s Laboratory

“Since when did the Lonely Daemon become the protagonist doing the experiment?”

“No! I was special. I was smart before you,” Hyde asserted. “See?” Another page blew past.

Cinnabar, a component from one of his researchers, his most intelligent friend such that intellect would be keen unparalleled but at the same time retraining his strength. The breakthrough was unparalleled but it was something he knew he must Hide.

“Your arrogance and self-worth are so inflated that they blind you to the truth. The Daemon is what is important in the story. It played us all.” Jekyll pointed at the evidence as the page landed.

Sublimated mercury provided the daemonic vector for the component and to bridge the daemon – mortal divide regarding affecting the actual daemonic presence itself.

“No, we’re nothing but a bridge,” Jekyll sighed. “You think we were made to fight these daemons but what if we were just another suit, a puppet for one to control or live deep within?” Hyde’s eyes widened as did Jekyll’s at the realisation. For a brief moment, they shared words and a common understanding.

“Whose in control of my body?” Hyde asked. Before they could pause for an answer, there was silence. The unusual silence was the awareness that the sound of the waves against the shore had stopped. Jekyll and Hyde turned to see absence of ocean and darkness on the horizon. A foreboding terror from across the sea had come to Port Rabel, at first Jekyll assumed it was the Crimson Brotherhood but it became imminently apparent that this threat was far more prolific and unnatural. They both fled up the dunes to higher ground as if avoiding a flood of darkness. In the distance ahead of them, they could see trees unraveling and turning to ash.

“What trickery is this?” Hyde demanded. “You’re trying to destroy me here!”

“Hyde for once in your life, just run!”

“To where?!”

“There.” Jekyll replied as he clambered up towards a small hill.” The daylight was gone now and all that remained was the moon and the stars. A wall of oblivion encircled the pair as they ran to a higher altitude.

“Where are you hoping to go?” Hyde pessimistically moaned. “This world is collapsing. It’s taking us with it Henry. Face it, we’re done for!”

“I’m going to the beacon, in times of dread and darkness it provides a light. It’s where I proposed to Teresa and where I knew she’d be waiting for me before you ruined everything.”

“Sentimentality up to the last second.” Hyde smirked. “But running away from your problems isn’t the answer.”

“Who said I’m running away?” Jekyll pointed to the light at the summit.

“What is that?”

“It’s the way out of this place. It’s transit back to consciousness. In a word…”


Both Jekyll and Hyde ran up the path to the summit matching speeds as if racing one another towards salvation. Just as they got within 100ft the ground began to unravel leaving a wide chasm between them and the beacon. Jekyll jumped it with ease and glided to safety using his enhanced form in this place. Hyde jumped clumsily and as he sailed through the air he knew he wasn’t going to make it in time.

Dr Jekyll had already turned to the shining beacon as the moon vanished leaving darkness and stars. Hyde roared in frustration as he descended knowing how narrowly he was missing the edge of the chasm. Jekyll turned to see Hyde’s jump and as it transpired time seemed to slow down as if time itself was unravelling now, no longer content on eating matter and space, the darkness fed off time itself. Jekyll’s enhanced intellect allowed him to contemplate things at an accelerated rate. He paused and watched his foe falling back down, he knew that he could have vengeance by just doing nothing. No more questing for a cure, no more need for doses of mood stabiliser and grace. No more violence, no more losing people to his darker half. All he had to do is back into the beacon and Hyde would be gone… forever. Hyde knew this too and grimaced in despair. Instead of rage, Jekyll read a different emotion… regret. With a single glance, Hyde conveyed an entire soliloquy of unsaid words. Dr Jekyll’s contempt was hardening his heart towards Hyde. Victory was in his grasp, had the roles been reversed, he knew Hyde would have watched Jekyll fall or even push him. The beacon flickered and Jekyll knew that only one of them could leave this place. His magnificently enhanced intellect had already calculated the speed and distance needed, escape velocity and multiplied the time erosion as well as the entropic effect. It was indeed the endgame and someone had to make it back.

Hyde watched impotently as gravity dragged him back down, although he was above Jekyll for a moment, he instinctively knew he would miss the edge by a whole yard and even with his hands outstretched there was no way of getting to the shining beacon. The stars watched with judgement, funny how they looked like eyes now as he fell. In that moment, Hyde saw his future, the glimpsed the eyes flying down and merging with his flesh as he himself unraveled. He wouldn’t allow it, he couldn’t allow it but he was out of options and oblivion awaited. Suddenly his fall was halted with a sharp tug. Hyde looked up to see Jekyll’s hand grasping his own. Jekyll pulled him to safety as the beacon dimmed behind him.

“Why?” Hyde asked. “I wouldn’t have saved you.”

“That’s why.” Jekyll replied. “I’m not you. I have to be the better man.”

“But you’ve doomed us both,” Hyde laughed half in hysterics and half in shock as the two of them became equal in height as the light from the beacon flickered out.

“Then we must do the opposite of what our natures are screaming at us to do.” Jekyll shouted as he hugged Hyde. Hyde’s initial urge was to bite Jekyll’s ear off but it felt… strange. Hyde was overwhelmed by Jekyll’s noble sacrifice and forgiveness and Jekyll felt Hyde’s rage and instinctive conviction. For the first time ever, tears formed at the corners of Hyde’s eyes. Hyde felt it really hard to remain angry while being held tightly. He wanted to cry and be held unconditionally. This new emotion was terrifying! Jekyll felt like an iron in a furnace of emotions, his psyche glowed red hot as the fury of Hyde tempered it and only his rigid will and intellect held it in shape. He had to absorb enough heat to form the perfect blend, even just for a brief moment to obtain… unity. As the place unraveled Hyde felt Jekyll as the parent he never had as his thoughts merged with Jekyll’s for a brief unity Jekyll began to understand Hyde’s motives. Jekyll’s grasp finally encouraged Hyde to stop resisting the change and face his fears.
At the same time, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde said in unison and harmony,
"I invoke the blessing of dark and light!"
It was as if Hyde was falling into Jekyll and Jekyll was falling into Hyde… and yet they were falling into themselves and becoming something greater than their component selves. A spiritual alchemy occurred on a level that would evade coherent understanding and then within the merging pair, before they began to unravel a light from within them flickered like a star being born. Even though it represented an astral simulation of what could be, it was enough. It shone brightly in defiance as the exit opened and closed and then they were gone.
OOC: Joe H
IC: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde / H...I stopped counting
IC: Ichiro Kage of the Tanuki
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