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The Best Gift

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Ian S.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:03 pm    Post subject: The Best Gift Reply with quote

Cyril Babbage, 14, sat on a cold bench in a large drafty hall listening to an old man spout empty platitudes about Arthur Babbage his dead uncle. They were talking about how Arthur had passed away in his sleep just three days ago and that he’s now in a better place. Didn’t they know anything ‘no matter what sort life is after, this is the one that counts’ he would say, Well would have said before he died. Not when that husk of a body finally gave out, no not then but when two years ago he had a massive fit and then all of a sudden that spark that made him who he was was gone leaving behind a shell. Everyone kept telling him that it was okay to grieve to say goodbye but he already had back when he realised he wouldn’t be getting stories of his uncles travels, or a new book from him teaching Cyril about a new progress some brilliant mind had made to expand human knowledge.

So Cyril let the sound to the priest fade into the background and into memories of his uncle. Looking for insight and comfort there. Knowing that during one of there many conversations he must’ve said something to young Cyril to help him make sense of this. No luck though, just one phrase kept repeating ‘Remember Cyril, Knowledge is the best gift you can give anyone, pass along what you know and you will live forever'.

What was that, someone was poking him. It was Ada, his sister. Everyone was standing that could only mean, oh joy (sigh) it’s time for a hymn.
IC: Dr Cyril Babbage; Scientist & Psychologist.
OOC: Ian S
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