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Broken Glass

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:18 pm    Post subject: Broken Glass Reply with quote

The tingling started at the tips of her fingers, her nails lengthening into the glass-like claws she took to when hunting as the seductive slide of power began to traverse through her arteries, breaching any internal defences by simply ignoring it. The heavy draw on her reserves had cost her when dealing with the meteorite, and this swam through her body as if returning home, filling holes that had remained dormant since her creation.

Turning her back she closed her hands, sweeping through the dark to get far enough away from the stench of mortals and the blood that soaked the ground, and deep in the shadows she found a seat, nestled on the edge of the common hill. The air was warm, the breeze was rare, and a haze of rolling scents cascaded over her again and again, causing her breath to rip through her throat like razors, the hunger was so strong, her friends smelt so different.

They had mostly all bled all over her before, numerous times through the years. She had become used to simply separating herself mentally from the messes they made, it wasn't polite to jump upon her friends she protected, but this time... This time it was dangerous.

Forcing relaxation, her hands took to her tobacco pouch, adding a pinch of this and that to aid her predicament. The drugs hardly helped, but the act of sliding the paper free and lining up the dense tobacco soothed her somewhat, mortal habits after all. The soft crinkle and roll before lifting it to her lips and she was almost centred, but then another scent hit her as it cautiously approached.

She hardly heard what the man said, nor remembered his name, some bird or something. Her care was little, but he pulsed with the power she craved, and she wanted it, and his life, but the power would do for now. With the now lit smoke between her lips she motioned to her side and he sat, precariously close to her. One sharp movement of her arm and he would be across her lap and bleeding into her mouth, or his spine would be free from the confines of his body, or his head rolling across the ground to stain the earth further.

Instead her hand reached out with painful slowness, to her, and she watched her fingers spread. The siren's call of the Nether was so loud it near broke her, and with a strength she did not know she possessed she restrained her instincts and simply drew the energy inside, adding another layer to the smutty depths already staining her. She almost felt she glowed with what she now held.

She heard his thanks and gave nought but a nod, finishing off her smoke with the patience of a lady, before she stubbed it out and stood. Someone loitering close jerked at her quick action and was given a half smile of apology before she returned to the door of the building. Inside every voice was crystal clear, every word rolling out and into her mind until she could separate the low tones of the one that did not cause her to inwardly flinch, the one scent that didn't cause her to simply leap into a new bloodbath. She caught his gaze and he moved closer, his head tilted as his nostrils flared as he scented her.


'Kaine. I think I have a problem.'
Lady Shang Von Tassenick, Council of 13
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:30 am    Post subject: Slender Threads Reply with quote

Distractions, distractions, their voices like chirping birds in her ear as her fingers flexed and relaxed on the rough wood of the table, causing it to creak and threaten to splinter. Over and over again she took it to near breaking point before releasing the tension, flicking flecks free from beneath her nails.

The night had progressed painfully slow after she had spoken with the Baron. She had given up drawing a breath unless it was a need to speak, and even then she did so reluctantly. She had fed, eaten well, more so than just after waking, yet she still felt a yawning hunger that nagged at her, pressing behind her eyes and her temples to the beat of the closest heart around, only the presence of her Draga smoking in silence close by brought her any faint thought of peace.

She had gathered the shame inside and collected food from usual sources, until the need lead her to just taking. Thankfully it was in the contract, it always was. They were so lucky, these beings, kept safe through words staining pages, hiding behind false hopes and good standing. The groan of wood broke out from under her fingers once more, the rolling power raging back and forth in her mind, calling out to see this land laid to waste, to soak the soil and let nothing but death grow.

The couple across from her stared at her, their glaze flicking to her fingers and back again and she smiled, sliding her hands to her lap. The wizard had twisted her world into turmoil, reminding her of past, present, and futures she had buried deep and forgotten. The last time she had thought of them, mortal blood ran through her veins and she had been the hunted. How things changed.

Her own gaze drifted briefly, watching the eddies of Nether float in the hot air, the gossamer threads unspooling from those around her to wave temptingly just out of reach. She drew in a breath, several lengths snapping free from the woman and she pulled them towards her, inhaling the beautifully bitter power.

'Come visit. I have a graveyard.' She smiled at them, fond of their friendship to her.

They blinked, not expecting the words, and their shoulders relaxed as she settled her face into a polite mask, returning to what they thought 'normal.' The gentleman tilted his head, curious.

'You can go out a pawn, or you can go out as you, Shang. It's your choice, and you know which one to take.'

He was once quiet, he was once strong, he was once something to be feared, but now... Now he was better. She disliked his strength. He had no clue as to where his life was going but he rode it like a wave, intent on enjoying ever moment. Her mind raged and wailed against the inside of her skull, her shouting and screaming for their deaths heard only by her. She looked briefly into the darkness before back to the pair.

'If there has been anything you taught me, it is that I am my own woman.'

Easier pleasantries were discussed now the major threat was over, idle talk of vacations and archeology. She gave the briefest moments of concentration to that, her mind already digging deep into her thoughts and memories, piecing together a glimmer of hope, a smidgen of a plan, a way out of this convoluted mess.

'We will visit you.'

'I know.'

They departed together, quietly, though she could still hear their whispered words. Their talk of love, of secrets, of adoration for each other clung in her mind, and just the slenderest of threads held tight, burning away a breath of taint. She smiled.
Lady Shang Von Tassenick, Council of 13
Totty McUen
Abasi Mahras Kahled Al-Bulaq
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kaine lay in bed, unable to sleep. He and Shang had talked about her current predicament but things were still rolling round in his mind and the rest of the evening's activities had not quelled them any. Deciding that he wasn't going to sleep any time soon, he quietly rose in an attempt not to wake anyone and threw on some clothes. He wrote a quick note, “Will be back in time for breakfast”, centred himself and stepped into the Astral.

He moved with purpose to Lady Shang's camp. She would know he was approaching but he took a moment to confirm he was not interrupting. There were a couple of others nearby but they were milling around so it seemed fine.

Now the question is, has she told them?

Kaine smirked and concentrated once more, dropping back into the physical realm. There was a sudden intake of breath from a servant and a brief squeak from another. He stood still for a moment - save for a slow grin - and gave them a moment to compose themselves, though his gaze jumped to Shang's hand as she flicked her fingers. It was almost as if the shadows jumped in reflex. Or was it the other way round? A trick of the light maybe? It was darker than usual in the gazebo...

He relaxed his stance and looked to her eyes with a smile.

“Good evening again Lady Shang, may I join you?”


Some time later, with dawn approaching, their many conversations had drawn to an end. Drinks had been had, plans had been made - at least in part - and contingencies agreed upon. At some point 'Bat' the cat had ended up on Kaine's lap but had since grown bored and wondered off as cats do.

“Right,” said Kaine as he rose, “I should try to get at least some sleep before the day starts anew! Thank you for the evening, I am now far more...” He took a moment to find the right word, “At ease with the situation.”

He bowed with a smile and turned to leave.

“Are you not returning the way you came?”

“No.” He laughed, “I also like to keep my staff on their toes!”
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